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Dan Kimberley 8CP

I go to church regularly and I am part of
a youth group that I often get together
with. I am also part of the church youth
band and I play the drums in. This means
I am also heavily involved with the
children's work in the church.

I have been very interested in sport
from a very young age. I have been part
of a football team since I was 5 playing as
a midfielder. When I started RGS I started
playing rugby and I am the prop in my
team, and I have been playing
badminton for several years.

I have been playing several
instruments for many years. I have
been playing the drums in some way
since Reception, and as I compose
music, I also play. The piano to a decent
level. I also have been playing both
acoustic and electric guitar as well as
ukulele. And last year, I started playing
the trumpet.