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ICC Commercial Crime Services

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St Catharines College
19th - 22nd September 2010

How to use the Internet as an Effective Investigative Research Tool

Course Overview
Getting access to the right information quickly
and cheaply has never been more important
for commercial success.
Modern business should know everything it can
about the people and organisations it deals with,
the markets it operates in and any risks it faces.
The Internet represents the most cost effective
research gathering technology in the world. Yet
some of its most useful, specialised and publicly
available search tools are still relatively unknown,
seldom used and often poorly understood.
This course resolves these issues. It will equip you
with the skills and resources to use the Internet in
a far more effective way to obtain the information
that you need. It will help show you some new ways
to work smarter, and provide some useful tips for
staying safe.

Why attend the Course?

Overview of the Internet and how it

Ability to use the Internet in a more

effective way as an open source/
competitive intelligence tool.

Advanced techniques to mine data

using different search tools and
uncover hidden information.

Strategies for filtering, analysing

and organising research data.

Awareness of security and privacy

issues including techniques to both
hide and increase visibilities of sites.

A 250 page comprehensive manual as

well as various shareware software

2010 Internet Intelligence Course (2)

The Course takes place in the Ramsden room at St Catharines College, Cambridge
University. St Catharines was founded in 1473 and is situated in the centre of
Cambridge close to the many historic buildings and shops and within easy reach
of the railway station. All the residential accommodation for delegates is en-suite
and of a good standard. Parking is not available at the college but there are car
parks not far away. Further details about the college, its facilities and how to get
there can be found at

Learn in a tranquil, ambient setting

This unique course is designed for anyone who

wishes to use the Internet more effectively for
research, investigation and information gathering.
It will appeal in particular to:
Corporate security professionals in banks,
insurers and multinationals
Fraud investigators, accountants and analysts
Competitive intelligence researchers
Government and private sector investigators
Law enforcement officers
Knowledge workers and researchers


David Toddington is the Founder and President of Toddington International Inc.
Along with his Canadian and UK based team, David has developed and provides training on an ongoing basis to
numerous Law Enforcement Training centres including the Canadian Police College, the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police Pacific Region Training Centre, the West Yorkshire Police Training and Development Centre (United
Kingdom), the National Police Improvement Agency (UK) the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the Ontario
Police College, the Forensic Sciences Department at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Centro
Internacional de Inteligencia (Mexico).
Working with the Private Sector, David maintains a position as Special Advisor to the International Chamber of
Commerce - Commercial Crime Services in London, England. He has frequently appeared as a guest on the
national Canadian television news network, CTV NewsNet, and made many radio appearances.David is a regular
contributor to numerous law enforcement publications in Europe and North America.
Since 1989, David has held numerous peace officer appointments including RCMP Supernumerary Constable,
Designated Law Enforcement Officer (DLEO) with the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, RCMP
Auxiliary Constable within the Province of British Columbia and Technical Reserve with the City of Moscow
Police in Idaho State. Among other awards, he has been the recipient of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Commanding Officers Commendation for his work in the development and implementation of new police Open
Source intelligence systems.
With an unrivalled reputation in the provision of Online Research Training and Internet-based Open Source
Intelligence (OSINT) Services, Toddington International Inc specialises in providing cost effective and innovative
online research training and support solutions to public and private sector organisations worldwide. With a client
base ranging from law enforcement, regulatory and government agencies to members of the Fortune 500, Toddington
Internationals innovative training programmes succeed in helping front-line professionals get the critical information
they need when they need it, effectively and safely.
Built on the operational experience of a trusted team that includes highly qualified intelligence analysts,
investigators, psychologists, educators, legal practitioners and other professionals, TIIs training programmes
are delivered in compelling formats for peak effect, focused on the specific needs of each client group.

2010 Internet Intelligence Course (2)

Sunday, 19 September
Cocktails, followed by dinner and Welcome Address
by Peter Lowe, ICC Commercial Crime Services
Monday, 20 September

Introduction to Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT)

Introduction to Web 2.0 and user generated content
Introduction to Search Engine Mechanics
Looking Below the Surface Hypertext Markup Language Basics
Advanced Techniques for Using Search Engines Effectively
Meta and Mega Search Tools
Public Directories, Specialised Databases & Desktop Search Tools

Tuesday, 21 September

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Common Internet Marketing Practices

Strategies and Tactics for Developing an Efficient Research Plan
Cataloguing and Organising Web Based Documents
Downloading and Archiving Internet Sourced Materials
Mapping and Automatically Monitoring Websites of Special Interest
Determining the Geographic and Physical Location of Websites
and Internet Users
Maintaining Security and Protecting Privacy in the Networked World

Wednesday, 22 September


Introduction to Discussion Forums and Newsgroups

Advanced Forum and Newsgroup Searching Techniques
Maintaining Anonymity Online - How and When to Protect Your Online Identity
Making Sense of the Data - Introduction to the Intelligence Analysis Process
Linking Sources and Targets Learning to Read Between the Lines
Additional Online Resources
Using Blog, Wiki and Social Networking sites as tactical intelligence tools
Using RSS Feeds and News Aggregators
Conclusion of Course
St Catharines College

2010 Internet Intelligence Course (2)

Date and Venue:
19 - 22 September 2010
Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RL
Tel: +44 (0)1223 338381

To register for the

Internet Intelligence Course,
please go to our website
and register online at:
About ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS)
ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm
of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in London,
CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms
of commercial crime. The specialist divisions that comprise CCS
offer a range of services dedicated to meeting the individual needs
of the members. Together, they tackle all types of commercial crime;
fraud in international trade, insurance fraud, financial instrument
fraud, money laundering, shipping fraud and counterfeiting.
It is with pleasure that I wish to commend to you the 7th Internet Intelligence
Course. Previous experience has shown that this event will be both
personally rewarding and commercially invaluable to all who attend.
We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you in Cambridge in 2010.
Jean Rozwadowski, Secretary General,
International Chamber of Commerce, Paris. June 2010

2,344 (incl VAT) per delegate
NB: payment must be received
in advance of the Course.
*Delegates from outside the UK may be
able to recover VAT. See Meridian VAT
Reclaim -
vatrecovery - to arrange this once an
invoice is received.
*3 or more delegates attending from
the same company are entitled to
a 10% discount.
*Delegates are responsible for their travel
expenses in travelling to the Course.
Cancellations: Cancellations received
in writing 14 days before the Course date
will receive a refund, but a charge of 100
will be made for administrative costs.
After this date the full fee must still be
paid, but substitutions may be made at
any time.


Intensive 3 day training for up
to 25 delegates using networked
All documentation/software
Accommodation in single
ensuite rooms at the college
All meals - lunches/coffee breaks
Evening social programme

NOTE:The organisers reserve the

right to change the programme,
the venue or the speaker without
prior notice or postpone or cancel
the event.

Course Administrator
ICC-Commercial Crime Services
Delegates at the
March 2010 II Course

Cinnabar Wharf, 26 Wapping High Street, London E1W 1NG, United Kingdom.
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