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October 2016 Monthly Civic Association Minutes

COTA Update
COTAs operations are funded by a 0.5% sales and use tax, of which 0.25% is continuing and 0.25% is
renewable. Voters approved the 10-year renewable sales and use tax in 2006 to begin implementation
of COTAs Long-Range Transit Plan. Sales tax revenue makes up 85% of COTAs operating revenue, while
fare box resume accounts for 15%. COTAs 0.25% renewable sales and use tax is on November 2016
General Election.

COTA lines 2, 4, 8, 12, and 96 are currently servicing Weinland Park. COTA has been expanding its transit
services by offering AirConnect trips between John Glenn Columbus International Airport and
Downtown Columbus, and the popular CBUS, which has reached its one million CBUS trip early in 2016.
COTA has worked with businesses to provide transit service to a centralized location and have partnered
with businesses to provide shuttle service to address the last-mile issue for employees. This has been
extremely successful in the New Albany community. The CMAX will be operational in January 2018 for
customers traveling from Downtown Columbus to Polaris Parkway/Africa Road, and customers will
reach their destination up to 21% faster. Next May 2017, COTA will be launching its Transit System
Redesign (TSR), offering similar and more direct routes, better connections to more destinations, and
linking people to places to get them there faster. It will also offer more consistent and frequent services
seven days a week. For more information, please visit

CHN Good Neighbor Agreement
The Weinland Park Collaborate will be signing the Good Neighbor Agreement with Community
Housing Network (CHN) for Terrace Place, its new apartment building in Weinland Park. The civic
association hopes to have a representative from CHN come to a meeting to discuss the agreement. In
the agreement, CHN would like to address concerns or issues that we have and give its staff a chance to
address them. The CHN Good Neighbor Agreement will be presented at the civic associations
December Holiday Party and again at its January meeting.

Make A Difference Day Update
Make A Difference Day was a great success. With the help of HandsOn Central Ohio, who coordinated
Weinland Park as a worksite, and numerous Weinland Park residents who actively participated, we
distributed flyers about the monthly civic association meeting and holiday party, cleaned up, planted
bulbs, and landscaped and mulched various parks in the neighborhood, including Weinland Park and
Indianola Park.

Safety Community Update
Georgina Stevenson, Chester Jackson, and Officer Steve Smith provided updates on public safety in
Weinland Park. The civic associations Safety Committee host a safety discussion at the Northside Pride
Center, 248 East 11th Avenue, on Wednesday, November 2, at 6 p.m. Please come and participate in the

Housing Co-Chair Vacancy

Matt Martin will step down as co-chair of the Housing Committee. We would like to encourage
others to consider serving as co-chair. The Housing Committee plans to conduct a property
condition survey of the neighborhood. Homes on the Hill, based in west Columbus, conducted a
property condition survey using an affordable system. We will reach out to Homes on the Hill to
find out more information. Other goals of the Housing Committee are to protect and increase midrange housing, while connecting stakeholder conversations with residents, partners, and