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316 North Main Street
Romeo, Michigan 48065
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October 12, 2016

Dear Romeo Senior High School Parents, Guardians and Employees:

I am writing to you today with a difficult announcement. On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, it
was brought to the attention of Romeo Community Schools that an employee of a third party
contractor had been involved in an inappropriate text- and internet-messaging exchange
with at least two students attending Romeo High School.

A concerned adult became alerted to the messaging activity and brought the information to
the School District. Upon receiving the information, the School District contacted law
enforcement as well as the individuals employer. The individual has been informed that he
is not permitted on school property or to attend school related events. He has also been
instructed not to be in contact with staff or students of Romeo Community Schools.

We are cooperating with law enforcement while they conduct this investigation. Please
understand that it is our policy not to speculate or comment further when a criminal
investigation is underway. We will update Romeo High School families and employees when
this investigation is complete or when we learn more.

While this is a difficult announcement to make, we will not be distracted from providing the
best education for every student that is enrolled in RCS. The safety and support of our
students, staff and families is our top priority, and we have followed all district policies and
procedures governing such situations.

This matter underscores the importance that we, as educators and parents, continue to be
vigilant regarding our childrens social media activity, particularly when it pertains to their
communications with adults.

If you have questions regarding how this might impact your student, please contact me at


Eric A. Whitney