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Felicity ODell

Total PET:
covers all of the vocabulary on the PET word list and practises using it in context
can be used to prepare for the PET for Schools exam
offers up to 50 hours of teaching material for intensive exam preparation or use alongside a general
language course

Rosalie Kerr

Total PET is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge ESOL Preliminary English Test PET
(B1 Threshold of the European Framework of Reference).

Felicity ODell


Teachers Book

Teachers Book includes:

The accompanying two Class audio CDs include:

Includes Class CDs

recordings of the listening activities in the Students Book (CD1)

recordings for two practice tests featured in the Vocabulary Maximiser (CD2)

ISBN: 978-88-530-0715-5
ISBN: 978-88-530-0696-7


Course components:

Teachers Book

ISBN 978-88-530-0696-7


l PE ook 696
D al rs B 30- T
F. To che 88- CA
a - K
Te 978 LAC




This volume without the side coupon is to be

considered a free sample copy not for sale.
(Sale or other distribution is forbidden: art. 17,
c. 2, L. 633/1941). Excluded from V.A.T. (D.P.R.
26/10/72, n. 633, art. 2, 3 c., lett. d.)

Teachers Book

answer key and teachers notes to hep you get the most out of the material in the Students Book
answer key for the exercises and Practice Tests in the Vocabulary Maximiser
sample answer sheets for the PET exam
recording scripts for the listening exercises in both the Students Book and Vocabulary Maximiser

Students Book + Vocabulary Maximiser + Audio CD-ROM

Teachers Book + Class audio CDs

Rosalie Kerr

Book + 2 Class CDs




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Felicity ODell

Rosalie Kerr

Teachers Book

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Editors: Victoria Bradshaw, Joanna Burgess

Design and art direction: Nadia Maestri
Computer graphics: Gloriana Conte
Illustrations: Moreno Chiacchiera

First edition: September 2009

ISBN 978-88-530-0696-7 Teachers Book + 2 Class CDs

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Students Book:
teaching notes & key


Vocabulary Maximiser:
answer key:

Daily Life




Hobbies & Leisure


House & Home



Shopping & Services



Holidays & Travel















Feelings, Opinions & Experiences



Transport & Directions



Sport & Exercise



Places & Weather



Famous People









Education & Language



Work & Jobs



The Natural World & Environment



Answer key to the Practice Tests


Recording scripts:
Students book
Vocabulary Maximiser
Practice Tests


Sample answer sheets


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Days of the week; seasons; breakfast food; verbs for daily life
Adverbs of frequency; Present Simple: habits
A day in the life of Brian Tanner
Writing notes; W2: note
My morning
Talking about daily life: How often do you? What do you usually do?

Warmer (page 8)


Before you start on Stephanies daily routine

you could use mime to remind the class of
some of these daily actions: wake up, comb
hair, eat breakfast, clean teeth, put on make-up,
have a shower.
Students may have difficulty with the fact that
these verbs relating to personal actions are not
reflexive in English, and you may need to
practise saying, e.g. I wake up, to establish
that you dont say I wake me up or I wash
me, although you can say I wake my little
brother up.


1 28 2 married 3 son 4 Manchester

You may want to discuss the common English

usage of replacing other verbs such as eat with
have. You can have a shower, a bath, a wash,
breakfast (lunch, dinner, a meal, an apple, etc.),
a rest or a sleep. It is also possible to take a
bath or shower, but this isnt normally used
with meals or types of food, except in Do you
take sugar (or milk)? in tea and coffee.
1E 2D 3G 4B 5A 6C
Suggested times: A 6.30 p.m. B 12.30 p.m.
C 6.45 p.m. D 12.05 p.m. E 12.00 midday
F 11.50 a.m. G 12.20 p.m.


Open answers

Reading (page 9)

Before the students read the text, you may

want to check the understanding of: slamming:
(column 1, line 6) demonstrate the difference
between closing a door and slamming it;
snack: (column 2, line 9) talk about the
difference between a meal and a snack and ask
students for some examples of each.

organised; busy or relaxed (depending on

students personal views and own lifestyles)


1 Brian does. 2 The children do. 3 Judy is.

4 Brian does. 5 Judy is.

You could give more practice of short answers

with do, dont, etc. as an oral exercise with the
whole class. Ask questions such as Do you
have toast for breakfast? to elicit Yes, I do or
No, I dont and then ask another student a
question about someone who has already
answered, to elicit Yes, he does or No, he


1 No, he doesnt. He has a break at

11 oclock.
2 No, he doesnt. He never has lunch.
3 No, they dont. Brian collects the children
from school.
4 No, they dont. They do it before dinner.
5 No, he doesnt. He goes to bed at
11 oclock.

Open answers



Grammar (page 9)

always: column 1, lines 8 & 17; sometimes:

column 1, lines 12 & 20; often: column 2, lines
12 & 21; usually: column 1, line 19; column 2,
lines 17 & 22; never: column 2, line 5
These words normally come before the verb in
a sentence, except when used with the verb to
be e.g. Hes always happy, Shes never very
friendly. However, especially in spoken
language, people may put usually or
sometimes at the beginning of a statement to
emphasise that aspect of what they are saying.
In this article, the phrase sometimes even
bacon and eggs can be thought of as a short
version of Sometimes we even have bacon
and eggs.

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Daily Life
Vocabulary (page 11)



Brian often watches TV with his children.

Judy usually takes the children to school.
They sometimes have eggs for breakfast.
Brian never cooks dinner.
They usually go to bed early.
Brian sometimes changes what he wrote.

19 Pre-teach grab by demonstrating how A thief

grabbed my bag, and giving examples such as
Shall we grab a coffee after the class? and I
grabbed the childs arm to stop him running
across the road. The essence of it is to show a
sudden, quick action, which is often quite
strong or violent.


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 10)


1 Tuesday 2 winter 3 Monday 4 Sunday

5 autumn 6 summer

Open answers

Listening (page 10)


1 go 2 grab/have/eat 3 stay 4 go
5 invite 6 go 7 visit 8 have/give

Speaking (page 11)


Open answers

Writing (page 11)



See page 56 for the recording script.

KEY 1 with

2 in 3 in 4 for 5 than



1 a student 2 a teacher 3 a pensioner

4 a schoolchild 5 an actress


1 have/my hair/my teeth/put on

2 wake up/of bed/shower/get dressed
3 turn on/listen to/have

Dear Hugh,
I usually cycle to school but my bike is
broken. Can I come to school with you in
the morning? You usually take the bus
dont you ? Wha t tim e doe s it lea ve?
Speak to you later!


Open answers

25 Sample answer:


Open answers

Grammar (page 10)

17 Discuss the reason for the -es ending in
finishes, and refer to page 98 of the Grammar
Bank for more examples.
KEY 1 spend 2 finishes 3 eat 4 walks
5 leave 6 takes

At the weekend I usually do homework or

visit my grandparents, but this Saturday
its my birt hda y. Can you com e to my
birthday lunch? Its at my house at one
oclock on Sunday. Please come at 12.30,
for drinks before lunch.

18 You could extend this exercise to give practice

in using the 3rd person -s form by asking
students to form pairs after they have written
the sentences about themselves and to tell the
class 2 or 3 things about their partner.

Open answers

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Phrasal verbs: look at/for/after; people in the family;


The Stokes family; R3: true/false

Present Continuous: present actions; future plans and activities

Present Continuous and Present Simple

Writing about current activities; W2: email

Im organising a party
Class survey: What are you doing this evening?

Warmer (page 12)


The people are dancing, standing on hands,

playing the guitar, jumping, lying on the floor,
laughing, waving hands in the air, enjoying
themselves, etc.

Grammar (page 12)



For an explanation and more examples, refer to

the Grammar Bank on page 98.
Check the vocabulary huge and awful.
Anything very big can be described as huge
you can have a huge dinner or a huge success.
Anything you dont enjoy can be awful an
awful film, an awful headache, etc.
Whos coming/Grandmas kissing him/hes
giving/shes talking/Whats happening/are
dancing/theyre enjoying/are laughing/Im
eating/am I wearing


1 is leaving
2 are following/are having/is working/is
hoping/is finding/are looking for/are living/is
staying/is saving/is he trying? The verbs are in
the Present Continuous but is leaving is
followed by next week. This tells us that the
sentence refers to the future.


They are also looking for a new flat. (column 1,

line 15) Theyve looked at lots (column 1, line
16) She misses Luke terribly and wants to look
after him herself. (column 2, line 4)


1C 2A 3B

Vocabulary (page 14)


1 Theyre meeting 2 Im staying 3 Shes

having 4 Hes taking 5 Youre making
6 Were having 7 Hes sitting 8 Im waiting


1 look at 2 looking for 3 looks after

4 look for 5 look after 6 Look at


Reading (page 13)


Before reading this article, you may want to

discuss the following words and their different
meanings and usage: fortunes: in this instance
good or bad things which happen over a time;
wages/salary: wages are usually paid weekly
and relate more to temporary work, a salary is
usually calculated annually and paid a fixed
rate on a monthly basis; fianc/fiance: a
couple who have decided to get married. The
man is the fianc and the woman is a fiance;
the black sheep of the family: is it good or bad
to be labelled as this? (bad).


Carrie lives with her fianc, Adam, and his

mother, Liz. Adam and Carrie are looking for a
new flat but they havent found one yet.

This kind of true/false question provides

practice for Reading Part 3.


1F 2T 3F 4T 5F 6F


Open answers


1 an uncle is your mother or fathers brother

and an aunt is your mother or fathers sister
2 a grandfather is your mother or fathers
father and a great-grandfather is your
mother or fathers grandfather
3 a mother is a blood relative and a stepmother your fathers new wife
4 a male child of your brother or sister, or
brother-in-law or sister-in-law, is your
nephew and a female child is your niece
5 a baby is 0-2 years old and a child is 2-12
years old (approximately)
6 a brother is your parents son, your brother
in-law is your sisters husband or your
husbands brother or your husbands sisters
husband, etc.

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1 niece 2 brother-in-law 3 grandfather

4 aunt 5 sister-in-law 6 step-mother
7 great-grandmother 8 nephew


19 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 2.

