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SAP SCM Syllabus

Course Overview: Supports the SCM, procurement

and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day
business operations such as purchasing, inventory
management , reorder point processing

receipt, goods issue, transfer posting functions

and different account postings.

Section I : Enterprise structure

Introduction and types of physical inventory,

physical inventory process and processing

Definitions of company code, Controlling area,

Plants, storage locations Purchase organizations and
their assignments.
Section II: Master Data of SCM
Material Master, vendor Master, Purchasing info
record, Source list &quota arrangement

Section VII: Physical Inventory

Section VII : Valuation

Introduction to valuation, material valuation
structure. Split valuation of materials and
configuration settings for split valuation
Section VIII : Account determination

Section III: Purchasing

Introducing of different purchasing documents ,
classification of purchasing documents
configuration and creation of different purchasing
documents, these include purchase requisitions,
request for quotations, purchase order, contracts and
scheduling agreements. Defining release procedure
for approval of documents.
Section IV : Pricing Procedure Determination
Defining of conditions types condition records,
condition tables, access sequence and condition
technique. Defining calculation schema and
determination of schema.
Section V: Inventory Management
Introduction movement types, plant parameters
settings and good s movement settings. Goods

Introduction to account determination and valuation

class, account category reference, transaction/event
keys., valuation grouping code, account modifier.
Configuration settings and G/L account assignment.
Section IX: Logistics Invoice verification
Introduction to invoice verification, various
methods of invoice verification, configuration
settings for invoice verification of account postings,
invoice blocks and different settings.
Section X: External Services Management;
Introduction to external services management,
Introduction of organizational status for service
category, service category, creation of service
master, standard service catalog and model service
specifications, service po, service entry sheet,

acceptance of service entry sheet and logistics

invoice verification.
Section XI: Warehouse
Warehouse layout, Integration of warehouse with
other departments, warehouse functionalities in
Section XII: Consumption Based Planning
Introduction to mrp, mrp procedures, cbp
procedures including records point planning and
time phased planning , lot sizing procedures mrp
master data types of planning run mrp areas , error
processing in planning run, net requirements
calculation, scheduling , schedule margin key
special procurement types, exception messages, mrp
list, stock/requirements lists and comparison
,configurations settings limited to cbp, creation of
material with planning views and execution of
planning run.

Thursday or Sunday

Daily 2 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours