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Method Colorimetric (IS: 5182 Part VII)

The determination of hydrogen sulphide by colorimetric method is based on the reaction
which takes place under suitable conditions between N, N demethyl p
phynylenediamine sulphate, ferric sulphate and sulphide ions, resulting in the formation of
ethylene blue.
Minimum detectable concentration of hydrogen sulphide is 0.03 g/ml of the absorbing
solution with an overall accuracy of 20%.
1. Absorbing Solution: - Dissolve 4.3 g of cadmium sulphate in water. Add 0.3 g of
sodium hdroxide, dissolve in a small amount of water and dilute to one litre. Mix well
before use. Store the solution in a refrigerator.
2. N, N-Dimethyl p phynyline diamine sulphate solution: - Add 50 ml of
concentrated sulphuric acid to 30 ml distilled water and cool. Add 12 g of N, NDemethyl p phenyline diamine or 27.2 g of N, N Dimethyl p phynyline
diamine slphate. Stir the bulk solution till it is completely dissolved, store as stock
solution in refrigerator. For the purpose of preparing standards, dilute 25 ml of stock
solution to one litre with dilute sulphuric acid (1:1).
3. Ferric Sulphate Solution: - Add excess of ferric sulphate in 100 ml of water to obtain a
standard solution.
4. Sulphamic Acid Solution (1% M/V): - Dissolve 1 g of sulphamic acid in 100 ml of
distilled water.