Open answers

Grammar (page 14)


Present Continuous to the Grammar Bank for

units 1 and 2, which are both on page 98.
You may want to check understanding of
entertain as it is used here (to invite people to
your home for drinks or a meal), see as it is
used (in the sense of visit or spend time with),
and the use of seaside (as it differs from coast
and beach).
1 entertains 2 is learning 3 are working
4 see 5 is writing


Sample answer:
Hi! Right now Im lying on the sofa listening to my
favourite band. Dads making me a sandwich. Were
all relaxing this week because its Easter and
schools closed. This evening Im going to the
cinema with some friends.

Listening (page 15)



See page 56 for the recording script.

21 You may want to discuss what a phone-in radio

1 PS 2 PCF 3 PCF 4 PS 5 PC 6 PCF

programme is. Some vocabulary related to

money should also be checked: the difference
between spend and afford, and the use of live
on. This task listening for specific words to fill
gaps is similar, though not identical, to
Listening Part 3, and provides practice for it.

1 having 2 starting 3 meeting 4 leaving
5 starting

Speaking (page 15)



Open answers


14 Refer for help with the Present Simple and


1 Shes sitting at home, trying to write an

2 Her brothers playing the drums in his room.
3 Shes going to the cinema with Chris and

Open answers

Writing (page 15)

18 Refer to the Writing Bank, page 113, for more
guidance on preparing students for this part of
the Writing paper.

1 have a good time/much money 2 good

ideas/experiences 3 her husbands thirtieth


1 spending 2 paying 3 making 4 inviting

5 live 6 plays/looking after


Open answers

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Hobbies and things you need for them; sport, painting, drama and music; adjectives plus
prepositions: interested in / fond of / keen on


Gerunds after like

Descriptions of hobbies; R2: matching
Writing about your interests
What do you like doing after school? Talking about ability: Can you?

Warmer (page 16)

Reading (page 17)

You may want to check understanding of the

verb cut out e.g. cut out the pieces of cloth to
make a dress, cut a picture out of a magazine,
CV (curriculum vitae), second-hand and attic.
You could also discuss the difference in usage
of relatives and family (family tends to be used
for the closest relatives only, often just parents
and children, although people also talk about
the extended family. The word stuff should be
discussed; it is very commonly used in speech,
as a general term, like things (e.g. Who does
the stuff in this box belong to? Your room is
so untidy you throw your stuff all over the
place!). In this exercise, Gina uses it to refer to
Reading Part 2 in the test often involves
reading a series of short paragraphs about
different people and then matching them to a
suitable hobby, holiday, etc. This exercise isnt
exactly the same but provides relevant reading


Lara: dressmaking; Josh: photography; Polly:

studying a foreign language; Gina: gardening;
Luke: collecting old records.

The girl on the left is running in the park. The

girl on the right is listening to music and a man
is lying down, reading a book.


Open answers

Grammar (page 16)


For an explanation and more examples, refer to

the Grammar Bank on page 99.


1 taking 2 doing 3 playing 4 going

5 playing 6 collecting

You will probably have to introduce the word

gig and explain how it differs from a concert
(its much more informal, probably in quite a
small venue such as a pub or a club, and could
be pop, rock, folk, soul or jazz, but probably
isnt classical music).
KEY 1 Lee is 23 and he works in a bank. After work
he likes going to bars or meeting his friends
and seeing a film.
2 Jason is 19 and hes a student. After college
he likes listening to music in his bedroom or
going to concerts and gigs.
3 Ruth is 28 and shes an architect. After work
she likes reading the newspaper and
listening to the radio or going out with her

The topic of this unit is a particularly good one

for getting people to talk about themselves.
Some people will say they dont have any
hobbies, but everyone has some leisure
interests they can talk about. Take some time
here to discuss students different hobbies.
You may want to follow up this exercise with a
class survey of hobbies and interests.
Reporting back (either verbally or in writing)
could provide practice in using singular and
plural Present Simple verbs correctly (e.g. Six
people like playing football, but only one
person in the class likes playing hockey).

KEY Open answers


1 Luke 2 Polly 3 Gina 4 Josh 5 Lara

Vocabulary (page 17)


You could extend this exercise by discussing

as a class what equipment etc. is needed for
some of the hobbies members of the class
have already mentioned, especially if there are
some unusual ones.


In some instances there may be alternative

answers, ask students to explain their choices.
1 paint 2 dictionary/paper 3 spade
4 wool/needles 5 tracksuit/trainers
6 camera/computer 7 material/needle
8 piano/flute 9 wood/nails/hammer 10 money
11 hammer/nails/ladder

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Hobbies & Leisure


Open answers


Speaking (page 18)

10 You could extend this exercise by asking some
people to report what they have told each other
in their pairs back to the whole class.


Open answers

Listening (page 18)

See page 57 for the recording script.
12A Some vocabulary you may want to check
before listening is: court (a place to play tennis,
basketball, etc.) and watercolour painting
(comparing in to oil painting, for example. You
could discuss the usage of landscape and
countryside, and the differences between
these pairs or groups of words:
exhibition/gallery/museum, band/ orchestra,
professional/amateur. A group of words
related to drama may also need to be taught or
checked: stage, role, part, play, production
and costume.

KEY 1 basketball 2 painting 3 drama 4 music


Possible answers:
Sport: keeping fit, club, practice, court, win,
players, games
Painting: paintings, exhibitions, landscapes,
paint, watercolour
Music: listening, playing the piano, violin, band,
orchestra, lessons, singing, practice

Speaker 1 a way of keeping fit; Speaker 2

calm and relaxing; Speaker 3 good way of
meeting people; Speaker 4 a passion


Open answers

Speaking (page 19)


Open answers

Writing (page 19)


Open answers

Sample answer:

Hello! Im Paolo.
Im 17 and Im st
ill at school.
I like listening to
music (hip-hop is
my favourite
ki nd ) an d go in
g ou t wi th m y
fr ie nd s. I dont
enjoy doing hom
ework! Im good
at sports and I
lo ve w at ch in g
an d pl ay in g fo
ot ba ll an d


1 look forward to 2 fond of/interested in

3 keen on

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Rooms and furniture; household objects

There is/are and have/has got; adverbs: very, rather and too
Hanif Kureishis room; R3: true/false
Writing about your home; W2: email
Household items
Talking about your bedroom

Warmer (page 20)

Reading (page 21)



Open answers

Vocabulary (page 20)

Hanif Kureishi (born 1954) is an English

playwright, novelist, short story writer and
screenwriter. His works have often discussed
the topics of race, nationalism, immigration
and sexuality. One of his best-known works is
the screenplay of My Beautiful Laundrette,
which starred Daniel Day Lewis in the 1985
film. This screenplay was nominated for both
an Oscar and a BAFTA award the following
year. He was awarded a CBE in the Queens
2008 New Years honours.


armchair, sofa, lamp, bookcase

You may want to discuss with students about

how spidergrams can be a useful way to help
them learn vocabulary as its more visual than
just writing words down in lists. Discuss with
students whether they would find it useful to
label items of furniture in their house with the
words in English to help them learn the words.

washing machine







chest of
alarm clock




Vocabulary from the text that you might like to

draw students attention to: shelves (shelf),
kids, inspiration (verb = inspire), accumulate,
feel strongly about.


1 F 2 DS 3 T 4 F 5 T 6 T

Grammar (page 21)


If necessary refer to the Grammar Bank on

pages 99-100. These sentences use there is/are
and have/has got to describe what is in the
different parts of the room. We use these forms
to describe what you can find in a place.


1 ...has got a garden gnome on it.

(column 1, lines 1-2)
2 ...there are some other pictures
(column 1, line 8)
3 here are thousands of CDs in my room.
(column 1, line 11)
4 there is a picture of a girl sitting down.
(column 1, lines 20-21)


Possible extra words: bidet, shelf, mirror,






Possible extra words: bed, mattress, mirror,

bedside table, desk


Family: 3 sons 13-year-old twins and another

8-year-old boy .
Daily routine: Works from 7 a.m. 12 p.m.
Does other things in the afternoon.
Hobbies/interests: photographs, listening to
music, books


Possible other words: microwave, plates, food

mixer, toaster, mugs, glasses

Before reading the text look at the picture with

the class and discuss what kind of person they
think this room belongs to and why.

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House & Home

5 theres a portrait of my father.
(column 1, line 23)
6 Above that theres my Oscar nomination
(column 1, lines 24-25)
7 the room has got piles of them [books]
everywhere. (column 1, lines 27-28)


Grammar (page 23)

19A If necessary refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 100.

1 extremely strongly 2 a bit uncomfortable

3 a problem

1 has got 2 There are 3 There is 4 have got
5 There are 6 has got


1C 2A 3B

10 You could extend this work on there is/are and
has/have got by asking students to make
sentences about what there is or isnt in their
town and about what it has or hasnt got.


1 too 2 very/too 3 very/rather/too

Writing (page 23)

21 If necessary refer to the Writing Bank on page

Possible answers:

Modern room
In this picture there is
a white sofa.
The room has got
simple furniture.
There is a large
bookcase in this room

Classical room
There is a fireplace in
this room.
This room has got a
large rug on the floor.
There are four
windows in this room.



Speaking (page 22)


Open answers


1 candle 2 cushion 3 cup 4 iron 5 iron

6 plug 7 ladder 8 radio 9 pillow 10 mirror
11 bell 12 curtain


1 candles 2 radio 3 iron 4 mug 5 ladder

6 mirror

There are some maps in the cupboard beside

my bed.
There is a great park near my flat. Its got an
open-air swimming pool.
Could you water it [the plant] for me, please,
every three days?


Vocabulary (page 22)

1 hope 2 are 3 very 4 got 5 too 6 is 7 for

8 or 9 All

Open answers

24 Sample answer:

Hi Sarah, Youll find a bus pass on the kitchen table.

Its valid for all the buses in the city. If you want to
see a film, theres a new 10-screen cinema over the
road. Can you feed my goldfish for me, just once a
Have a nice time! Ccile

Listening (page 23)


See page 57 for the recording script.

17 After listening you may want to draw students
attention to the following words from the
listening texts: brightly coloured, device,
socket, adaptor, laptop, feathers, covers,

Reading Part 1 (page 24)



1B 2C 3A

Writing Part 1 (page 24)

1 a desk in 2 has got 3 Helens / Katies / Helen
and Katies 4 fond of / keen on 5 is looking for

1 mug 2 plug 3 pillow

Listening Part 1 (page 25)



See page 57 for the recording script.

