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Co-op Lesson Planning Form

Your Name: Araceli Iniguez

Section of EDU320: 080
Lesson Topic: Timing
Define critical factor (in your own words):
The critical factor is an element necessary for the brain to complete its goal.
In our case, it is an element that is required in order for the brain to learn the
lessons being presented.
Lesson Cycle Element: Closure
Objective of your portion of the lesson:
The objective is for the teacher to review the content from the student. The
closure will clarify concepts that have been learned, by forming a cohesive
understanding for student application.
Selected Structure:
All Write Round Robin page 6.33
Rational for selection of structure:
I have chosen All Write Round Robin, because I think it is an excellent way
to confirm if students have learned. I will ask students to identify the five
practical suggestions for timing. Students will then discuss with other peers,
and write their answer individually on their paper provided. This will be
their exit ticket.
Assessment (how will you know participants learned the content):
I will be able to identify which students have acquired the lesson by the
answers on the exit ticket. If a student has the following information;
tolerance, activity shifts, scheduling, movement, and testing, the student has
acquired the knowledge necessary to dominate the topic.