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Katie Cochran

HIAD 7415
Favorite Educational Apps
My Choice Assignment #3


iStudiez Pro- This app keeps track of your schedule, dealines and grades. If you
have cloud, you can sync your class schedule with the app and it goes over the
syllabus and reminds you of what is due before its due and can create a study
schedule for you.

2)Evernote- You can sync your laptop with your class notes to evernote and access your
notes at any time. Study anywhere, anytime? Doesnt get much better than that.

Quizlet- You can create study flashcards and write your notes on each side of the
flashcard then quiz yourself using those flashcards. You can also share your
flashcards with friends.


Dictionary App- Even in grad school, being able to look up what a word means,
check the thesaurus for a better word or just knowing what youre saying is being
done in the right context, the dictionary app is extremely helpful for this.


Dragon dictation- Instead of typing notes, you can verbally say them into your
phone, which produces them in a word document that can be emailed to your


Google drive- You can add files or links to your google drive through an app now,
making it easier than ever to access as well as add files to your google drive.

7)Todoist- If youre anything like me, making a to do list is sometimes the hardest thing
to do. With todoist, you can make your to do list and create subgroups inside of it that
remind you through notifications and let you know how far along you are in your to do

Mailbox- With the amount of emails I get as a grad student, with mailbox you can
put certain categories in your email that will notify you differently depending on the
importance that you give to that department or person that emails you.


Scribd- Scribd allows you to find documents, books, articles, etc.. that are
important to a topic youre studying. Just type in your topic and all of the books in that
field will pop up for you to go look for to enhance your knowledge in the subject.

10) Mathway- Mathway allows you to get through your math course by typing in the
subject youre learning and then giving you tools and tips on how to succeed in that
portion of math. For someone like me that isnt too good at math, it helped a lot as I got
through college algebra as an undergraduate student.