1A 2C 3B

Open answers

Speaking Part 1 (page 25)

Open answers


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Ways of shopping; services; payment

Causative: have/get; Reported Speech: comments and requests
Services at Harrods
Writing about shops; W2: email
Using services
Making complaints: Excuse me. Theres a problem with...

Warmer (page 26)

As a follow-up after completing the task, you

may want to ask students, in pairs or small
groups, to try and guess the meaning of any
words which they didnt understand while
reading. They could then check in a dictionary
(preferably a good learners dictionary). Some of
the following words may be checked:
(1st column) repair, tailored, acres, altered,
trimmings; (2nd column) gourmets; (3rd
column) unrivalled, brands, hampers,
wrapping, oversee.


1 Beauty 2 Sport and Fitness 3 Home and

Lifestyle 4 Eating and Drinking 5 Fashion and
Accessories 6 Children 7 Fine Jewellery
8 Gifts 9 Special Celebrations 10 Corporate

1-2 There is no key for this quiz, however, you may

wish to discuss as a class some of the choices
available. How do students feel shopping
practices are changing? What do they like and
dislike about shopping? How comfortable do
they feel about shopping online? etc.

Open answers

Vocabulary (page 26)


1F 2D 3E 4C 5A 6B


Open answers

Reading (page 27)


Introduce the text by asking students if they

have heard of Harrods. Before reading point out
that the text is quite difficult and they should be
practising gist reading, but that they do not
need to understand every word of it.
Harrods was founded by Charles Henry
Harrod in 1834. It was originally a grocery
store in East London, but it moved to its
present site in 1849. Over time it grew and
today it occupies 90,000 m 2 and has 330
different departments. Over 5,000 people work
for the store. It is particularly famous for selling
expensive designer items, although it also sells
a lot of smaller items, too, which are popular
with tourists. Its current owner is Egyptian
multi-millionaire, Mohamed Al-Fayed.



Harrods is a large luxury department store in

Knightsbridge, one of the most expensive
shopping areas in London. You can buy all
sorts of things there clothes, jewellery, toys,
furniture, food You can also have a meal in
the various restaurants there, or you can have
beauty treatments.
Other famous department stores in London are
Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and


1 Sport and Fitness or Children 2 Eating and

Drinking 3 Home and Lifestyle 4 Fine
Jewellery 5 Beauty

Students may wish to use the Internet to find

Harrodss website. This can be done by using
any good search engine.


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 28)


1 receipt 2 credit card 3 bill 4 price

5 cheque 6 change 7 cash


Open answers

Grammar (page 28)

11 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 100.

1 Angela 2 the hairdresser

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 13

Shopping & Services



1 You can have a house extension designed

by an architect.
2 You can get a car repaired by a mechanic.
3 You can have a cupboard made by a
4 You can have a tooth filled by a dentist.
5 You can get a family photo taken by a
6 You can have a stain removed from a dress
by a dry cleaner.
7 You can get your blood pressure taken by a

17 This exercise offers practice for Part One of the

Writing Paper.


Open answers

Listening (page 28)


Where are
the people?

What does
the customer want?

in a post office

to send a letter

in a bank

to cash some
travellers cheques

in a dry cleaners

to clean an item of

in a library

in a hotel

The shower isnt working.

He asked someone to repair it.
He says, Its not good enough!
Because the man needs to have a shower
before going out in the evening.

you could highlight some polite ways to

complain. For example, I would appreciate it if
.... could be changed, I would like a refund/a
room change, Would you mind changing
this/repairing this as soon as possible, please?
Im afraid I must complain about...



19 Before asking students to complete this task,

See page 58 for the recording script.


1 Jane to buy 2 asked/wants Paul to 3 not to

smoke 4 to stand in 5 Jackie/her to spend

Speaking (page 29)

13 You may need to explain dyed, pierced and


1 My wife asked me to buy something from

the Food Hall.
2 What does she want you to buy?
3 She told me to buy some smoked salmon.


information about
joining the library
a room with a sea


Open answers

Writing (page 29)

20 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

Possible answers: postcards, pencils, T-shirts,

pictures, jewellery, local crafts, food

Sample answer:


1A put it on the scales 1B fill it in 2 sign the

travellers cheques and show his passport
3 remove it 4 a passport-size photo 5 it looks
on the street and its very noisy

Grammar (page 29)

16 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
pages 100-101.

Hi Adam,
There are many souvenir shops here, but the best
one is on the corner of main road. I think both choice
and quality are very good and the prices are
excellent, too. I recommend the T-shirts and for
children some cuddly toys dressed in local costumes.
Hope this helps!


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 14


Transport, people, accommodation and types of holiday; holiday vocabulary

Past Simple: past events
Writing about holidays; W2: postcard
Talking about holidays

Warmer (pages 30-31)

Speaking (page 31)



For these exercises students will need to use

the verb to stay, and to understand that it is
used differently from live (He lives in Paris but
at the moment hes staying with his mother in

(clockwise from left) New York, China,

Amsterdam and Ibiza


Open answers

As a follow-up, you could ask students to bring

in postcards or photos of places theyve been
to on holiday and to say and/or write a couple
of sentences about what they did there.

Listening (page 31)

1 Amsterdam 2 Ibiza 3 China 4 New York



Grammar (page 30)


If necessary refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 101.


1 took 2 bought 3 had 4 lay 5 spent 6 saw



1 took 2 had 3 visited 4 spent 5 went

6 did 7 played 8 saw 9 had 10 made

See page 58 for the recording script.

Check understanding of the difference between
a holiday and a trip, and between the verbs
hire (normally used for vehicles and equipment)
and rent (used for houses and apartments).
You may also want to check understanding of
abroad, scenery (stage scenery as well as
beautiful mountain scenery).
1 Helen 2 Steve 3 Nick 4 Steve 5 Tricia
6 Helen 7 Nick


Vocabulary (page 31)


Open answers

Where did
they go?

bus station, fare,
ferry, ticket, tram,
flight, underground,
railway station

guide, pilot,
receptionist, driver,
passenger, guest,
tourist, customs

hostel, tent,
reservation, double
room, guesthouse,
campsite, hotel

Type of holiday
weekend break,
cruise, camping,
coach tour,
backpacking, walking
tour, cycling tour



spent a lot of
time on the
3 stayed at home
4 worked on
apart from some
their house
day trips
and some
friends came
to visit
5 Wales
6 walked
7 Spain
8 relaxed and


What did
they do?

Reading (page 32)

11 Vocabulary to check may be mosquito, giant,
delicious and plaster (in the sense of a small
sticking plaster to cover a minor cut).
If any students have been travelling without


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 15

Holidays & Travel

their parents, it would be a good opportunity
for them to talk about where they went and
what they did, and for the others to ask them
questions as follow-up to this exercise.

4 a meal is usually eaten sitting inside at a

table and a picnic is simple, usually cold
food eaten outside
5 a brochure gives you information about
something or some where and a map shows
the location of different places
6 a guide gives you information about a place
and an interpreter tells you, in your own
language, what another person is saying in a
different language
7 a museum is where you go to find out about
a people, places and things and a gallery is
where you go to see pictures
8 a double room is a room for two people and
a single room is a room for one person

1 Becky
2 Holland/The Netherlands
3 because they are going to England later in
the year


1D 2C 3B 4F 5A 6E

13 You could follow up by asking students to talk

about one or two good and bad things that
happened to them on a holiday, e.g. I went to
X. I made some new friends. We stayed in a
hotel near a wonderful beach. I went to Y. I
hated the food. It rained every day.
Alternatively, you could ask one student to give
two positive or negative statements and the
rest of the class to guess which place he or she
is talking about.


was cheap and on the beach

hired/rode to some fantastic beaches
was delicious and cost almost nothing
She got a text from Erwin
They are better now
fell off
an enormous spider
the boys left
the hotel is quite expensive
theyve spent all their money

Vocabulary (page 33)


1 gallery 2 meal 3 brochure 4 guide

5 hitchhiker

Writing (page 33)

17 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

Open answers


1 went/walked/drove 2 visited/saw/explored
3 are sitting/are relaxing 4 went/drove/walked
5 bought/got 6 are having/are enjoying
7 are eating/are having

This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 2.
Sample answer:


1 hired 2 guesthouse 3 fell off 4 cost

5 cheap/delicious 6 left


1 a canal is artificial and a river is natural

2 a backpack is a big soft bag which you
carry on your back and a suitcase is usually
hard and you carry it in your hand
3 a passenger is a person who uses a means
of transport and a hitchhiker is a person
who stops people on the road to get a lift

Dear Liz,
in Aegina yester
We arrived here
hote l is sm al l bu
af te rn oon. O ur
fortable, and we
friendly and com
here. Yesterday
really enjoying it
m e on th e be ac
sp en t so m e ti
hiring a car to dr
Tomorrow were
around the island
Love to


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 16


Food, making food countable, cooking verbs, international dishes

Quantitative adjectives: much and many
Restaurant reviews
Making suggestions; W3: letter
Requests and offers
Making requests and offers: Could I have an apple, please?

Warmer (page 34)



The adult and the three teenagers are eating in

what seems to be a school canteen. They are
probably eating lunch. They are eating salads
and sandwiches. There are some bottles of
water and some cartons of juice on the table.

Vocabulary (page 34)

Vocabulary (page 35)


1 boil 2 cool 3 serve 4 bake 5 mix 6 beat

You may want to check these vocabulary items:

ingredients, ground (as in ground almonds;
you could point out that the verb is to grind,
and that, for example, we grind pepper over
food), berries, oven, to prepare, to turn out
(getting a cake out of the tin it has been cooked
in), baking powder, teaspoon. You may want
to highlight the spelling and pronunciation of


A boil B Mix C Serve D Bake E Beat


Open answers

It is worth preparing for all the vocabulary in

this exercise by drawing or finding pictures in
magazines. You could ask one student at a
time Can you show us the salt, please? or
Can you pass me the pepper? This is also
good preparation for ex. 14 (page 35).
Remember that pepper has two meanings, the
black or white pepper we put on food with salt,
or the green, red or yellow vegetable.
You may want to practise the pronunciation
and highlight the spelling of fruit and biscuit,
and to point out that some words, such as
grape, are more common in the plural. We often
talk about a bunch of grapes.
If some kinds of fruit and vegetables which
your students frequently eat are missing from
these lists, you may want to add them.



raisin, lemon, melon, apple,

grape, pear



1A 2F 3E 4B 5D 6G 7C

Grammar (page 35)


Refer if necessary to the Grammar Bank on

page 101.


