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5 million. Then he races with Takashi the ‘Drift King’ of Tokyo and his close friend Han. Written by Chris Morgan. Summary Sean Boswell is a young man talented in auto mechanis. He lost the race and his mother decided to send him to Tokyo where fathers live. Then Sean wins the race. And the soundtrack musics are made by Brian Tyler. And he goes to school and meets Twinkie who owns very good cars. Then he lost the race Takashi wins and his car is destroyed. For fixing the car Sean decided to work with Han and they become friend and Han teaches him how to drift. and his life is always in trouble.The film was released June 4. 2006 and grossed $158.The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is a 2006 film directed by Justin Lin and is the third film of The Fast and the Furious. Gary Scott Thompson. And the film takes place in America and Japan. And he is racing with someone for his girlfriend. . It is 104 minutes long. And with him they went to a race party.

Takashi Takashi is the Drift King of Tokyo. Japan. Neela and Han Seoul-Oh. And he is the lead character of the film. Fast & Furious.Justin Lin is Taiwanese-American director. . Sean is a trouble maker with a talent for auto mechanics who makes friends with Twinkie. Played by Brian Tee. Characters Sean Boswell Sean Boswell is a seventeen year old high school student and an American living in Tokyo. Fast Five. And he races with Sean also best friends with Han. Played by Lucas Black. He is the director of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. and Fast & Furious 6.

And Han teaches Sean how to drift. Plauyed by Nathalie Kelley. He is best friend with Takashi. After Sean’s lost in race with Takashi. Then he become friends with Sean.Han Seoul-Oh Han was a street racer in Tokyo. Played by Sung Kang. Neela Neela is the girlfriend of Takashi. Twinkie . Sean works with him.

. And he introduces Sean the World of drifting.Twinkie is the Sean’s first friend in Tokyo. Played by Bow Wow.