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A planet with directional strength takes the native to the direction
ruled by it and gives clothes, jewels, conveyances etc. And the native is
happy in such a direction. A planet with Ayana Bala similarly takes the
native to its direction and confers various kinds of wealth apart from fame.
In both the cases, the planets should not be combust, or debilitated. If a
planet has Cheshta Bala, it sometimes gives kingdom, sometimes respect,
sometimes money and yet sometimes increases the fame of the native.
39. Effects of Retrograde Planets. A benefic, if retrograde, is strong and is
capable of conferring kingdom. If a malefic is retrograde, it causes grief and
purposeless wandering.
40. Auspicious Planets. A planet with clear rays, or, that is conjunct with the
Moon, or, that has won in a planetary war, is capable of bestowing
complete happiness and kingdom, that cannot be seized.
41. Diva Bala and Ratri Bala. A planet, that has Diva Bala, or Ratri Bala, is
capable of conferring lands, elephants etc. Such a native defeats his
enemies with courage and achieves kingdom and wealth.
42. Effects of Lord of Year etc. The Lords of the year, month, week and
Hora improve two-fold in their Dasas happiness, wealth and fame. That is
the Lord of the month gives two-fold results, as against year Lord, the week
Lord two-fold of month Lord and the Hora Lord two-fold of week Lord.