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FEDERAL BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE ANDSECONDARY EDUCATION, P.0. BOX 1365, H-84, ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN) Phone: 9250106 Fac Nos 2500417 sail: controtler.c@ Web site: pk No. (I VFBISE/SSC-C/A-2015/387 Dated:31-10-2014 NOTIFICATION 11 is hereby notified for general information of all concerned that the SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (SSC) ANNUAL EXAMINATION, 2015 of the Federal Boar! of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad shall commence with effect fiom Tuesday, the 24 March 2015. 2. The schedule for receipt of Admission Forms along with Admission Fee in the Board's Office is as under:= 4 SCHEDULE OF ADMISSION FEE ROM rte () With normal fee ce 812.2014 Q) With doubie fee 19-12-2014 06-01-2015 (3) With triple fee 07-01-2015 94-02-2015 NOTE: b. CATEGORY SSC SCE SSCA (i) Science/HumanitiesTechnical Group Rs, 750/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 1500 (for Regular candidates) (ii) Science/Humanities Technical Group RS.775/- S800 RS 16TSI- (for Ex/Prvate candidates) (ii) Additional Subjet(syIBCC eases — - Rs. 1675. {is) Improvement of MarksiGrade Rs. 928% RS 1050 Rs 182S/ (Improvement fee included) (0), Registration Fee (for Private candidates —~ = Rs, 0. ‘fnocaleady registered) (Plus Admission fee as applicable) 3. __A CANDIDATE, APPEARING IN ANY FAILURE SUBJECT WILL PAY FULL FEE OF HIS/HER RESPECTIVE PART. 4. The Board has launched online system for submission of ts fee. This has beer done to facilitate its stakeholders within Pakistan, Affiliated institutions, private or ex-students may remit thear requisite fee m the nearest Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Branch. The challan ship can be downloaded from FBISE web site (uw fbise, Copy of challan may be attached with the covering letter/admission form. The fee could also be remitted through Pay Order/Bank Draft in favour of the Controller of Examinations (Conduct), Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad drawable at Islamabad and must provide the {ollowing information on the back side of the Pay Order/Bank Draft v [Name of institution (with code) ‘Name of the Candidate ‘Number of Candidates Father's Name Nature of Fee Nature of Fee 5. Admission forms of regular candidates must be atlested by their respective head of institution and forwarded to the Board through a covering memo. 6. The Admission form of a private candidate- is required to be got attested from any of the Government Officer of BPS-17 and above in education departmenvofficers of Armed Forces(Head of'an alilsted institution. Private candidates will deposit registration fee alony with their admission fee/form. 7. Private candidates will submi/send their forms individually with their home address. Their forms will not be accepted through any schooV/academy/coaching centre in any circumstances, 8. Fee from foreign national students shall be charged at par with candidates of overseas Pakistani institutions. In such eases, the prescribed fee may be got confirmed from FBISE. Islamahod. Cont'd... Page 2 Page (02) © da, leads of Institutions are requested to submit Admission Forms separately in respect of those candidates who appeared/passed their SSC Part-I Examination from any other Board. Their original Result Card of SSC Part-l and a photocopy thereof. duly verified by the respective Board, must be attached with their admission forms. 1. ae Candidates taking alternative subjects. ic. English Literature/Geography of PakistanvUrdu Salees, ‘Sindhi etc. mist atach an attested photocopy of the permission letter issued by the Board with their admission forms. Regular candidate(s) must enclose photocopy of the Registration CarW/Result Card with their Adraieson Form, Fresh private candidates must attach Original Schoo! Leaving Certificate of the relevant School ech ‘udents who left the institution after 31° October of the current Academie year, shall not be eligible 10 appear in the exam as “private candidate" In ease of non-schooling an affidavit be submitted on a stamp paper of Re 10!, attested by the Oath Commissioner, along with a copy of Form "8" for proof of hisiher Date of Bisth {1, _Pawate candidates who are residing in teritoial jurisdiction of FBISE may appear in the examination from the Federal Board. These candidates shall not be allowed to offer any subject not opted by any candidate ted institution. 12. aie candidates who wish to improve their erade/marks should fill in the Admission Form along with the Application Form for improvement, which can be obtained frum the Board's office on payment of Rs. 30). The ‘Admission Form is also available for download at FBISE web-site www bse.eduph. In this case the cost of ‘Adiwission Form ie. Rs, 30/- will have to be remitied elong with admission fee ose candidates whose result ts declared late by the Board may submit their iy8 of the date of declaration of their result, but before ‘Commencement of the examination positively, 14 Candidates of Gilgit, Baltistan should submit their Admission Form to FBISI Sub Office, Gilgit as per schedule. Is. TIONS VESTED TO ENSURE 1 nN SION. Ee D. ‘THEIR REGISTRATION CARDS. derek Controller of Examinations (Conduct) pistRipution:: * |, APS to Seeretary Ministry of Education and Professional Training Government of Pakistan, fsfamabad 2. AllCairmen. BISES in Pakistan. All Heads of afte instintions (Paks). 4. The Director General, FDE, G-9/4, Islamabad. 5. The Director of Education. FGEI (CAG) Directorate, Sir Syed Road. Rawalpindi Cant, {The Desir Education, PAF Rear Air H.Q, Peshawar 7. The Ducetor of Education, Naval Comples, Ilamabad 8. The Director, Army Public School & College System, Army Central Library, GHQ, Rawalpindi, 9. AILGSOs-1 of (C/G) Regional Offices. 10. The Manager, HBL, FIBSE, Branch 1-8, omaha ‘retary IBCC, Islamabad, 12. The ConalerB.V/Radio News, lamabad, 13, The Batos leading Daily News Papers of Rawapindi/lamabod. \4. Officer incharge Web-site, FBISE Islamabad. 15, APSs a Chairperson and Secretary FBISE. Islamabad, 16. Officer Incharge, FBISE's Sub Office. Gilgit. 17. All concerned 7 Sajid, asi Deputy Controller of Examinations SSC (Conduct) Ph: 051-9250620