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DIocese ofaIIuy

Office of the Bishop

Post Office Box 133$
Gallup, New Mexico 87305-1338

To whom it may concern,

I had the privilege to serve as chaplain on a pilgrimage along the California Mission Trail
with Patrick Madrid and Immaculate Heart Radio, which was hosted by Canterbury
It was a wonderful pilgrimage, and thoroughly Catholic. Canterbury Pilgrimages staff
were extremely helpful both prior to the pilgrimage and during, and seamlessly led our
group of 150 people from San Diego to San Francisco, stopping at each mission on the
way. Our hotels were superb, and we enjoyed hearty meals at high quality restaurants
each evening.
Most importantly, Canterbury Pilgrimages provided the best environment for my fellow
pilgrims and me to encounter the Living Christ along our journey. We were able to
celebrate daily Mass at the missions, and each pilgrim left the pilgrimage spiritually
refreshed and inspired.
Our pilgrimage was truly the adventure of a lifetime. If one wants to make a pilgrimage
in order to grow in his or her Catholic faith, then I highly recommend Canterbury
Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend James S. Wall

Bishop of Gallup

Telephone: 505-863-4406 Fax: 505-722-9131