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STUDENT ID: 20151-19672

Live classroom sessions along with audiotapes of the lectures for later review 2. with this failure she get job in testing prep company and some training from company in teaching and experience get from teaching math as an part timer she think that she can . Qno.200 hours per year) $75/hour (1.000 $ 4.Qno.4 She required 278 annually or 139 student semi annually for breakeven .Expanding the geographical market to include additional areas in addition to the bay area .800 $ 2.4 Operating cost: (Annually) Professor salaries (about 1. 1 She was among the 25% student who clear the CPA exam in first try.000/month ($1.000 x 12) Utilities and Insurance $1.000 $ 6.2 : Competitive Advantage 1.000 $ 24.400 $139.000/month ($2. 3. One-on-one advice sessions with Jessica Turner on a bi-weekly basis to track development Qno.000 x 12) Printing $500/month ($500 x 12) Marketing $400/month ($400 x 12) Travel $200/month ($200 x 12) TOTAL BREAKEVEN Fixed cost + variable cost = profit/revenue 139200+600x=1100x (x=no.accounting and financed but also know how to stud effectively Qno.000 $ 12. " do this" BETTER THAN OTHER It is the difficult test but she think she can do this by providing better material and personal attention to the student .200hours x $75) Office space $2. She should introduced new program like TOFEL GRE GMAT MCAT and other test preparing program.1 2.3 : Expand her business . After receiving several rejections from big six accounting firms.200 500x=139200 x=278. Enhance the quality of the services considering customer’s profile every student didn't produced the same result with the same process of teaching.she was confident that she was skilled in . of student required for breakeven) $ 90.