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Mock ARML Relay Round

21 May 2015
The problems start on page 2.

1. Compute the sum of all factors of 2015.

2. Let T = TNYWR and let k be the sum of the digits of T . A regular octagon has side
length k. Find the square of the length of the largest diagonal of the octagon.
. An isosceles right triangle having one vertex at the
3. Let T = TNYWR and k = 384
origin, another on the x-axis, and a third in the first quadrant has perimeter k and leg
length n. A normal path is one that consists of 2n moves of length 1, only in the
positive x or y directions. How many normal paths are there from the origin to (n, n)
that are completely contained inside the triangle? Note: the path may be on or touch
the sides of the triangle.

1. Find the sum of the three smallest factors greater than 1 of 22016 1.
2. Let T = TNYWR. There are T fish swimming in a pool. 5 of them are blue, the rest
are red. Two fish are randomly selected from the pool. Given that one of them is red,
find the probability that both fish are red.
3. Let T = TNYWR. Two similar triangles have their areas in the ratio 171 : T1 . If
the larger triangle has perimeter 2015, find the positive difference in perimeters of the
triangles. Round our answer to the nearest whole number.