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o Is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions
stored in its own memory that can accept data (input), process the
data according to specified rules, produce information (output), and d
store the information for future use.
Mobile device
o Is a computing device small enough to hold in your hand.
o Such as smartphones, digital cameras, e-book readers, and portable
media players, game devices
Personal computer (PC)
o Is a computer that can perform all of its input, processing, output, and
storage activities by itself and is intended to be used by one person
at a time.
o Windows and Mac leading the market share in operating system
Mobile computer
o Is a portable personal computer, designed so that a user easily can
carry it from place to place.
o Sometimes called a system board, is the main circuit board of the
personal computer.
Processor (CPU Central processing Unit)
o Is the electronic component that interprests and cariries out the basic
instructions that operate a computer.
o Consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to
be executed and data needed by those instructions.
o Is a personal computer designed to be in a stationary location,
where all of its components fit on or under desk or table.
System unit
o Refers to the case that coatings and protects the motherboard, hard
disc drive, memory, and other electronic components of the computer
from damage.
o Is made of metal or plastic, is a frame that houses the system unit on
a desktop .
All-in-one desktop
o Do not have a tower and instead house the screen and system unit in
the same case.
Laptop (also called a notebook computer)
o Is a thin, lightweight mobile computer with a screen in its lid and
keyboard in its base.
o Is a thin, lightweight mobile computer that has a touch screen
Slate tablet

o Is a type of tablet that does not contain a physical keyboard.

Convertible tablet
o Is a tablet that has a screen it its lid and a keyboard in its base, with
the lid and base connected by a swivel-type hinge.
o Looks like a small ink pen, that you can use instead of a fingertip to
enter data, make selections, or draw on a touch screen
o May include buttons you can press to simulate clicking a mouse.
o Refers to a device that combines features of a smartphone with a
Handheld computer
o Is a computer small enough to fit in one hand.
o Often send to a wirelessly to central office computers
o Is a computer dedicated to providing one or more services to other
computers or devices on a network.
o Rack server
Sometimes called a rack-mounted server, is a server that is
housed in a slot (bay) on metal frame (rack). Can contain
multiple servers, each in a differently bay. Is fastened in place to
a flat surface.
o Blade server
Is a server in the form of a single circuit board, or blade. The
individual blades insert in a blade server chassis that can hold
many blades. Like a rack server, the chassis is fastened in place
to a flat surface.
o Tower server
Is a server built into an upright cabinet (tower) that stands
alone. The tower can be similar in size and shape to desktop
tower or larger.
o Is the practice of sharing or pooling computing resources such as
servers and storage devices.
o Server virtualization
Uses software to divide a physical server logically into many
virtual servers.
o Server farm
Is a network of several servers together in a single location.
o Mainframe
Is a large, expensive, powerful server that can handle hundreds
or thousands of connected users simultaneously.
o Is the fastest, most powerful computer and the most expensive.
o Capable of processing many trillions of instructions in a single second.
o With weight exceed 100 tons, these computers can store more than
20,000 times the data an info of an avg. desktop.

o Is a computer, usually with limited processing power, that enables
users to send data to and/ or receive information from a server, or host
Thin client
o Is a terminal that looks like a desktop but has limited capabilities and
o Do not typically contain a hard disk, they run programs and access
data on a network or internet.
POS terminal
o Records purchases, process credit or debit cards, and update
inventory, mostly used in retail stores.
o Bar code reader
Is an input device that uses laser beams to read bar codes on
o Automated teller machine, is a self-service banking terminal that
connects to a host computer through a network.
Kiosk think self-service
o Is a freestanding terminal that usually has a touch screen for user
o This includes financial kiosk, photo kiosk, ticket kiosk, vending kiosk,
and visitor kiosk. (pg.115)
Cloud computing
o Refers to tan environment of servers that house and provide access to
resources users access through the internet.
o Is used to allow a company to diversify its network and deserve
capacity to a companys website as demand for services of the website
o Is an internet-capable phone that usually also includes a calendar, an
appointment book, an address book, a calculator, a notepad, games,
browsers, and numerous other apps. Includes many features listed on
page 117
SMS (Short message service)
o Typically fewer than 300 characters of short text
o Mobile to mobile, Mobile to email, Web to mobile, Mobile to Provider
MMS (Multimedia message service)
o Sends multimedia texts such as pictures and video
Voice Mail
o Functions much like an answering machine, allows someone to leave a
voice message for one or more people.
o Visual voice mail

Users can view message details such as the length of calls and,
in some cases, read message contents instead of listening to
Digital Camera
o Is a mobile device that allows users to take photos and store the
photographed images digitally.
o Point-and-shoot camera
Is an affordable and lightweight digital camera with lenses built
into it and a screen that displays an approximation of the image
to be photographed.

