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Amit Gupta

Evaluation of the CSR Activities by Ambuja Cement
A few of the initiatives taken up by the Ambuja Cement foundation shall be evaluated from
the CSR framework in this report.
Ambuja Cement has been carrying out CSR activities for over 25 years. The primary
objective of the CSR initiative has been the development of the community in and around the
plants, therby generating goodwill. It has been carrying out the initiates through its
subsidiaries, Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) and Ambuja Vidya Niketan (AVN).
Agro based Industries
More than 70 % of the communities ACF deals with are primarily engaged in Agro based
Based on the resources available, and crops grown in each region, farmers are encouraged
to adopt quality seeds, bio-fertilizers, organic composting methods, and better irrigation
methods to ensure a robust harvest. In the paddy-cultivating areas, the System of Rice
Intensification (SRI) programme, has been adopted by farmers because of the low
investment, and better productivity it brings with it.
Analysis :
As it may clearly seen Ambuja Cement is clearly demonstrating the Philanthropic framework
by reaching out to the communities. However, it may be seen that for smooth plant
operations harmony with the local community is very important. As the land for the plant
comes from the local community, it becomes important for Ambuja Cement to continue
support. Thus it may be seen as Economic as well.
Ambuja Vidya Niketan Trust
Ambuja Vidya Niketan is a well-established senior secondary, co-educational, English
medium school located in the salubrious pristine environment of the Gujarat state, which
promises to deliver quality education with an emphasis on deep rooted value education
This facilities have been set up to take into consideration the high quality education
requirements of the wards of the employees, the plant project team and nearly communities.
Analysis :
The Cement plants are usually set in areas where there is adequate reserves of cement
grade limestone. However, often such quality and reserves are available only in remote
areas. To provide high standard education quality the AVN have been opened. This aspect is
an ethical activity from the point of view of Ambuja Cement as it is going beyond the legal
requirement of just paying its employees, but creating educational institutes for overall good
for the community and staff.

Waste Management Geocycle supports Ambuja’s core cement making business. We primarily co-processed waste from agriculture. These initiatives clearly indicate the ethical and economical CSR initiatives on part of Ambuja Cements. Thus. Through this activity. Usage of Alternative fuel reduces carbon footprint and helps reduce the dependence on the fossil fuels. Often the communities which are around the cement plant often are drained out of the ground water supply. which are required as per the code of conduct of the law. With new and more automated installations. keeping the commitment to manage and optimize the use of natural resources responsibly and thus minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment. The per day requirement of water is about 10. Analysis The cement industry uses extensive water requirements. Waste Consumed Ambuja consumed about 1. Further. thus reducing the energy requirement and the issue of disposal of these wastes. ACL is committed to conserve and use water resources in a responsible manner. All our plants track water withdrawal and consumption. Plants send monthly Water Management Reports (WMR) to Corporate Office for information and discussion in Regional as well as National Executive Committees of top management. the range of waste streams also increased significantly to cater for new customers. Ambuja not only reduced the negative impact of the waste on the environment but also reduced its overall ecological footprint by reducing its use of natural resources. Water Management Ambuja Cements has maintained its focus on water sustainability. More over it is an excellent method for disposal of wastes.5 lakhs in the previous year.Sustainability Initiatives Ambuja Cement has been a leader in the usage of Alternative Fuels in the cement Industry in India. It has received awards for its green initiatives year on year. Water KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is used to compare performance of different plants as also with respect to improvement over past performance. it leads in the utilisation of industrial wastes such as fly ash. .Geocycle has also focused on strengthening the ACert implementation for comprehensive assessment of its all operations related to co-processing.000 m3/day. Waste consumption increased substantially. Ambuja Cement has been doing all legal CSR activities. The year has also marked the construction phase of the Geo20 projects.74 lakh tonnes of waste in 2015 as compared to 1. Analysis Ambuja Cement has been adopting best practices for the usage of alternative fuels and has been setting benchmark in AFR usage. Geocycle will be in a position to accept varied waste streams across India and convert them into AFR.

However. HIV/AIDS. Analysis : This initiate by Ambuja Cement Foundation can be seen as part of the ethical as well as philanthropic framework of CSR. . Punjab.320 till date. Analysis This initiative of Ambuja Cement Foundation is philanthropic in nature. Special Health Initiatives In 2014. fire and household). Two children. the school is well-known at the state. Teachers trained in modern rehabilitation techniques ensure a holistic development for special children. ACF initiated Adolescent Peer for Enhancement of Skill and Healthy Association (APEKSHA) reaching out to 6. is a special school for differently-abled children in Ropar. first aid. ACF has constructed parapet walls around wells in the forest. nutrition awareness. The work done has been a crucial step towards wildlife protection in the region. national and international levels due to the impressive performance by its students in sports and cultural activities. Topics of discussion include physical and emotional changes during adolescence. gender equality. Analysis : The waste management initiates are beyond the legal requirements of Ambuja Cement. Wildlife Protection In Gir forest adjoining Ambuja’s plant at Kodinar.industry and public sector. it is conducting ethical practices and is doing good for the society. This prevents wild animals especially the endangered Asiatic Lions from falling into open wells. Meera Kumari and Pawandeep Singh have also made it to the final list of athletes for the World Summer Special Olympics to be held at Los Angeles in 2015. self-defense and stress management. enabling them to lead their lives to the fullest. The school was awarded the ‘Overall Championship Trophy’ in Punjab for a record 9th time this year. Ambuja Manovikas Kendra The Ambuja Manovikas Kendra (AMK). safety (road. Gujarat. Today.200 adolescents through peer support system. the focus is on providing solutions to the industrial waste generators as well as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). About 92 such parapets were created this year totalling 1.

the programme works with girls between 6-16 year. we have reached out to 1. allowing them to move seamlessly into mainstream schools for further education. Our work in education is implemented by a trained group of volunteer women called Balmitras. They work in close coordination with government schools and employ child friendly teachinglearning methods. Skill Development and Training Training initiatives include program such as Executive Education Programs at Premier International Business Schools that are identified for Top management level leaders. with focus of education and vocational skills for older girls. Bathinda and Nalagarh. In Roorkee.Analysis This initiative by ACF is philanthropic from the framework of CSR. Analysis These initiatives help retain employees and help develop skills in the employees. Analysis This initiative is philanthropic in nature and ACF has been helping the communities it is closely linked. Such inititiates are both economical as well as ethical. Education Initiatives ACF’s Education Programme works closely with village-level government schools and local teachers to enhance the quality of education for children. ACF reaches out with specific interventions for the girl child. These are ethical as the company believes in development of the employees. ACF’s programmes work on providing holistic education and development opportunities for children of migrant workers through non-formal education (NFE) centres. these centres provide comprehensive basic education. Mumbai for Middle management and the Fast Track Development Program for Junior management. various Behavioural and Functional Training Programs are organized at corporate and plant levels based on requirement. Till date. It is also economical in the sense that it can be used to retain high potential employees. out of school children of migrant labourers and differently-abled children. Additionally. The Centralized Employee Induction Program is organized for the employees who have newly joined the company. Management Development Program at NMIMS. With a focus on marginalized groups of children. Established in Roorkee. . Leadership Development Programat IIM Ahmedabad for Senior management which focuses on building the operational performance and managerial effectiveness of the identified group of participants.5 lakhs students in 10 schools across locations.

Financial Results Ambuja cement has been creating exceptional results and has been maximising wealth for its shareholders. In this aspect it is doing underdoing economic initiative in the CSR Framework. Its has been provided dividends to its shareholders year on year and its market capitalisation has increased over the years. .