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Session 24

More on People

To be a leader, it'll help you to speak all 4 decision patterns.

The 4th Decision Pattern: Makes Sense
1. Very few people make decisions primarily because they "make sense" (about 5%).
2. Things are screwed up because Make Sense people took control of the world by
using one word: "Why?"
3. "Why" sucks you into the Makes Sense game. It compels you to give reasons for
your behavior, instead of simply explaining that it looked right, felt right, sounded
right, etc.
4. Decisions have nothing to do with reasons - they're usually about pictures with
feelings attached.
5. Almost all arguments are a waste of time because they're arguing about what
makes sense, but that's not how decisions are made.

People follow leaders because of vision and passion and they sound congruent, not
primarily because of "making sense."

The two ways to motivate people are with carrots and sticks. They vary with context.
Some people are more balanced, some people are more extreme.

Are you leading a cause to create a better world, or eliminate a flawed world? Frame
the cause for both types of people.

You will have a mixture of toward and away from people in every group, but when
you're working one on one, with the first person, know their pattern.
1. It's easier to do your own pattern, but you need to be able to congruently use the
other pattern as a leader.

Three kinds of carrots and sticks: Power, Affiliation, and Achievement.

you may need to give people specific procedures. and you'll need to lead Power-oriented people.. 2. we can have more compassion and charity. • When we understand the different people patterns and personalities. you will need to use a certain amount of Power.Power. just as we do.• To achieve big things. . • To be a leader it'll help to be able to lead in all 3 styles . first figure out what you are. • Moving Away Power: I don't need to dominate you. Affiliation. • Affiliation Leaders are charismatic. 1.. Options people just need a variety of options. because we'll have a better understanding that other people are doing things we don't like not because they're mean or selfish. They don't like too many options. They don't like specific procedures. but because of their patterns. Procedures need specific instructions and how to's. • Options people like to start things but not finish them. • As a leader. and Achievement. • There are two ways of doing things: Options & Procedures. otherwise it's easy to project your own pattern on other people. • When using personality tools. but I'll be damned if you dominate me.