1 2 2 225g
We use much with uncountable nouns and
many with countable nouns.


1 much 2 much 3 many 4 much 5 many

Fish & meat

beef, cod, turkey, steak, lamb,

ham, chicken


cream, butter, milk, cheese


mushroom, lettuce, spinach,

carrot, pepper, cauliflower

do you need to get from the shops? to get

answers such as Some bottles of wine, some
loaves of bread, some butter and cheese, etc.
KEY Open answers


salt, flour, cereal, oil, honey,

tea, biscuit, jam, tart, pepper

Listening (page 35)

11 You could extend this exercise by asking What


These words are countable so we can use

these words to quantify uncountable nouns.

1 packet (or tin) 2 loaf/slices

3 bowl/slices/cup 4 bag/box 5 jar/bottle
6 piece (or slice)/pot (or bowl)

See page 59 for the recording script.


1 request 2 offer

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 17


1R 2O 3O 4R 5O 6O



1 Can 2 Would 3 Shall 4 Could 5 Can

6 Will
To ask for something: Can I have?
Could you pass me?
To offer something: Would you like?
Shall I give you?
Can I get you?
Will you have?


1 Yes, of course/Here you are

2 No, thanks/Yes, please/No, thanks. Ive had
enough/Yes, Id love some.
3 No, thanks/Yes, please/No, thanks. Ive had
enough/Yes, Id love some.
4 Yes, of course/Here you are
5 No, thanks/Yes, please/Yes, please. Id like
an orange juice.
6 No, thanks/Yes, please/No, thanks. Ive had
enough/Yes, Id love some.

Open answers

Reading (page 37)

22 This exercise provides reading practice for
Reading Part 2, although it is not the same as
that task. You may want to check the meaning
of crab and prawn, and there are lots of
adjectives related to food: tasty, tasteless,
generous (to describe the amount served),
spicy, fluffy, creamy.


1 India 2 Japan 3 the USA 4 Mexico

5 Spain 6 Germany 7 Russia 8 India
9 China 10 the USA 11 Austria 12 Mexico


A Italian B Greek C Indian D English


1C 2B 3B 4D 5A 6B


Open answers

Speaking (page 36)

Writing (page 37)


25 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page 114.


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 36)


Suggested answers:
1 Vegetarians dont eat meat or fish, so dishes
with vegetables and served with rice, or
dishes made with cheese and eggs and
served with salads. Tofu (soya) could also be
served. You may want to ask students about
vegan diets (vegans dont eat dairy foods
such as milk, butter, cheese and eggs).
2 You would find a canteen in a school or
workplace, e.g. factory or company offices.
3 In winter, most people like to eat hot food
such as soup, and dishes made with meat
and potatoes. Salads are not so popular in
cold weather!
4 Buffets are often served at large social
events, where people take a plate and
choose from a large selection of hot and cold
5 Traditional barbecue foods are sausages,
burgers and steaks. People also barbecue
fish, meat and vegetable kebabs.
6 Traditional English food for a summer picnic
is sandwiches, cakes and fruit, with
lemonade for children and wine or beer for


1 Petes Kitchen 2 The Admiral Nelson

3 Curry Heaven 4 The Delphi

26 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 3

Sample answer:

Dear Jim,
Yo u as ke d m
e ab ou t m y
fa vo ur it e
restaurant . Well,
Im very fond of
a place
ca lle d M ag ui
re s , w hi ch is
ne ar th e
market. It has a
very friendly atm
and a lot of st
udents go ther
e, because
you get good valu
e for money.
My favourite dish
there is a chicke
n salad
with avocado an
d mixed leaves
. It comes
wi th brea d. Th
ere are lo ts of
ta st y ho t
dishes on the m
enu, too. Would
u like to
try it?
I hope you like m
y suggestion.
Best wishes


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 18


Kinds of Music, films, stage show, TV programmes, adjectives (entertainment)

Present Perfect Simple with just, already and yet, passive forms
A classic film
Writing about films; W3: letter
Did you like the film?
Agreeing and disagreeing

Warmer (page 38)

recommend it to children as it is terrifying and

violent 5 in a burst of violence

The picture shows (from left to right) Christine
Baranski, Meryl Streep and Julie Walters, three
of the stars of Mamma Mia!, a film made in
2008. It is also stars Pierce Brosnan, Colin
Firth, Stellan Skarsgrd and Amanda Seyfried.
The story is a romantic comedy set on a Greek
island, and is based around the songs of
ABBA, the phenomenally successful Swedish
pop group of the period 1972-82. The title
comes from an ABBA hit of 1975.

Grammar (page 38)


If necessary refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 102.
KEY Have you seen/I havent/Ive just seen/Hes
already done

As follow-up to this reading passage, you could

ask students to talk in pairs about a film they
like, answering some of these questions:
Whats it about? Who are the main characters?
Who stars in it? Who is it directed by? etc.
Point out that it is normal to use the present
tense, not the past, when describing the plot of
a film, book, etc.


1 canal 2 elderly 3 frightening 4 favourite

5 strange 6 frequently 7 blind 8 narrow

Grammar (page 39)


If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 102.


First paragraph: It was made/is still shown

Second paragraph: is based on/was directed/is


1 yet/already 2 just/yet 3 yet/just/yet

You may want to discuss the expressions

stand-up comedy and to get into films. Both
film and movie are now commonly used in
British English, although movie is originally the
American term.
KEY 1 Have/been 2 gone 3 Have/been 4 been



Reading (page 39)



Vocabulary to check might be: the verb to thrill,

background, characters and influence. You
might also want to discuss the difference in
usage between elderly and old, and ladies and
women; elderly and ladies are considered
more polite words to use. There are also two
different uses of catch in this text: to catch a
criminal and to catch sight of something.
1 Dont Look Now 2 1973 3 John and Laura
4 catch a serial killer



1 horror 2 it thrills and entertains 3 two

strange, elderly English sisters 4 I wouldnt

Its not always possible to say who did the

action but its not important to know this.


The film is set in London.

That play was written in 2007.
His new film was made in Brazil.
Her latest book was published in August.
That film was directed by Sam Mendes.
The film is based on a play by Shakespeare.

Listening (page 40)


See page 59 for the recording script.

12 You may want to discuss the use of the

expressions youve got to admit and wash
properly / eat proper food. Experience is used
here in a different sense from the qualifications
and experience which students may be more
familiar with; here it refers to the special
exciting atmosphere people enjoy when
present at big public events. In this context a
sad person is someone who isnt able to relax
and enjoy being part of a big happy crowd.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 19


22 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 2

1B 2A

Sample answer:


1W 2M 3M 4M 5M 6M 7W 8W

Id lik e to te
ll yo u ab ou t
S lu m d og
Millionaire. Its be
en a huge succ
ess, and
most people who
see it love it. Its
sed on
a book by an Indi
an writer, and it
s about a
poor boy from th
e slums of Mum
bai who
wins the top prize
in a TV quiz show
Nobody believes
that this uneduc
ated boy
re al ly kn ow s
th e an sw er s to
al l th e
questions, and th
ey think hes ch
ting. In
fa ct , al l th e qu
es ti on s re la te
which have happ
in gs
ened to him in
his life
thats how he kn
ows the answers!
Its a real
fee l- good m ov
ie , wi th a ha pp
en di ng .
I think youd enjo
y it!


1A 2D 3A 4A 5D 6D

Vocabulary (page 40)


Kinds of music
pop, classical, jazz,
folk, opera

Kinds of films
adventure, comedies,
martial arts films,

Kinds of stage shows

Kinds of TV
news programmes,

opera, plays, musicals,



Open answers

Speaking (page 41)




Reading Part 2 (page 42)

1C 2D 3A

Writing Part 2 (page 42)

Sample answer:

19 You may want to discuss the different uses of

the word rubbish, as it is used both for any
kind of garbage or household waste and also
as a term for something such as a film or song
which you dont like.

1 Asking about recent experiences

2 Saying what you think
3 Agreeing
4 Disagreeing
5 Asking for information

Listening Part 2 (page 43)


Dear Alice,
Do you remember my cousin, Serena? Well, she is
getting married soon, on a beach in the
Caribbean. I need to get a present and I was
thinking about a special scuba-diving course which
they can do after the wedding. Can you come to
the travel agent with me so I can book it?
Love, Lisa

Open answers


See page 59 for the recording script.

Writing (page 41)

1B 2C 3A


Speaking Part 2 (page 43)


Open answers

Open answers


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 20


Clothes, materials and accessories, adjectives (clothes)

Order of adjectives
A chef and his clothes; R3: true/false
Giving advice and opinions; W2: email
In a clothes shop; L4: true/false
Trying on clothes: This jacket looks awful on me!

preferences or good/bad taste) and the look

someone tries to achieve by their choice of
You might want to explain the difference
between the verbs dress (or get dressed) and
dress up (in especially smart clothes for a
grand occasion, or in a costume for a special
event or party, e.g. He dressed up as a pirate
for the parade/fancy-dress party).

Warmer (page 44)


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 44)



You may want to point out the difference

between a blouse (for women) and a shirt (for
men), although nowadays womens blouses are
quite often referred to as shirts, especially
when they are similar in style to mens ones.

