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Disney Pixar’s Up is another master piece that strikes a chord with the people of
all ages. The Film is about a 78 year old man, Carl Fredricksen and his incessant
enthusiasm to fulfil a dream that he and his late wife Ellie shared. The first ten
minutes of the film is sufficient to make any person sob as it unfurls the purity of
the love that this couple shared. Since childhood both of them dreamt to go on
an adventure, to have a house at the magnificent Paradise Falls, in South Africa.
But as the couple grew old, their dream too started losing its lustre.
After Ellie’s death, Carl is left alone and is forced by the builders to move out of
his own house. The thought of abandoning his house for a retirement house
made him livid. And to double up his troubles he is joined by a stowaway, 8 year
old kid named Russel, who is desperately trying to earn an elderly badge. Carl,
who has his problems of his own, tries to shoo him away each and every time.
On the night before he had to leave for the retirement house he decides that it is
time to fulfil his 70 year old dream.. to move his house near the Paradise falls.
The next morning he unfurls hundreds, no thousands of balloons over his house
and like magic his house is seen in sky. But his joy and excitement is hushed by a
voice…”heeyyyy! Mr Fredricksen… It’s me Russel!!!” And once again the old
stubborn man meets an equally stubborn but charming boy- Russel.
The story slowly moves ahead as the two head towards the falls and in the
meantime they meet the strangest of animals- like a rare bird who Russel avidly
names “Kevin” , a speaking dog- whose master is evil and wants to have Kevin,
the bird , for his priceless collection. Together the four creatures- Kevin, the dog,
Russel and Carl embark an adventure full of excitement, thrill, and danger. The
old man gets a chance to fulfil Ellie’s dream and in the meantime realises the
importance of his relationship with the other three. In the end he helps the bird
from being captive to the wicked guy and also helps Russel earn his elderly
badge. The closing scenes of the film will certainly make you say “wow”…
Up, reflects the true passion that the old man had and his will to live his life to
the fullest, a life full of adventure. The movie is surely a master piece of
storytelling which has the perfect touch of Pixar’s comic timing. Everything about
the movie, from storytelling, to eye-catching animation, to the witty humour and
the emotional aspect, everything constantly moves Up!!! It soars to new
animation heights and it fulfils its promise to carry you away….
Rachit Madhukar.

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