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Placement: Ontario Early Years (Cumberland

Today I attended an offsite program at the Tansley
Reason for completing the task.
location. This was a drop in program for ages 0-6. This
This could be based on an
program provided activities for the morning to give
observation you made, a
caregivers the opportunity to engage and interact with
conversation between you and your other children.
site supervisor, etc.
What are you planning in response Objectives:
to your purpose?
1. To give the children the opportunity to engage in
-Label your task (e.g. bulletin
new activities/toys that they may not have access
board focused on the importance of
to at home.
play-based learning).
2. To allow the children to interact with other
-What are your 3 objectives for this
children to build their social skills.
experience? (i.e. Why are you
3. For the parents to access resources to answer
creating a bulletin board on the
their questions and concerns.
importance of plat based learning? Description:
What message are you sending?)
1. The program was located on the upper floor of
Tansley Woods church.
Describe the experience:
2. The room was set up with a sensory table,
-Describe the completion of the
sensory bin, craft table and multiple play spaces
task, with a step by step
for varying age groups.
3. The sensory table had play dough and tools
4. The sensory bin had fall leaves and pumpkins
5. The craft table had glue, paint, paper and other
items to stick to artwork.
6. There were a large variety of toys due to the
varying age groups of children that attend the
The program was very different from the ones at the
-What went well?
Cumberland location. There was a very diverse group of
Provide examples of how you know individuals who attended. There were more nannies and
it went well.
daycare provider at this location. The children clearly
-What didn’t go well? Provide
benefited from being able to interact with children of
examples of how you know it didn’t different age groups, however, in this location, the
go well.
mothers/caregivers seemed much less engaged than at
-What did you learn?
other locations. There were a handful of parents on their
-What might you do differently next phones or reading books instead of interacting with their
time you implement this same task
children or the children in their care. As the centers
and why?
begin to push for an elimination of technology in the
-Did you make any adaptation or
centers I believe that this may change. Very soon, the
modifications? If so, what were
program plans to ban the use of cell phones in the
centers to encourage caregivers to be involved with the
-What type of experience might you children. From the experience, I was able to learn about
plan to extend on this one?
some of the differences that make one center’s programs
more successful than another centers. I was able to see

Field Supervisors Feedback: Signature: Date: Friday October 28th 2016 .first hand some of the issues that the offsite centers face that the stationary centers do not.