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Years Pictures

We have sifted through 7 million meters of film from 440 world archives and looked through
6000 articles from the newspapers in 36 countries - 60 editors, cameramen and research assis-
tants worked on the series for three years

There are about 600 witnesses to different events including:

the last witness of the Titanic tragedy, Lenin's grandniece, Al Capone's grandnephew, the sons
of Mussolini and Chaplin, a nurse from Pearl Harbor, Hitler's secretary, survivors of Auschwitz,
the navigator of Nagasaki, the heroes of Mount Everest, an Apollo 11 astronaut, Edward Teller,
Shimon Peres, Helmut Kohl, the Pope and Ali Agce, Lech Walesa, Otto Habsburg, George Bush
and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Running time 100 10 minutes

Production cost : 5,5 mill. Euro
We show in chronological order what, how and why different events took place in the
Years Pictures 20th century, 100 years, 100 events, 100 movies.

1900 1901 1903 1906 1907

Welcome to the 20th century The End of an Era Wright Brothers The Ruins Rasputin

On Monday, January 1st, the 20th With the death of Queen Victo- Humanity"s first powered flight The San Francisco earthquake of Rasputin was a Russian mystic
century begins. Cancan rhythms ria, the 19th century passes away takes place on December 17th, 1906 was a major earthquake with an influence in the latter
dominate the avant garde capital, for good. The mourning puts in 1903 as the American Orville which occurred in San Francisco, days of the Romanov dynasty in
Paris. There are terrible beliefs all touch II. Wilhelm with the whole Wright takes to the skies in his California early on the morning Russia. He was believed to have
over the world... royal family the last... self-made engine-powered a... of Wednesday, April 18, ... been a psychic and faith...

1909 1911 1912 1913 1914

Suffragette Demonstrations The South Pole Titanic The German Kaiser Sarajevo

The campaign for women"s The Geographic South Pole is The Titanic was the largest Wilhelm II of Prussia and On June 28th, 1914, Franz Ferdi-
suffrage was intensified by the the point where the earths axis of passenger steamship in the world Germany, Friedrich Wilhelm nand, Archduke of Austria and
founding of the Women"s Social rotation intersects the surface. at the time of her launching, and Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern heir to the Austro-Hungarian
and Political Union. The WSPU - This is the point usually meant her builders hoped that she was the last German Emperor throne, with his wife Countess
associated particularly with... when an unspecified... would dominate the transatl... (Kaiser) and the last... Sophie, was assassinated in...
Years Pictures

1916 1917 1918 1919 1920

Verdun The Russian October Revolution Revolution Versailles Prohibition

The Battle of Verdun was a The Russian Revolution of 1917 On November 9th, 1918, a man The 1919 Treaty of Versailles is At midnight on the night of
major action in World War I. The was a political movement in leans out of a window in the the peace treaty created as a January 16th, 1920, one of the
battle was fought between Febru- Russia that climaxed in 1917 with Reichstag and proclaims the result of the twelve-month-long personal habits and customs of
ary 21 and December 19, 1916, the overthrow of the provisional Republic. Philipp Scheidemann Paris Peace Conference in 1919 most Americans suddenly came
and resulted in nearly one... government that had... was a German Social... which put an official... to a halt. Prohibition was mean...

1922 1922 1923 1924 1925

Mussolini Tutankhamen Putsch of Hitler Stalin / Lenin Charlie Chaplin

On October 24th, 1922, Benito On November 26th, 1922, The attempted Beer Hall Putsch January 21, 1924 - Vladimir The Gold Rush is a 1925 silent
Mussolini, leader of the Fascist archaeologists Howard Carter (military coup) occurred between Lenin dies and Joseph Stalin film comedy written, directed,
party in Italy, announced at a and Lord Carnarvon discovered the evening of Thursday, begins to purge his rivals to clear and starring Charlie Chaplin in
conference in Naples his intent the tomb of the boy Pharaoh November 8, 1923 and early way for his leadership. Stalin had his Little Tramp role. He goes to
to seize power by marchi... Tutankhamen in the Valley... afternoon Friday... become the General Sec... the Klondike in order...
Years Pictures

1926 1927 1928 1929 1930

Josephine Baker Lindbergh Penicillin Black Friday Gandhi

Josephine endured a breach-of- Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. Sir Alexander Fleming (August 6, Black Friday or the Wall Street On March 12th, 1930 Mahatma
contract lawsuit about her was a pioneering United States 1881 March 11, 1955) discov- Crash refers to October 29, 1929, Gandhi sets off with 78 follow-
abandoning Le Revue Ngre for aviator famous for piloting the ered the antibiotic substance the day when the New York ers on a 200-mile protest march
a star billing at the Folies-Bergre first solo non-stop flight across lysozyme and isolated the antibi- Stock Exchange crashed; this towards the sea to protest the
in 1926... the Atlantic Ocean in... otic substance penic... event eventually led to the... British monopoly on salt...