o SLR camera (single-lens reflex camera)

By contrast, is a high-end digital camera that has
interchangeable lenses and uses a mirror to display on its
screen an exact replica of the image to be photographed.
More expensive, heavier, but with a variety of available
lens sizes and other attachments.
o Is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device.
o Pixel
Is the smallest element in an electronic image.
Digital camera resolution typically is stated in megapixels, or
millions of pixels.
o Optical resolution
Actual photographed resolution that some manufactures state
enhanced resolution, instead of, or in addition to, optical
o Enhanced resolution
Usually is higher because it uses a special formula to add pixels
between those generated by the optical resolution.
Portable media player
o Sometimes called personal media player
o Is a mobile device on which you can store, organize, and play or view
digital media.
o Enables you to listen to music, view photos, watch videos, movies, and
TV shows, and even record audio and video.
o Ear buds
Small speakers that rest inside each ear canal
o Touch-sensitive pad
Is an input device that contains buttons and /or wheels you
operate with a thumb or finger.
o Media library
Collection of stored digital media
E-book reader
o Short for electronic book reader or e-reader
o Is a mobile device that is used primarily for reading e-books and other
digital publications

Or digital book, is an electronic version of a printed book,
readable on commuters and other mobile devices.
o Most can store thousands of books, have a touch screen, and are
internet capable with built in wireless technology.
Game console
o Is a mobile computing device designed for single=player or multiplayer
video games.
o Typical weighting between 3 and 11 pounds.
Handheld game device
o Is a small mobile device that contains a screen, speakers, controls, and
game console all in one unit.
Embedded computer
o is a special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a
larger product
o Consumer electronics
Mobile phones, digital phones, digital TVs , cameras, video
records, DVD players and recorders, answering machines
o Home automation devices
Thermostats, sprinkling systems, security systems, vacuum
systems, appliances, lights
o Automobiles
Antilock brakes, engine control modules, electronic stability
control, airbag controller, cruise control, navigation systems and
GPS receivers
o Process controllers and robotics
Remote monitoring systems, power monitors, machine
controllers, medical devices
o Computer devices and office machines
Keyboards, printers, fax and copy machines.
o Is the point at which a peripheral device (i.e., keyboard, printer,
monitor, etc.) attaches to or communicates with a computer or mobile
device so that the peripheral device can send data to or receive
information from the computer or mobile device.
o Joins a cable to a port.
USB port
o Short for universal serial bus port, can connect up to 127 different
peripheral devices together with a single connector.
o USB Hub
Is a device that plugs in a USB port on the computer or mobile
device and contains multiple USB ports, into which you plug
cables from USB Devices.
Port replicator
o Is an external device that provides connections to peripheral devices
through ports built into the device.

Docking station
o Is an external device that attaches to a mobile computer or device,
contains a power connection and provides connections to peripheral
o Technology uses short-range radio signals to transmit data between
two Bluetooth-enabled computers or devices. Within 33 feet of each
o Bluetooth wireless port adapter
Convert an existing USB port into Bluetooth port
o Short for wireless fidelity
o Uses radio signals that conform to 802.11 standards, which were
developed by the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
o Stands for near field communications
o Uses close-range radio signals to transmit data between two NFCenabled devices
o Includes smartphones, digital cameras, computers, televisions, and
Under voltage
o Occurs when the electoral supply or voltage drops, often defined as
more than 5%, below the normal volts.
o Brownout
Is a prolonged (more than a minute) under voltage
o Blackout
Is a complete power failure.
Overvoltage (or power surge)
o Occurs when the incoming electrical supply or voltage increases, often
defined as more than 5%, about the normal votes.
o Spike
A momentary overvoltage which occurs when the increase in
power lasts for less than one millisecond (thousandth for a
Surge protector
o Also called a surge suppressor
o Uses electrical components to provide a stable current flow and
minimize the chances of an overvoltage reaching the computer and
other electronic equipment.
o Resembles a power strip
UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
o Is a device that contains surge protection circuits and one or more
batteries that can provide power during a temporary or permanent loss
of power.
Respective strain injury (RS()

Is an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and

o PG.136
Computer vision syndrome (CVS)
o Is a technology-related health condition that affects eyesight.
o Symptoms include having sore, tired, burning, itching, or dry eyes;
blurred or double vision; distance blurred vision after prolonged staring
at a display device.
Technology addiction
o Occurs when the technology consumes someones entire social life.
o Technology overload
Fell distressed when deprived of technology, even for a short
length of time, or feel overwhelmed with the amount of
technology they are required to manage.