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Name: Carly Manning
Directions: Using the template below, describe how students could use a blog, wiki, or other websitecreation tool to learn required learning standards in your content area: For an A grade provide an idea that
reaches a Level of Technology Implementation of 4 or above. Remember higher levels (4-6) require that
students assume adult/professional roles; engage in higher-order thinking; and use technology
create/publish original content for their classmates and/or others beyond their school/classroom. The
learning activities and products should be engaging and meaningful to the students and to others who will
view/use/benefit from students’ work. Review your handouts on Engaged Learning, Authenticity, and LoTi.
Grade Level: First
Content Area: Science- Weather
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Website Creation Tool (list): Edublogs
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed: Natural Cycles and Patterns
Brief Description of Learning Experience: What learning standards will be addressed? What will
students and teachers do? What products will students create? How will the project be introduced? How
long will it take to complete? What audience will use/care about the product(s) students are creating? How
broad is this audience? (Overview should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs)
Using a blog is an excellent way for teachers to stay connected with not only the students, but the parents as
well. Blogs make communication so much easier. The teacher can easily go in, post an assignment and it
automatically will be at the fingertips of the parents/students. For this specific project, the students are
learning about seasons and their differences. I posted an audio file giving directions for the students athome assignment. The student was asked to explore outside and write down some of the differences they
notice. They were also asked to bring in a leaf that had changed colors. Along with the audio file, I left the
link to a video that goes over the seasons once more so that the information is fresh in their brain. At the
end of the post, I left the standard we are currently going over so that the parents would understand the
purpose of the assignment.
Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):






Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): What LoTi would this lesson be and
Why? This lesson would be a 2 on the LoTi scale.
The students are asked to explore outside and notice the changes to the leaves. This is compelling the child
to explore their surroundings and get insight in to what the season changing really means.
Importance of technology: Why is using a website-creation tool critical to the project? Could the project
be completed without this technology? What would be lost without using it? What other types of
technology, if any, are going to be used in the learning experience?
The blog is crucial to getting out this assignment. There is a video they are asked to watch, which they
would not be able to do if it were not for technology. Without the use of a blog, communication between
the parent and teacher would be lost. Not only are they using the blog, they use the audio file and the
attached video as well.

WEBSITE AND CLASSROOM BLOG CREATION TOOLS Inspiration (optional): If you used existing example as a model for your project (whether in part or whole). and (3) follow common Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policies. I also enjoy this lesson because the students are asked to go explore outside which I think is so important! Other comments about your proposed activity: 2 . include the URL(s) so we can visit. (2) alleviate any fears by parents/administrators. Teachers can 100% still have a successful blog without the use of pictures and names. Its main purpose is communication. Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. Internet Safety and Student Privacy: Briefly discuss some possible issues surrounding Internet safety and student privacy that could arise while implementing this learning experience and explain how you would (1) minimize risks to students/yourself. What are you trying that you have not tried before? What do you hope to learn from this activity? How do you hope it will help students learn? I really hope my students will start to understand the major differences between the four seasons. Explain what concepts you “borrowed” from others. I think the best way to protect a students privacy is to refrain from posting pictures and included any information about the child on your blog.