1932 1933 1934 1936 1936

Weimar Seizure of power Mao Jesse Owens The Spanish Civil War

Perhaps the greatest catalyst for On January 30, 1933, Adolf The Long March was a massive While Germany dominated the The Spanish Civil War (1936 -
the collapse of the Republic lies Hitler was officially sworn in as military retreat undertaken by the games, the many triumphs by 1939) was the result of complex
in the Wall Street Crash, or more Chancellor in the Reichstag Chinese Communist Army to citizens of other nations was political differences between the
correctly its aftermath. The chamber with thousands of Nazi evade the pursuit of the seen as a rebuke to racist Nazi Republicans and the Nationalists.
grounds for the... supporters looking on and... Kuomintang army... philosophies. In particular, the... The Republicans were...
Years Pictures

1937 1937 1938 1938 1939

Hindenburg Stalin Munich Conference The Night of Broken Glass Hitler attacks Poland

On May 6, 1937 at 19:25, the Joseph Stalin was a Bolshevik The Munich Agreement was an Kristallnacht, also known as The Polish September Campaign
German zeppelin LZ 129 Hinden- revolutionary and a political agreement regarding the Munich Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht (alternatively referred to as the
burg caught fire and was utterly leader in the Soviet Union. Stalin Crisis between the major powers and in English as The Night of German plan Fall Weiss) refers to
destroyed within a minute while became general secretary of the of Europe after a conference Broken Glass, was a massive the conquest of Poland by the
attempting to dock with its... Soviet Communist Party... held in Munich in Germany... nationwide pogrom in Germany... armies of Nazi Germany...

1940 1941 1941 1942 1943

The Visit Operation Barbarossa Pearl Harbor Auschwitz Stalingrad

In May 1940 Hitler ordered his Operation Barbarossa was the On the morning of December 7, Auschwitz is the name loosely The Battle of Stalingrad was a
forces to attack France, conquer- German codename for Nazi 1941, planes and midget subma- used to identify three main Nazi major turning point in World War
ing the Netherlands, Luxembourg Germanys invasion of the Soviet rines of the Imperial Japanese German concentration camps II, and is considered the bloodi-
and Belgium in the process. Union during World War II, Navy commanded by Vice Admi- and 39 sub-camps. The name is est battle in human history. The
France surrendered on 22th ... which commenced on... ral Chuichi Nagumo, carried... derived from the... battle was marked by ...
Years Pictures

1943 1944 1945 1945 1946

The Ghetto in Warsaw D-Day Capitulation Hiroshima The Nuremberg Trials

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, The Battle of Normandy was On 2th May in 1945 the Soviet On 6th August in 1945 the United The Nuremberg Trials is the
sometimes called the Warsaw fought in 1944 between the Union announces the fall of States detonated an atomic bomb general name for two sets of
Uprising 1943, was an insurrec- German forces occupying Berlin. Soviet soldiers hoist the nicknamed "Little Boy" on trials of Nazis involved in World
tion in Polands Warsaw Ghetto Western Europe and the invad- red flag over the Reichstag Hiroshima, Japan at 8:16 AM War II and the Holocaust. The
against Nazi Germany... ing American, British and... building. The Battle of... (local time). Nagasaki was the ... trials were held in the...

1947 1948 1949 1951 1953

Israel Raisin Bombers Founding of the German States Churchill Elizabeth II.