You could also list the different kinds of

patterns used in clothes (stripes, checks,
spots, tartan; adjectives: striped, checked,
spotted, tartan) or ask anyone who thinks they
know these words to draw them on the board.

all are present except dress and shirt


material: cotton, wool, leather;

accessories: jewellery, tie, belt




These opening exercises could provide an

opportunity for students who are interested in
fashion to bring in magazines to describe
pictures in them and give their own opinions
about the clothes.
If you want to give some practice in using some
passive forms in a natural context, you could
also ask students to talk about what some of
their clothes are made of, and where they were
made, e.g. My shoes are made of leather. They
were made in Italy.
KEY 1 make-up 2 sleeves 3 wool 4 jewellery
5 cotton 6 a collar.
The four words not used: tie (men often wear
this over a shirt, and it goes around the neck),
belt (you can wear one of these around the top
of trousers), leather (a strong material is made
from the skin of an animal) and perfume
(people put this on their skin because it smells



As follow-up to these exercises, students could
go on to say more about their own opinions
and tastes, answering questions such as:
Which colours do you usually wear? Do you
prefer plain or patterned shirts/ties, etc.? What
do you think of Sammys taste in clothes? Do
you enjoy dressing up for special occasions? (If
relevant) What do you wear to your office?
Describe your favourite outfit.
You could use questions like these to practise
using the superlative form of adjectives: Whats
the most comfortable thing you have in your
wardrobe? Whats the best thing youve ever
bought? Whats the biggest fashion mistake
youve ever made? Whats the oldest thing in
your wardrobe?

Open answers

Reading (page 45)



You might want to discuss the following

vocabulary: cashmere, the cut (referring to
tailoring), taste (in the sense of personal

possible answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Vocabulary (page 45)


1 T 2 T 3 F he likes a fairly relaxed look

4 T 5 F recently he has bought some things
online 6 F he usually shops in department
stores 7 T 8 F because he feels more
comfortable in jeans


Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 21

Grammar (page 46)


12 Refer if necessary to the Grammar Bank on


pages 102-103.
KEY 1 a beautiful, white, woollen skirt
2 some new, brown, leather shoes
3 a smart, new, black coat
4 a long, red, silk, evening dress
5 a little, white, plastic bag
6 a lovely, soft, cotton shirt

1 You look really good in that. I like it.

2 A It looks great. B It really suits you.

Speaking (page 47)

Open answers


21 For question 4, you may want to suggest: I find

it difficult to buy trousers/skirts, etc. because
Im taller/shorter than average. I find it hard to
get shoes because my feet are bigger/smaller/
wider/narrower than average.


Open answers


1 bigger 2 better 3 darker 4 prettier

5 worse

Which would be better some clothes or
accessories? Comparison
What do you think? Opinion
What if I get the wrong size? Advice



Writing (page 47)

pictures: 1 smart 2 long 3 baggy 4 tight

5 casual 6 short;
text: 1 tight 2 baggy 3 smart 4 casual
5 long

Listening (page 47)

12 See page 59 for the recording script.

16 Vocabulary to check may be: to come in (e.g.

What sizes does this top come in? Does it
come in any other colours?), to try on clothes,
the difference between to fit and to suit.
KEY a dark blue top and a dress

17 The format of the true/false questions used

here provides relevant practice for Listening
Part 4.
KEY 1 T 2 F 3 F 4 T 5 F

1O 2O 3O 4A 5O 6O 7O 8A


This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 2,
although it is not exactly the same.
Sample answer:
Hi James! This is difficult! If I were you, I wouldnt
try to buy her clothes. Its too easy to go wrong!
Accessories are easier. How about buying her a
bag or some perfume? And keep the receipt, so
she can change it if she doesnt like it.
All the best, Flora


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 22



Adjectives (personality), qualities of friends

Present Perfect Simple with for and since
How to make friends
Making invitations; W3: letter
My best friend
Talking about your friends

Warmer (page 48)


In the picture you can see five young people,

three boys and two girls. They are probably
about sixteen or seventeen years old. One of the
girls has a laptop on her knee and they are all
looking at the screen and laughing. Perhaps they
are looking at some online joke or perhaps they
are creating an amusing picture themselves.
They are dressed in an informal way and look
very relaxed. They probably go to school or
college together and are good friends.

While checking the answers to the exercise,

you may want to draw students attention to
this vocabulary: from speaker 1 mad about,
outgoing; from speaker 2 mates, play in a
band, sense of humour, in a good mood; From
speaker 3 identical twins, couldnt manage
without, I suppose thats why; From speaker 4
go through, check


Picture 1 Tamara: long dark hair, big brown

eyes, friendly, outgoing
Picture 2 Hannah: quite tall, blonde hair, shy,
likes staying at home
Picture 3 Anthony: not very tall, brown hair,
wears glasses, great sense of humour, always
in good mood
Picture 4 Michael: light brown hair, grey eyes,
kind, generous


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 48)


After completing exercises 3 and 4 you may

wish to run through any of the adjectives from
the box which havent been used and check
students are aware of their meaning. Bossy, for
example, may be unfamiliar to them.
KEY 1 A miserable B clever C confident/calm
D quiet E unusual F amusing
2 punctual 3 rude


Grammar (page 49)



Open answers

If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

pages 103-104.


You could follow up by asking students to

discuss whether each of the adjectives in the
box could be used about them personally.
KEY Open answers

Listening (page 49)

two weeks

a month

I was
ten years old


13 See page 60 for the recording script.




a very
long time

10 years
1 rich 2 jealous 3 boring 4 lazy 5 generous

How long have

they often known
each other for?
Tamara for 3 years
Anthony 15 years
Hannah since birth
Michael 8 years

What do they do
play tennis
play in band
talk on the phone
go rock-climbing

last April

my first year
at school


1 has wanted/for 2 have been/since 3 have

rented/since 4 has not phoned/for 5 has
loved/since 6 has not seen/for

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 23

Writing (page 51)


Open answers


Reading (page 50)





1 friends and good and bad qualities which

friends have
2 Open answers



1 someone you can have a laugh with

2 yes, he was typical of many of the children
3 someone whos there for you in bad times
4 you have to be ready to help your friends
when they have a problem or want someone
to listen to them

1D 2C 3B 4A

1 F/W [request the pleasure of your company]

2 F/S [we were wondering if would like to
join us]
3 I/W [I just feel like it. Itd be great if ]
4 I/S [Id love that. I could pop round ]


Open answers

21 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

114. This exercise provides practice for Writing
part 3 (letter).
Sample answer:

14 When doing this exercise you may want to

draw students attention to the fact that a lot of
words in English have several different
meanings. Two good examples of this are fair
and mean, both of which appear in the
exercise. Fair hair, a fair teacher, a fun fair, fairly
good, etc. Mean = unkind; mean = not
generous; what does this word mean; mean
rainfall etc.
It is useful for students to be aware that if a
word that they know with one meaning seems
to be being used in an odd way then it may be
because it has another completely different
KEY Possible answers: good qualities: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9,
10, 12 bad qualities: 1, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14


Open answers

Speaking (page 50)


Dear Auntie Sue,

Thanks for your
letter. Yes, you he
ard correctly, I
am organising a
party and I am
iting to invite
you to come.
The party is to ce
lebrate Nans 70
th birthday. Its
on Sa tu rd ay 12
Ju ne at 7 p. m .
at th e Reg en t
Hotel, just around
the corner from
Nans house.
Were going to
have a buffet di
nner and there
wi ll be so m e da
nc in g la te r. Ho
pe fu lly al l th e
family will be th
ere and some of
Nans friends
from her book cl
ub have already
said yes.
I hope you can co
me. Nan would
love to see you
and so would I
Its been ages .

Open answers

22 Students should write short replies for this task,

using some of the phrases which feature on
page 51.


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 24



Adjectives (feelings, opinions and experiences)

Adjectives ending in -ing or -ed; would for preferences
What do you think?
Planning paragraphs; W3: story
Simons dream; L4: true/false
Giving your opinion: In my opinion Expressing preference: I prefer

Warmer (page 52)



Open answers



1B 2C 3A


Speaker 1 negative

Speaker 2 positive

Speaker 3 negative

I think theyre a total

waste of time.
Id never actually
buy one.
It was the most
exciting thing Ive
ever done in my life.
Id happily do it
again any day.
I dont think Ill ever
go for anything like
that. Im not keen on

Listening (page 52)

14 See page 60 for the recording script.


After listening you may wish the check

understanding of the following phrases and
vocabulary: have dreams of, as in wish for or
desire something; tracks, as in pieces of
recorded music; and play at full volume (at the
maximum level of loudness possible).
1N 2N 3Y 4N 5N 6Y


Open answers

Reading (page 53)



Vocabulary you might want to focus on: (from

text 1) facilities, stressful, preferable, tends to
be; (from text 2) have a positive/negative
effect on; (from text 3) carry on, change for the
better/worse; (from text 4) scared, relaxing,
have different tastes; (from text 5) stand out;
(from text 6) a tropical island, a luxury hotel.

1D 2A 3F 4E 5C 6B

1 young people 2 because she usually visits

cities on holiday 3 because her parents were
doing an archaeological dig 4 yes, but only
occasionally 5 because she goes to the
cinema to be amused 6 no, but that life was

Speaking (page 53)


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 54)


You may wish to check that students are

familiar with all the adjectives in this exercise.
You may wish to ask which are usually used
negatively (bored, frightened, disgusted,
frightening, disgusting, boring, embarrassing)
and which are usually used positively
(interested, amused, excited, amazing,
interesting, exciting).
KEY Open answers

Grammar (page 54)

10 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 104. As a follow-up you might like to ask
students to make sentences using the other
word in each pair. For example, We were
amazed to hear his news or I like most
animals, but I am very frightened of snakes.
KEY 1 amazing 2 frightening 3 amused 4 boring
5 disgusted 6 embarrassing 7 interested
8 relaxing

Speaking (page 54)


1 a proposal to make public transport free for

the over 60s 2 Amy 3 Amy
Sentences for underlining: I agree up to a point;
Well, maybe; Oh, I disagree; You may be right.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 25

Feelings, Opinions & Experiences

12 You could extend this exercise by asking
students in pairs or small groups to take
opposite points of views and argue for or
against one of issues.

Open answers

Grammar (page 55)

13 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 104. You may wish to remind students
that would prefer is followed by to, whereas
would rather is usually followed by that, or by
a subject and verb, or just a verb. (Note,
however, in exercise 14 students will come
across the use of prefer without would. In this
case the verb which follows may be in the
infinitive with to, or in the -ing form.) The use of
as in as you like may be unfamiliar and
students may need help in understanding it.

