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Session 36

Conflicts Between
Levels Of Development

World 4 is the first level where large scale rules and laws form. It's about delaying
gratification now for salvation later.

World 5 is where the self interest emerges. It's the "let's climb the ladder of success"

World 4 followers are all about plans. If you're a 5 leader and you're dealing with 4
followers, you might say, "Something has changed so we have to change the plan" or
"we basically have to do the same plan but there's a little adjustment..."

World 5 believes finding the way to do something is about the scientific method, trial
and error. World 4 believes there's one "right" way to do it.

World 5 vs. World 6

1. At an extreme, the 5's look at 6's and think they're touchy feely, they're never going
to get anything done.
2. At an extreme, the 6's look at 5s and think they're ruthless bastards that don't care
about anything except getting more for themselves.
3. 5's like competition, 6's like cooperation.
4. 6's believe in redistribution of wealth.

Who is responsible for human suffering?

1. 5's say the individual is responsible.
2. 6's say the community is responsible.

Often both sides are part right. What we need is a higher model that synthesizes
what is right on both sides.
1. Without a higher model these arguments can never be resolved. They start with
different premises. 5's premise is that the individual is supreme, 6's premise is that
the group is extreme.

The 4's don't realize that in their desire to conform and delay gratification, they're
sacrificing massive speed of growth that comes from moving up to 5.

What the 5's don't realize is that their rampant self interest in like a virus attacking
the body, it just starts multiplying,... you throw a bunch of 5's in a room together with
money and no rules... and they create massive wealth but at massive cost to the
planet, other groups, etc. The 5's don't realize they're sacrificing because they're not
looking at the big picture.
1. If it gets out of hand, the virus (of self interest) can kill the host before it realizes it
needs to look at the bigger picture to establish sustainable equilibrium.

Each level is myopic and idealistic and completely believes that their way is the only
way to look at the universe.
1. Reaching this level of total belief in a world view is necessary before you can
graduate to the next level of world view.

4 and 6
1. 4's believe there's a right way to do things.
2. 6's believe the group decides the right way to do things.
3. Both have external frames of reference. For the 4, it's the truth. For the 6, its the
needs of the community.

Politically, the basic battle is between the 5's and the 6's, the conservatives and the
1. Neither has enough votes to win, so they need to coop the 4's. That's the battle
2. The 5's coop the 4's by pointing their fingers at the 3's, the criminals, and say we
need to fight the 3's.
3. The 6's coop the 4's by saying it's not the 3's that are the problem, the 5's are the
problem. Blue collar crime isn't the problem, it's white collar crime. The 5's are
robbing you blind with their deregulation, etc.

We all think people in the other levels are criminal or insane, and we don't see that
we do this ourselves too.