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October 2016


Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting

Highlights October 2016
President Winifred Zubin opened the meeting at 9:30am

Howlween Party, October 29th

Decorating of La Cabana to take place Sunday
October 23rd
Childrens party from 2-4 pm at La Cabana
Adult party begins at 7:30, Tickets $20 in advance
at Sams, $25 at the door, volunteers needed,
donations for raffles needed.
The DJ will be Greg Passarella, same as last year
Holiday Decorations
Installation of snowflakes on the light poles at
east entrance to the village has encountered obstacles, one pole has too much on it, another
pole would require burying electrical wires underground at considerable expense, permission
from the State needed for use of pole on route
28. Alternatives for installing at other locations
on Main Street, and for solar powered light
source are to be explored. One possibility considered was to install above the entrance sign at the
east entrance which would require braces.
Decorating the Gazebo for the yearend holidays
will take place on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.
Scarecrows for decorating on Main Street, about
a dozen, are stored at the Museum of Memories.
Winifred to follow up with John Duda to access
them and arrange for their use.
It was announced that Jerry Balcom has begun cleaning the war memorial stones in front of the library, as
a volunteer project. See story inside.
Next meeting: Saturday, November 5th, 9:30am La Cabana

Save the Date: December 3rd

Fleischmanns Forum- Fleischmanns Main Street
The MARK Project has been working with Dadras Architects
on a Main Street Strategy for Fleischmanns. The Dadras brothers have generated a draft with ideas for improving Main
Street and ask for your input as a community. Once completed, this strategy can serve as a road map for future improvements on Main Street Fleischmanns. This is not a static document. It can grow with the Village and your input is critical.
Saturday, 10am immediately following the monthly Fleischmanns First meeting, 9:30am at La Cabana

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Fleischmanns Red Letter Names from
the Greater Fleischmanns Museum of Memories
Fleischmanns Red Letter Names: Murray R. Mayes
Murray R. Mayes was born in 1919, in a farmhouse on Hog
Mountain. Except for the four years he attended college, and
one year that he worked in a grocery store in New Jersey, he lived
in the same house, now known as
Pinecones on Wagner Avenue,
from the age of nine until age 65.
Murray graduated from Fleischmanns High School in 1938.
Murray owned and operated the
Mayes Company, a hardwood
veneer mill that was located at
the Depot Street end of Wagner
Avenue. The business was started
by his paternal grandfather, Howard Mayes.
During the 1960s, at its peak, the
mill was one of the largest employers in Delaware County, employing over 125 people. It sold
veneer throughout the northeastern United States. Murray sold the veneer mill in 1967.
After the sale, Murray was a consultant to two businesses, the
acting administrator of Margaretville Memorial Hospital in Margaretville, NY on two separate occasions, and was the business
manager of the hospital for three years. He was very active in
his community; he was a member of the Fleischmanns High
School Board of Education from 1946-1964 and President of the
Board for two of those years. He was a trustee of the Village of
Fleischmanns for eight years and the mayor for 14 years.
He and Bertha moved to Delmar, NY (near Albany) in 1986 to be
closer to their children. He and his wife, Bertha, had three children, a daughter, Marilyn (Kaltenborn), and two sons, Brian and
Murray died February 21, 2009.

Upcoming at Skene Library

On Saturday, November 12th at 2 PM, local area author and
performer Robert Warren will give a reading from his new
book, Perfectly Broken. He will also perform songs included in
his debut novel. Known to many in the Catskills
as 'Uncle Rock', a popular performer with children of all ages, Warren has written a book for
grown-ups, which tells a story of human frailty
and the possibility of redemption for a family
here in the Catskills. There will be a questionand-answer session, and a book-signing. Admission is free.
For more info, contact Library Director Linda Rodgers at 845254-4581
The Library is working on several other programs in the coming months, so stay tuned, check with Skene, or look for publicity as details become available.

War Memorials Restored

In July, in follow up to our June issue and coverage of the Memorial Day Weekend Street Fair, the editors of Fleischmanns
Flyer received a letter from Jerry Balcom reminding us that
Memorial Day is not just an occasion for a street fair but an
important day to honor and respect those who have fought
and fallen on behalf of our country.
We agree with Mr. Balcom that all who served and serve on
behalf of our country should be honored and we are pleased
to report that Jerry Balcom has shown us by example just how
each and every one of us can do so.
Last month Mr. Balcom, who grew up in Clovesville, a graduate of Fleischmanns High School in 1965, was in the Village for
a project dear to his heart. Mr. Balcom, a veteran of the US
Marine Corps, spent time in Fleischmanns to begin the process
of cleaning and restoring the monuments honoring the fallen
in front of the Skene Memorial Library. There are two
monuments, one remembers
those that served and died
during the World Wars and
the second those of the Korean and Vietnam wars.
Mr. Balcom had noticed the
poor condition of both monuments. He asked if he could clean them and offered to donate the solution and the time to clean the stones. A few
weeks ago he spent most of the day working on the stones.
Both stones look very much better and it is now much easier
to read the names.
Mr. Balcom expects that it will take one, or possible two, more
cleanings before the monuments are back to the original condition. He plans to do one more cleaning this year and another
before Memorial Day 2017.
Should you be interested in assisting in this project, please let
us know.