1 prefer 2 rather 3 than 4 would 5 rather

6 Do 7 prefer 8 or 9 As 10 mind

Speaking (page 55)


Open answers

18 Students should choose one of the titles and

spend 5 minutes planning what they want to
right. Remind students that they need to have a
beginning, middle and end. They can use the
model and the guidelines for activity 17, but in
this task they are expected to write about one
experience, not two.

19 Sample answer:
An Amazing Expe
The experience I
want to write ab
out happened a
few years ago at
school. It began
like a normal
day but when it
ended my life ha
O ne af te rn oo n
so m eo ne ca m e
ta lk to m y
class. He was an
old man, dresse
d in a very oldfa sh io ne d su it
, an d we ex pe ct
ed hi m to be
boring. But he
was amazing. He
was a doctor
and he had trave
lled all over the
world. He had
worked in hospita
ls in Africa, Asia
and in South
America. He told
us wonderful stor
ies about his
experiences . So
me of them were
sad but many
were very happy
and he made us
laugh a lot too.
From that day on
, I knew that I wa
nted to study

Writing (page 55)

17 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

1B 2A 3C 4D


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 26



Methods of transport, giving directions

Future with Present Simple and Continuous, imperatives and polite forms
Getting around in... Cambridge; emails
Refusing invitations; W2: note
Planning a journey; L3: gap-fill
Flight departures; at the airport: Excuse me. Can you help?

Warmer (page 56)

You might want to discuss the vocabulary

route, option and wait around - the same as
wait, but with an additional idea that waiting is


1 9.02-12.35 and 9.12-12.35

2 Hes going to an old friends party and
staying at their house.
3 Open answer


In the air: helicopter, jet, plane, balloon

On land: taxi, train, bus, tram, coach,
ambulance, motorcycle, cab, lorry, bicycle, car
On the sea: hovercraft, ferry, ship


1 a bicycle is slower, less comfortable

and cheaper than a car
2 a plane is faster than a ship and may be as
comfortable and as expensive as a ship
3 a taxi is more expensive, more comfortable
and probably faster than a tram
4 a bus is more comfortable and cheaper
but slower than a motorbike
5 a ferry is more comfortable and cheaper
but slower than a helicopter
6 a train is faster and more comfortable
but more expensive than a coach

Reading (page 56)



You might like to review the following vocabulary:

network, used to describe transport systems
(as in rail network), outskirts (used for the edge
of a town or city and a parking spot would
probably be in the street, and you might find a
free place or have to pay.
1 bicycle, car, bus and walking
2 fastest bicycle, most enjoyable walking,
cheapest walking
3 Open answer

Listening (page 56)

15 See page 60 for the recording script.


train times, number of changes, price of ticket

Grammar (page 57)


Refer if necessary to the Grammar Bank on

pages 104-105. Vocabulary to check could be
the difference between to give someone a lift
and to pick someone up (from their home,
office, etc.).
KEY 1 are you doing/Are you going 2 leaves 3 are
you getting 4 Im seeing/Im picking her up
5 doesnt leave


1 How are you getting to the airport? 2 What

time does check-in open? 3 What time does
the flight take off? 4 How long does the flight
take? 5 How long are you staying in Miami?
6 Where are you staying in Miami?


1A 2E 3B 4D 5F 6C


1 turn 2 straight 3 past 4 sign 5 traffic

lights 6 street


Open answers

Listening (page 58)

16 See page 60 for the recording script.

This exercise provides practice for Listening

Part 3.
KEY 1 9.53 2 10.58 3 9.12 4 12.35


12 Vocabulary items to check are the airportrelated terms: duty-free, boarding, gate,
departure lounge, boarding pass and flight
KEY couple 1: Dublin couple 2: Milan
couple 3: Bucharest

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 27

Transport & Directions

Speaking (page 58)

Writing (page 59)

13 It would probably be useful for students to read

20 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

this dialogue aloud in pairs, before going on to

creating their own dialogues. Students should
understand the difference between on time and
in time, e.g. The flight left on time, but
unfortunately we were stuck in a traffic jam on
the airport road and didnt arrive in time to
catch it!
KEY Open answers

112. This exercise provides practice for Writing

Part 2.
Sample answer:

Grammar (page 58)

14 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 105.
KEY Open answers

Dear Mike
Thanks for asking
, but Im afraid I
cant go
out tomorrow. Im
helping my sister
in to a ne w fl at
. Ho w ab ou t go
in g to th e
beach next Sund
ay? Let me know
if thats

15 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 1.


1 since 2005 2 was met 3 borrow 4 fly than

5 by bus/on the bus

Reading (page 59)




Reading Part 3 (page 60)

1A 2B 3A 4A 5B 6A 7A


1 her cousins Annie and Rob 2 London

3 no 4 her new boyfriend, Mark


Sophie: What are you doing next weekend?

Diane: Im going to Rome for a few days with Ed.
Sophie: Would you like to come to dinner on
Saturday night and meet them?
Diane: Im afraid Im not free next weekend.
Sophie: If you cant make Saturday, how about
Diane: a late night on Friday isnt a good idea,


1 Sophies having some friends over for dinner

2 on Monday morning 3 Rome 4 a few days

Writing Part 3 (page 60)

Sample answer
It was the most exciting day of my life. It was
still dark when Mum knocked on my bedroom
door. Come on, she said, the taxi will be
here soon. I put on my clothes, feeling
nervous, although I was happy. No time for
breakfast, Mum said. Well have something
to eat on the plane.
A few hours later I was high in the air, looking
down on white clouds and blue sea. We were
on our way to our new life in Australia. What
will it be like? I wondered, but I couldnt ask
Mum. She was fast asleep.


1 Im asking / my cousins from Aberdeen

are staying / Im still working too hard.
2 What are you doing next weekend? / Im
taking A and R to London / Im going to
3 Theyre called Annie and Rob / Theyre
good fun / I know youd like them. / But I
love my job!
4 they fly back / Im not free next weekend.
/our flight leaves at 6 / we get back
Wednesday night Words which are used to
indicate the future: next weekend, on
Sunday, Monday morning, Saturday
morning. We use the Present Simple to refer
to future timetables

Listening Part 3 (page 61)

17 See page 61 for the recording script.

1 Sunday 2 70 3 silk 4 jeans 5 beach

Speaking Part 3 (page 61)

Open answer


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 28



Sports, sports equipment, sports verbs

Infinitives and gerunds after verbs; Past Perfect Simple
A sporting hero
Giving specific information; W2: email
Choosing sport for people

Warmer (page 62)


You could follow up this exercise by asking the

students to name their own sporting heroes,
and to give a few details of their careers in
KEY Achievements (as of Summer 2009):
(top left) Serena Williams, tennis, USA, has
won 34 titles, including 11 grand slam titles.
(top right) Lewis Hamilton, Formula One car
racing, Great Britain, World Champion 2008
(youngest ever at age 23).
(Bottom right) Michael Phelps, swimming,
USA, 8 gold medals at the 2008 Olympic
Games in Beijing (14 gold medals and 2 bronze
medals over two Olympic Games)

Listening (page 63)

18 See page 61 for the recording script.

You may want to introduce this exercise by

asking if any of the students enjoy
skateboarding or have tried it in the past. They
could also talk about whether they prefer team
games or sports you do as an individual, and
give some examples of both kinds of activity.
You may want to discuss two expressions heard
in this interview: to do your own thing (to be
free to be creative and do what you want to) and
dont get me wrong (dont misunderstand what
Im saying).


1 He likes watching football but he doesnt like

playing team games and competing against
2 He learns by watching people who are better
than him and copying them.
3 He broke his arm 2 years ago and couldnt
skate for 2 months.


1 swimming 2 tennis 3 football 4 waterskiing

5 basketball 6 athletics 7 cycling
8 gymnastics


Open answers



1 referee/motor racing 2 court/riding 3 race

track/volleyball 4 match/swimming
5 skis/tennis 6 ball/ice hockey or stick/football



Speaking (page 63)


You might want to discuss the following

vocabulary: to take up a new sport, a
challenge, and some adjectives which can be
used to describe exercise, for example, light or
challenging, hard or vigorous).
You could follow up this exercise by asking the
students to work in pairs and ask each other to
choose a sport or activity they have never tried
but would like to try.
KEY Open answers

Hes hoping to go to university next year.

He wants to study biology.
He doesnt plan to give up skating soon.
Open answers

Grammar (page 63)


If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 105.
KEY 1 to get 2 to improve 3 playing 4 to study
5 swimming



Possible answers: learning new tricks,

improving his performance, going to Barcelona,
being in film

1 2 watching 3 4 to go 5 to practise

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 29

Sport & Exercise

Reading (page 64)

Grammar (page 65)

11 In the test, Reading Part 4 is often a short

17 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

article rather like this, about someone who is

famous, has an interesting or unusual job, etc.
You might want to check these vocabulary
items: a contender, a coach (and the verb to
coach), the verbs to train, to set a new record
(and break a record), to overtake, to be
ranked (e.g. number one in the world), to
encourage (someone to do something) and to
retire (from competitive sport).
KEY Open answers

page 105. You may want to discuss the

following vocabulary: professional, amateur, a
tournament, a marathon (or half marathon),
and sporty.
KEY 1 had had 2 had never done



1 he had already won a gold medal 2 No

other athlete had won both 3 had been a
successful basketball player...


Writing (page 65)

They should train hard, get plenty of sleep and
say no to cigarettes and drugs to set a good
example to young people. They have a duty to
set a good example.


He thinks that everyone should join in and

practise some kind of healthy exercise or
sport. (column 3, lines 4-6)
He also believes that sports stars have a duty
to set a good example for young people by
training hard (column 3, lines 7-9)
After only a year he was good enough to take
part in the Munich Olympics.
(column 2, lines 5-7)


1 join in 2 practise 3 take part


1 Rose had trained hard for months before she

got a place in her school hockey team.
2 Bill had been an outstanding amateur cyclist
before he decided to turn professional.
3 Alan had had a bad ankle injury before he
got a place in his local football.
4 Diane had entered the half marathon three
times before she managed to finish it.

Open answers

19 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page


1H 2D 3C 4J 5G 6F 7B 8A 9I
10 E

20 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part

2. If you decide to set this as homework, you
may wish to suggest that students research
their answers beforehand.
Sample answer:

Hi Jan!
How about Wayne
Rooney for your
He was born in Li
verpool in 1985.
plays for
Manchester Uni
ted and also fo
r the English
national team . So
far he has won th
e Premier
Le ag ue th re e
ti m es an d th e
Eu ro pe an
Champions Leag
ue once.
Hope this helps!


