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Served daily till 4:00 PM

Philadelphia Eagles Edition

Big Boy Bennie Logans Special Eggs Benedict 11.95
Poached eggs, spinach, and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin.
Additional toppings: Canadian bacon, bacon, scrapple, turkey bacon 1.00/ veggie sausage 3.69/ lox
2.50/ avocado and tomato 2.00
Carson Wentzs Dropping Dimes on This Special Breakfast 14.95
Sweet potato whole wheat pancake stuffed with scramble sharp yellow cheddar eggs, broccoli, sage
sausage & roasted red peppers. Topped with a red onion black berry basil maple glaze.
Doug Pederson Coached Me To Eat Egg Whites Omelet 11.95
Egg whites with pickled cherry peppers and arugula, stuffed with plum-cherry salsa & a broccoli rabe
goat cheese pesto.
Jason Peters is Laying the Law Down with Special Pancakes
Pumpkin cakes filled with Oreo pieces & blueberries, topped with a blueberry honey syrup & an Oreo
cream cheese coconut topping.
Darren Sproles Wont Fumble This Mexi Special 13.50
Two fried corn tortillas topped with a roasted poblano pepper rice with ham, black beans, green onions
& cilantro. Finished with a roasted tomatillo salsa, two over easy eggs, sour cream & avocado.
Fletcher Coxs Sack Fumble Special Burger 13.50
Grilled angus or turkey burger on potato roll with shredded red cabbage, topped with melted gueyere
cheese, a caramelized red onion Worcester sour cream chutney, crispy bacon, sliced apples & finished
with toasted buttered garlic herbed bread crumbs.

Fly, Eagles Fly On the Road to Victory Nachos 13.95

Corn tortillas topped with refried beans, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, cherry
peppers and caramelized mushroom cheese whiz sauce. Topped with pico de gallo, sour cream &

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