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Depot Street Garden Comes to Fruition

In 2011, Victoria Quesada, then President of Fleischmanns First, made
an application to the Catskill Buffer Initiative for a small mini park on the
corner of Depot Street and Main Street in Fleischmanns. This site, former home of the Cats Meow, was acquired by the DEC after an earlier
flood in 1996. The grant was awarded, but before it was implemented,
Hurricane Irene hit and all work on the project came to a halt. In January
2015, Victoria Quesada reapplied for the grant. With the tireless efforts
of Catherine Skalda, Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Coordinator, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, a plan was drawn up
for a Depot Street Riparian Restoration. Catherine presented the plan to
the Village of Fleischmanns and DEP and obtained all the necessary approvals. The plan included removal of exposed concrete blocks, removal
of 70 feet of Japanese Knotweed, regrading the stream bank and
planting native riparian trees and shrubs and an erosion control grass
mix. A competitive bid was announced and in June of this year, heavy
machinery completed the stream bank work and some preliminary
On October 1, 2016, Catherine Skalda and a collegue as well as a group
Fleischmanns First volunteers, Yvonne Reuter (who helped with the garden design and placement of the plants), Winifred Zubin, Rob Alverson,
Victoria Quesada, and Jon Frank completed the plantings. It is expected
that the plantings will improve aesthetics, water quality, fish and bird
habitat and access to the stream. The plants should also help filter excess nutrients and/or pollutants. By adding native species, public awareness of best practices in riparian plantings will increase. Winifred Zubin,
current President of Fleischmanns First is committed to the educational
component of this grant and wishes to purchase small signs to identify
the various plantings.
A list of the plantings include Alder, Black Chokeberry, Button Bush, Silky
Dogwood, Red-Osler Dogwood, Hazelnut, Winterberry, Elderberry,
Meadowsweet, Highbush Cranberry, Red Oak and White Spruce.

A Daughter of Fleischmanns Comes Home!

A few months ago, I received a call from a gentleman from Missouri who was inquiring about a visit to Fleischmanns with his mother who had grown up here. Two weeks ago, Alice Crawford, now Alice Morrison, her husband Bill, her son Carl Lieber and his wife
Angie, came for a long weekend. Alice, who is 85, left Fleischmanns when she was 18 but her memories of the Village and Halcott
Center and growing up here are clear and distinct. Alice told us that when she was born
somewhat prematurely, she was so petite that her parents made her a cradle from a
showbox and thereafter she was referred to as the shoebox baby by her parents and
siblings. As her parents and grandparents continued to reside in Fleischmanns, she visited with her two boys on holidays for many years.
Carl has memories of climbing in the mountains and remembers visiting with his grandparents in the white house adjacent to the sand and gravel pit on Route 36. Alice was
pleased to see that her great grandfathers house on Main Street, next to Mi Lupita, is
undergoing renovation and was happy to be given a tour by the new home owners.
Alice happily poured over our collection of vintage Fleischmanns postcards and tourism
brochures from the 1950s; all of which brought back memories of hotels and guest
houses of the past.

Angie and Carl Lieber, Alice(Morrison) and Bill Crawford

Although the Museum of Memories does not have regular hours after Labor Day, we were able to arrange a special visit for the
Liebers and Crawfords on the last morning of their visit. Their tour guide was none other than Mayor Don Kearney.

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October/ November Calendar

Fleischmanns Events ~ Save the Date!
Oct. 27th

Thursday, FAB meeting, 5:30pm, Skene Memorial Library

Oct. 29th

Saturday, Howl...ween Childrens Party, 2:00-4:00pm, Adult Party, 7:30pm

La Cabana

Nov. 5th

Saturday, Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting, 9:30am, La Cabana

Come and meet your neighbors and support your village

Nov. 8th

Tuesday, Election Day

Nov. 11th

Friday, Veterans Day

Nov. 14th

Monday, Village Board Meeting, 6:00pm, Skene Memorial Library

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Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
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