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 30



Holiday items, weather

Modal verbs
Choosing a holiday; R2: matching
Opening sentences; W3: letter
Famous places
Talking about things you need for a holiday

Warmer (page 66)


You might like to ask students which of these

three places they would most like to visit and
KEY (from top to bottom) the Taj Mahal in Agra,
India; the Sydney Opera House in Australia;
and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro,

Students could work in pairs or small groups to

complete this task. Ask students to justify their
choices. Ask them what makes a monument or
building iconic?


Open answers

Reading (pages 66-67)

For advice, ask groups to list ten tips for

someone who is planning to start a PET course
beginning each tip with You should...
For necessity / prohibition ask groups to list ten
rules for people from another planet visiting
your country beginning each tip with either You
must..., or You mustnt...
KEY Possible answers: 1 wear sunglasses 2 spend
a lot of money 3 have some vaccinations
4 look at your holiday photos 5 get a visa
6 smoke in public places 7 be hot and wet
8 ride a pony

Vocabulary (page 68)



You may like to draw students attention to the

vocabulary from the texts: (text 1) save, afford;
(text 2) retired, recently; (text 3) degree, live
music; (text 4) other cultures, traditional;
(text 5) make the most of, take risks.
KEY Open answers




Suggested answers: 1 Mauritius 2 South

Africa or Antarctica 3 Egypt or Las Vegas
4 Ireland 5 Wales

You could follow up the work on these texts by

dividing the class into eight groups and giving
each group one of the places described. Then
ask each group to find out more about their
place. They should then try to sell their place
as a holiday destination to the rest of the class.
KEY Open answers

Grammar (page 68)



If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

pages 103-106.
KEY 1 C 2 G 3 A 4 H 5 F 6 E 7 D 8 B


Follow up this grammar by giving students

further practice in modals of advice and
necessity / prohibition.




Open answers

1E 2C 3B 4D 5G 6A 7F


1 cloudy 2 sunny 3 windy 4 foggy 5 snowy

6 rainy 7 stormy

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 31

Places & Weather

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a medieval bell
tower in the city of Pisa in Italy. It is famous
because it leans. Building started on the tower
in 1173 but the problem in the foundations
soon became evident. It was eventually
finished in the 14th century. By the late 20th
century, the tower was still leaning and was at
risk of collapse. Between 1990 and 2001 major
restoration work took place, which has helped
reduce the amount the tower leans and make it
safe again.

Speaking (page 69)


Possible answers: 1 scarf, gloves, torch,

sweater, winter boots 2 bikini, sun cream,
shorts, sunglasses 3 scarf, sweater, umbrella,
winter boots 4 comb, sweater, winter boots


Open answers

Listening (page 69)

19 See page 61 for the recording script.


18 If necessary, refer to Writing Bank on page

Suggested answers:
1 There are four minarets around a dome. It
was built by an emperor as a tomb for his
2 It is next to the famous Sydney Harbour
Bridge. It was one of the first buildings
where computers were used to design its
complex shapes. It was also one of the first
buildings to be constructed using glue.
3 It was planned for nearly a hundred years
before it was built. It was struck by lightning
in 2008 but was not damaged.


1 peace 2 tomb 3 wife 4 bridge 5 computer

6 glue 7 century 8 2008 9 unharmed

17 Follow up ask the class to use the Internet to

research either one of these two buildings or
another famous building to tell the rest of the
class about.

Writing (page 69)

The buildings are St Basils Cathedral in

Moscow, Russia and the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
St Basils is a cathedral in Red Square in
Moscow. It was built by Ivan the Terrible in the
16th century to commemorate the capture of
the Mongol Khanate at Kazan. Ivan then had
the architects eyes pulled out so he could
never again design anything more special.

KEY Open answers


Possible answers:
1 Im writing to tell you what you should do
while you are visiting this town.
2 You asked me to tell me what you should go
and see while you are here.
3 The reason why Im writing is to suggest
some places that I think you must visit when
you come here.

20 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part 3.

Sample answer:

Dear Andrew,
It wa s ni ce to
he ar from yo u.
Yo u as ke d m e
ab ou t th in gs
yo u ca n d o, he
re ar e so m e
suggestions .
Th e ce nt re of to
wn is qu ite bi g
an d ve ry ol d.
There are two or
three medieval
urches and
even a Roman C
astle. These are
beautiful and
very popular with
tourists . Just ou
tside of town
there is an enor
mous theme park
ich is great
for a day out.
If it rains, you co
uld go to the aq
uarium or to the
sports centre: th
eres a new ice rin
k there.
Anyway, I cant wa
it for you to visit
so I can show
you around.
See you soon,


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 32



Said, told and asked, adjectives to describe people

Reported statements; Passive forms: Past Simple
The Dyson; R3: true/false
Longer sentences; W3: story
Interview with a singer
Talking about famous people

Warmer (page 70)


(left) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt actors;

(right) Bill Gates chairman of Microsoft


1 Princess Diana 2 Nicole Kidman 3 Vincent

van Gogh 4 J.K. Rowling 5 Pavarotti

Grammar (page 70)


If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

pages 106-107.


1 Student 2 says shes seen all her films and

she likes her best in Moulin Rouge.
2 Student 3 says he loves all his pictures and
his favourite is The Sunflowers.
3 Student 4 says hes read all her books and
he thinks Harry Potter and the Order of the
Phoenix is the best.
4 Student 5 says she never saw him sing. But
for her, hell always be the best tenor in the

In English a comedian is usually someone who

tells jokes (like a stand-up comic, which is a
more modern term) or appears in a series of TV
shows built around his character. The word
comedian is not used for an actor who appears
on the stage in, for example, Shakespeares
comedies. He or she is a comic actor. The
word actor is now used for a man or woman,
and actress is becoming an old-fashioned term.
KEY 1 amazing 2 talented 3 clever, intelligent
4 fantastic 5 funny 6 brilliant 7 wonderful

Speaking (page 71)

Although we talk about the arts and creative
artists in a more general sense, to include
writers, poets, dancers, etc., the word artist
used alone is usually understood to mean a
KEY Open answers

Listening (page 71)

20 See page 62 for the recording script.


1 Student 2 said she had seen all her films
and she liked her best in Moulin Rouge.
2 Student 3 said he loved all his pictures and
his favourite was The Sunflowers.
3 Student 4 said he had read all her books
and he thought Harry Potter and the Order of
the Phoenix was the best.
4 Student 5 said she had never seen him sing.
But for her, he would always be the best
tenor in the world.



You may want to check the following vocabulary

items: album, tour, and the verb to date.
Students should be clear on the difference
between the meaning of career and job.


1 was wonderful 2 was dating 3 couldnt

believe 4 was asking 5 she knew 6 had no
romantic interest 7 shed had with drugs and
alcohol 8 to get out 9 to come back

11 As follow-up you could ask students to name a

1 told 2 said 3 told/asked 4 told/asked
5 said 6 told/asked
Asked and told are followed by the object but
said is not.

famous person they would like to interview and

to write several questions they would like to
ask him or her.
KEY Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 33

Famous People
Reading (page 72)

Writing (page 73)

12 This text and the multiple-choice question

17 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

provide practice for Reading Part 4. In the

exam, there are five multiple-choice questions.
Most of them are about specific information in
the text, but one or two are global questions,
like this one, which test understanding of the
whole text.
Vocabulary items to check might be: the verbs
to bring up (as in the expression born and
brought up) and to keep going (to persevere, in
spite of difficulties) and interior design.



Open answers


1 I recognised her because I had seen her on

2 She was angry and upset but she still looked
3 She felt better when she had taken an aspirin.
4 Although I saved her life she never thanked

19 This exercise provides practice for Writing Part

1T 2T 3F 4F 5T



1 refuse (column 2, line 19) 2 set up (column

2, line 11) 3 furniture (column 1, line 17)
4 give up (column 1, line 16) 5 prize (column
2, line 15) 6 designer (column 2, line 22)
7 dirt (column 2, line 7) 8 interior design

Grammar (page 73)

15 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 107.
KEY 1 was born 2 became 3 set up 4 was
brought up 5 studied 6 invented 7 was
chosen 8 was born 9 studied 10 designed

3 (story).
Sample answer:

I was hurrying to
college one mor
ning when a
hu ge lim ou si ne
stop pe d ne xt to
m e an d a
woman opened
the door and ca
lled out Hey,
ca n yo u he lp
us ? I re co gn
is ed he r
immediately be
cause she was
an enormous
star and I was he
r biggest fan! Sh
e said she
was on her way to
an important mee
ting with a
director, and her
driver had got los
t. Although
I was very nervou
s, I gave him clea
r directions .
Then she slamm
ed the door an
d they drove
off at hi gh sp
ee d. I wa s la te
fo r co lle ge
be ca us e I he lp ed
he r, an d sh e di
dnt even
thank me!


Open answers


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 34



Health problems and treatments, at the doctors

Modal verbs for advice; Past Continuous
In the doctors surgery; R1: notices
Linking words; W3: letter
Doctors advice
Role-play: at the doctors

Warmer (page 74)

Listening (page 75)

21 See page 62 for the recording script.



2A 3B 4C 5C 6A 7B 8C

Vocabulary (page 74)






Health problems

sore throat

stomach ache



You might want to draw attention to the

following vocabulary items from the listening
texts: my nose is steaming, to have trouble
doing something, to drive someone crazy, to
be under stress, to get irritable, to put on
KEY 1 twisted foot 2 cold 3 cant sleep 4 stress
5 putting on weight 6 itchy eye


A3 B5 C2 D1 E6 F4

Vocabulary (page 76)










1 dressing 2 pill/tablet 3 pill/tablet 4

pill/tablet/exercise 5 bandage 6 cream, and
possibly pill/tablet


1C 2A 3D 4E 5B



After working on these dialogues, have

students practise reading them in pairs.
KEY 1 appointment 2 stomach ache 3 got worse
4 sick 5 temperature 6 tablets 7 hurt
8 gym 9 bending 10 balance 11 exercise
12 swimming 13 running 14 recovered

Speaking (page 76)



1 sore throat, cold, temperature and headache

2 take some aspirin, have a hot lemon and
honey drink and stay in bed
3 eat lots of foods with high levels of vitamin C

Open answers

Grammar (page 76)

12 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
pages 107-108.

