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If a escalation is a solution of controlling the situation then logically its obvious that
escalation will be responded with further escalation. In A. Sridharahs view The last
resort for breaking the political deadlock between both those nations will be a war
but unfortunately it will be resulted in another stalemate scenario, then why to
select this option
War is the ultimate tool to make stability and peace but in contemporary scenario of
South Asia, the war will be resulted in total Chaos and destruction as both nuclear
rivals will see any act of aggression as a matter of dignity and honor. The threat of
Cold start for Pakistan and the Perils of Pakistan Tactical Nuclear weapons for India
in case of war will surely push both sides for negotiation through dialogues.
According to Shami A. Jan The Pakistan and India will have to solve the issues of
Kashmir and Siachen, these are like pandoraboxes the more they remained open
the more will be there evil consequences for the region
Another important step that should be taken by both of those nations will be to
apply the policy of minimum nuclear deterrence with the minimum deployment of
nuclear weapons and proper command and control structure to avoid accidental
The future of South Asia region will be remain in the shadow of crises haunted by
spectre of nuclear war and incase of escalation from any side the events will be un
predictable. The Cold start will be a fair military doctrine against a non conventional
or low profile nuclear nation but in case of Pakistan the outcomes will be reciprocal
for adversary. The consequences are probably misread by Indian defense policy
makers of ongoing tension in south Asia region even though the steps taken by
Pakistan Government officials are signs of firm commitment on their part.
The South Asia region will remain unstable and the Pakistans security concerns will
increase with time. The idea about the focus on Human development can change
the future of South Asia region and steps taken on the bases of ground realities will
provide the only opportunity for the long lasting peace.