On 29th November the United The Soviet Union blocked On May 23rd, 1949, the Federal Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Nations General Assembly votes Western rail and road access to Republic of Germany was estab- Churchill was a British politician, (born April 21st, 1926) is the
to partition Palestine between West Berlin from June 24, 1948 - lished. In 1949, during the Berlin best known as Prime Minister of Queen regnant and Head of
Arabs and Jews. Israel was estab- May 11, 1949. This Berlin Block- Blockade, Western forces the United Kingdom during State of Antigua and Barbuda,
lished as an independent... ade was one of the major... airlifted food and supplies in... World War II. At various tim... Australia, The Bahamas...
Years Pictures

1953 1953 1954 1954 1955

Mount Everest Upheaval in East Germany Bikini Marilyn Monroe Konrad Adenauer

Everest is the highest mountain The Uprising in 1953 in East Bikini Atoll (also known as Marilyn Monroe (June 1st, 1926 Konrad Adenauer was a German
on Earth (as measured from sea Germany took place in June and Pikinni Atoll) is an uninhabited 6 August 5th, 1962) was a 20th statesman. Adenauer, a politician
level). The summit ridge of the July of 1953. A strike by Berlin sqm atoll in one of the Microne- century American actress. Her in the Catholic Centre Party, was
mountain marks the border construction workers on the 16th sian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. sizzling screen presence and Mayor of Cologne from 1917 to
between Nepal and Tibet. In... turned into a widespread... It is a member of the... premature death would... 1933, and as such...

1956 1958 1959 1960 1961

The riot in Hungary Elvis Presley Fidel Castro Adolf Eichmann The building of the wall

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8th, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (born Adolf Eichmann (March 19, The Berlin Wall was a long barrier
also known as the Hungarian 1935 August 16th, 1977), also August 13, 1926) has led Cuba 1906 June 1, 1962) was a high- separating West Berlin from East
Uprising, was a revolt in known as The King of Rock and since 1959, when, leading the 26th ranking official in Nazi Germany, Berlin and the surrounding
Hungary. The revolt was brutally Roll, or as just simply The King, of July Movement, he helped and served as an Obersturmban- territory of East Germany. Its
suppressed by the Soviet Union... was an America... overthrow the dictatorsh... nfhrer in the S.S. He ... intent was to restrict a...
Years Pictures

1962 1963 1964 1965 1966

Crisis in Cuba John F. Kennedy Cassius Clay Beatles The Wembley Goal

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May Muhammad Ali (born January The Beatles were the most England, managed by Alf (later
tense confrontation between the 29th, 1917 November 22nd, 17th, 1942, as Cassius Marcellus influential popular music group Sir Alf) Ramsey, beat West
Soviet Union and the United 1963), often referred to as Jack Clay, Jr.) is an American boxer. of the rock era, and the most Germany at Wembley Stadium
States over the Soviet deploy- Kennedy or JFK, was the 35th He was one of the worlds successful, with global sales 4-2 after extra time in a thrilling
ment of nuclear missiles in... (19611963) Pres... greatest heavyweight boxe... exceeding 1.1 billion records... final at Wembley, when Geoff ...

1967 1967 1968 1968 1969

Benno Ohnesorg The Six-day-war Prague spring The death of a vietcong Neil Armstrong

Benno Ohnesorg (October 15th, The 1967 Arab-Israeli War, also The Prague Spring was a period Execution in broad daylight Neil Alden Armstrong (born
1940 - June 2nd, 1967) was a known as the Six-Day War or of political liberalization in caught on camera. A police August 5th, 1930) is an American
German university student killed June War, was fought between Czechoslovakia starting January captain from Saigon is seen shoot- test pilot, astronaut, and was the
by a police officer on June 2nd, Israel and its Arab neighbors 5th, 1968, and running until ing a Vietcong man in the head first human being to walk on the
1967, during a demonstrat... Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. As a ... August 20th of that same... right on film. As the bystander... Moon. Armstrong then...
Years Pictures

1970 1972 1972 1974 1974

Willy Brandt Attacks during the Olympic Games Kim Phuc Guillaume-Affair Watergate

Willy Brandt (December 18th, The Munich Massacre occurred On June 8th, 1972, South Around 1973, German security The Watergate scandal (or just
1913 October 8th, 1992) was a at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Vietnamese planes dropped a organizations received informa- "Watergate") was an American
left German politician and Chan- Munich, Germany, when napalm bomb on the village of tion that one of Brandts personal political scandal and constitu-
cellor of Germany from 1969 to members of the Israeli Olympic Trang Bang, Vietnam, suspected assistants, Gnter Guillaume, was tional crisis of the 1970s, which
1974. The social demo... team were taken hostage by... by US Army forces of... a spy of the GDR... eventually led to the resi...

