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English Description

Dan Kimberley 8CP
His face was as worn and as emotionless as the walls behind him. The only hair he
had left was the thick eyebrows concealing crumpled eyes. Eyes that had seen too
much. Eyes that pushed him back when he tried to change. They were focused on
a small pest upon his finger, but he didn't see it as a pest. It was things like the pest
that kept his sanity. He could resemble with the pest. It needed only to survive and
fly around aimlessly. It might have a family, he might not. It's two beady eyes looked
at him perplexed but happy, unsure what to do. He could smell the calming aroma
of nature. He could hear the sound of birds flying above him. He was not sure if he
wanted to die, but when he did, this is place he wanted it to be. This was heaven.
The roar of an engine came to life and his world scattered like the animals of a
jungle. His time had finished here and he knew he probably wasn't coming back.
The silence dropped onto him again. No animals, insects or birds. Just the sadness
that was about to come back to haunt him like a bad dream.