1975 1976 1977 1978 1979

Vietnam Soweto The hitchhike Test tube baby Ayatollah

By April, the weakened South Soweto is an urban area in Johan- Hanns Martin Schleyer was a Adolf Eichmann (March 19, The Iranian Revolution was the
Vietnamese Army had collapsed nesburg, in Gauteng province german manager and employer 1906 June 1, 1962) was a high- 1979 revolution that transformed
on all fronts. The powerful NVA South Africa . In 1950 during the representative. Schleyer was ranking official in Nazi Germany, Iran from an autocratic pro-west
offensive forced South Vietnam- apartheid regime, Soweto was abducted on September 5, 1977 and served as an Obersturmban- monarchy under Shah Moham-
ese troops on a bloody retrea... constructed to be self-suf... by the Red Army Faction... nfhrer in the S.S. He ... mad Reza Pahlavi to an Islam...
Years Pictures

1980 1981 1982 1983 1985

Solidarnosc Attempt on the Pope Falkland war Diary of Hitler AIDS

Gdansk was the scene of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, The Falklands War or the Malvi- In 1983, the German news maga- AIDS (Acquired Immunodefi-
anti-government demonstrations officially in Latin Ioannes Paulus nas War was an armed conflict zine Stern published extracts ciency Syndrome or Acquired
which led to the downfall of PP. II, born Karol Jzef Wojtya between Argentina and the from what purported to be the Immune Deficiency Syndrome,
Poland"s communist leader (May 18, 1920 April 2, 2005), United Kingdom over the diaries of Adolf Hitler, known as sometimes written Aids) is a
Wladyslaw Gomulka in... was Pope of ... Falkland Islands , also known... the Hitler Diaries. The mag... human disease character...

1986 1986 1987 1988 1989

Challenger Chernobyl Uwe Barschel Gladbeck The coming down of the
Berliner wall

STS-51-L was the 25th launch of The Chernobyl accident CDU-politician, Uwe Barschel, A bank robbery in Gladbeck on On August 23, 1989, Hungary
a Space Shuttle and the tenth occurred on April 26th, 1986, at was, according to ex-Mossad 16 August. The gangsters, removed its border restrictions
launch of the Challenger. The the Chernobyl nuclear power agent Victor Ostrovsky, murdered Degowski, Rsner and a with Austria, and in September
vehicle exploded 73 seconds after plant in Ukraine (then part of the in 1987 by a Mossad hit team in a girlfriend, take two women more than 13,000 East Germans
launch on January 28t... Soviet Union). It is regarde... Swiss Hotel. According to... hostage. The men are known... escaped through Hungary ....
Years Pictures

1990 1991 1991 1992 1993

The reunification Gulf War Take-over attempt in Moscow Omarska Somalia

German reunification took place The Persian Gulf War was a The Soviet Coup of 1991 or the Omarska is a town near Prijedor Somalia, formerly known as the
on October 3, 1990, when the conflict between Iraq and a August Coup crushed the hopes in northwestern Bosnia and Somali Democratic Republic, is a
areas of the former German coalition force of 34 nations of Soviet leader Mikhail Herzegovina. It includes an old coastal nation in East Africa . It
Democratic Republic (GDR in mandated by the United Nations Gorbachev that he could at least iron mine and ore processing currently exists solely in a de jure
English often called... and led by the United States... hold the union together in a de... plant. Omarska gained world... capacity, whic...

1994 1995 1997 1998 1999

Nelson Mandela Yitzhak Rabin Lady Diana Bill Clinton End of a century

Years Pictures
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Yitzhak Rabin (March 1st, 1922 Diana, Princess of Wales (1 July William Jefferson Clinton (born During this century, man discov-
(born 18 July 1918) before November 4th, 1995) was an 1961 - 31 August 1997), was the William Jefferson Blythe III on ered the world: the South Pole,
becoming President of South Israeli politician and military first wife of Prince Charles, August 19, 1946) was the 42nd Mount Everest, Space. He went
Africa, was one of its chief general. He was the fifth Prime Prince of Wales. From her President of the United States to the Moon, invented penicillin
anti-apartheid activists, and... Minister of Israel ... marriage in 1981 to her... from 1993 to 2001. Before... which saved hundreds of ...