Reading (page 75)



1A 2C 3B 4B 5C 6C

Other notices might include information about

special clinics run by the surgery or about how
to deal with various health problems.
KEY Open answers



mustnt, have got to, must,

ought to, should, why dont you...?
neednt, theres no need to
may, could, can, might


1 can 2 must 3 may 4 mustnt 5 might

6 ought

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 35


Possible reply:
Open answers

Grammar (page 77)

15 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

pages 108-109.
1 Jack was making coffee when he burnt his
2 Paul was having a shower when he slipped
and fell.
3 Ann and Will were having a picnic when a
bee stung Will.
4 I was skiing when I fell and broke my leg.

16 Emphasise the point that the Past Simple is

Dear Amanda
You can help
protect your
self against
by eating a
healthy diet
and by gene
having a s
ensible lif
tyle. In ot
words, you
should take
regular exer
and get p
lenty of s
p. Fruit a
vegetables ar
e good for yo
u because th
help to supp
ort your imm
e system. It
also impo
rtant to w
ash your h
re gu la rl y as
ha nd s ca n
ck up ge rm
when you ar
e in public pl
If yo u do ge
t fl u ag ai n,
nt w or ry to
much. Go to
bed and take
plenty of re
Then you sh
ould soon be
to catch up
tter and able
with your w
With best w
ishes for a he
althy year.
Doctor Kim

used for the events in a story and is generally

by far the most common of all the past tenses
in English.
KEY 1 woke up / felt / was burning / gave / began
2 was riding / was shining / were singing / was
feeling / came / braked / flew / didnt break /
3 were waiting / were sneezing / were
coughing / needed / sat / arrived / left /


Writing (page 77)

Sample answer:

17 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page

KEY 1 she is putting on weight 2 that she mustnt
stop eating breakfast


when, and, so, because, as


1 had 2 were born 3 has not once slept

4 used to sleep 5 were 6 have not had

Sample answer:
Dear Doctor
Last year I ha
d flu very ba
dly. I was ill
over a week
with a very ru
nny nose an
cough. I also
had a tempe
rature and m
ar m s an d le
gs ac he d. It
ha pp en ed in
so I missed
some import
lessons at th
e beginning
of the scho
Please can yo
u tell me w
hat I should
to try to stop
getting flu ag
ain this year
dont want to
miss any scho
this year be
cause I have
some import
exams at the
end of the ye
I shall be ve
ry grateful fo
r any advice
can give me.



Reading Part 4 (page 78)

1D 2B 3C

Writing Part 3 (page 79)

Dear Nina,
July is certainly
a very good mon
th for your
fr ie nd s to co m
e. Th e sc hool s
re are on
ho lid ay th en
an d so th er e
lo ts of
ac tiv iti es for yo
un g pe ople . Th e
we at he r is
also usually warm
and sunny then .
I th in k th ey sh
ou ld go to th e
so ut h coas t.
Th ere are wond
er fu l be ac he s
th ere wh ere
yo un g pe op le ca
n en joy al l so rt
s of wa te r
sports . There ar
e also a numbe
r of places
ne ar th at co as
t th at ha ve m us
ic fe st ival s
du rin g th e su m
m er. D ifferen t
si ng ers an d
bands perform in
the open air and
there is a
very nice atmosph
ere at these even
All the best

Listening Part 4 (page 79)

22 See page 62 for the recording script.

1B 2B 3A 4A 5B

Speaking Part 4 (page 79)

Open answers


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Animals, climate and habitat, unusual pets

Conditional sentences: types 0 and 1; Reported Speech
Keeping dogs as pets
Apologising; W2: note
Unusual pets
Giving and refusing permission: I dont think thats a very good idea.

Warmer (page 80)

3 Your dog will be healthy if you give it a

balanced diet.
4 If you train your dog properly, it wont behave
badly in public!

You might like to extend the warmer by asking

students about any pets they have or used to
have. You could also ask why they think many
people like to have pets.
KEY The dog in the picture is a white poodle. Its fur
is very fluffy and somebody has shaved some
parts of its body and put bows in its fur. Its
possible that the dog is going to be in a
competition like Crufts.


Reading (page 80)

Possible answers: 1 must be responsible

2 it will be healthy and happy 3 you associate
the words with a situation or a picture 4 their
teacher is very happy 5 my friends are not
honest with me 6 they have hobbies they

You might want to draw students attention to

these words and expressions from the reading
text perhaps by asking them to suggest their
meaning from the context (and from any part of
the word that they recognise): companionship,
balanced, constant, well-fenced, a lead, a
pooper-scooper, neuter.
KEY Possible answers: Looking after a dog, Dogs as
pets, How to look after a dog

Vocabulary (page 81)



1 They make good friends and they are

intelligent, faithful and fun.
2 Because dogs need companionship you
mustnt leave them alone for too long.
3 When there is traffic or there are farm animals
4 Because it will get very hot and may suffer or
even die.
5 To prevent serious illnesses.



Open answers

If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 109.
KEY Possible answers:
1 If you give a dog injections, they prevent
serious illnesses.
2 Dogs sleep well if they have a bed and a



hot, cold, wet, cool, windy, dry

forest, rainforest, mountain, river,
countryside, desert, grass, sea,
field, farmland, lake, hill


Grammar (page 80)

Open answers


1K 2A 3E 4G 5F 6J 7H 8I 9C
10 B 11 L 12 D
The animals that are most commonly pets here
are goldfish and rabbit although some people
also have a mouse as a pet.

1 mountain/cold 2 river/rainforest
3 countryside/farmland 4 Desert/hot
5 lake/sea


1 lion 2 rabbit 3 dolphin


Open answers

Listening (page 82)

23 See page 62 for the recording script.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 37


Possible reptiles: lizards, snakes, crocodiles,
alligators, turtles and tortoises.



1 They need specialist care and they can be

expensive to look after. 2 1.5 metres
3 their natural habitat 4 snakes and alligators

Vocabulary (page 83)




space as reptiles grow they need more

and more space

they must have the right kind of

food which you may have to buy
from a specialist and it could
include feeding them rodents like
mice or rats.

cages must resemble their natural habitat

as much as possible. They may
need UV light and branches to
climb on. They need water to drink
and maybe to bathe in too. The
temperature may need controlling
illness you would probably need advice
from a specialist vet if they are ill
and that might mean travelling a
long way.


1A Im not very keen on snakes in the house.

1B Certainly not! 2A All right. I suppose so.
2B What a brilliant idea!


Open answers

Writing (page 83)

22 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page
KEY 1 F 2 D 3 A 4 E 5 B 6 C


16 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 109.
KEY 1 T 2 F Mum says shes not keen on snakes.
3 T 4 F Max says that Tims uncle gave Tim
one. 5 F Mum says that shell phone Tims
mum before deciding.

1 Max asked if he could have a snake.
2 Mum said that she wasnt keen on snakes.
3 Max said that this kind of pet wasnt difficult
to look after.
4 Max said that his friend Tims uncle had
given him one.
5 Mum said that shed phone Tims mum
before deciding.

1 rat 2 tarantula 3 parrot 4 bat 5 crocodile

Speaking (page 83)

Grammar (page 82)


1 depended on 2 that I wanted 3 that she

wasnt keen 4 why I wanted 5 they werent
difficult to look after 6 what you fed them
7 you didnt need to feed them 8 were given
9 loved 10 would have

Sample answers:
1 Im very sorry. I left the umbrella you lent me
on the bus.
2 Im sorry. I didnt have time to buy the cat
food today.
3 Im sorry. I left your bicycle outside the
supermarket and when I came out it had
4 Im sorry Im late. There was a terrible traffic
5 Im so sorry about my dogs footprints on
your carpet. I didnt realise its feet were dirty.

Sample answer:

Im sorry I could not do my maths

homework last night. My dog was very
sick and we had to take him to the vet.
I hope it will be all right if I do the
homework tonight and give it to you


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School subjects, studying

Used to + infinitive
Student prevented from taking exam; R5: multiple-choice cloze
Giving details; W3: letter
Languages; L3: gap-fill
Giving reasons

Warmer (page 84)


In the first picture the student is wearing

headphones and is writing something. In the
second picture the students are outside and
are shooting a ball into a net. This sport is
called netball. It is a variant of basketball
played by girls and women. The main
difference to basketball is that the player with
the ball cant move with the ball: she has to
pass it to another player before she can move
into another position. It is particularly popular in
Great Britain, Australia, the West Indies and in
Sri Lanka.
You might extend this warmer by asking
students if these pictures look like their own
experience of language learning and physical
education at school.
KEY Suggested answers: learning languages and
physical education (PE).

Vocabulary (page 84)

students who have not been to university, you

may wish to discuss what they would like to
study if they had the opportunity to do so.
KEY Open answers

Reading (page 85)


You might want to draw students attention to

the following words and expressions in the text:
to take an exam (point out that to pass an
exam = to succeed, opposite = to fail an
exam) to break the rules, a complaint (and to
complain), lost property, as a place where lost
items can be kept, in the hope that the owner
may come to claim them, to realise, a warning
(and to warn).
KEY 1 D 2 B 3 A 4 C 5 C 6 B 7 B 8 D 9 C
10 B



1 history 2 physical education 3 geography

4 nature study, biology 5 English literature
6 arithmetic
N.B. most students today do not study
arithmetic as a separate subject as it is
included in their maths lessons.



Open answers
Develop a discussion on why students feel
some subjects are more important than others.
Is it important that the subjects are interesting
as well as useful? Which subjects do they
study? Which dont they study? Which subjects
would they like to study in the future (from the
ones in the box, or from their own knowledge)?
If you have students who are at an age to be
considering going to university, you may wish
to discuss what they would like to study, and
their reasons for such choice. If you have adult
students who are studying/or have been to
university, you might wish to talk about how
they made their choices. If you have adult

1 Because she was wearing trainers which are

against the rules for school uniform.
2-3 Open answers


Open answers

Listening (page 85)

24 See page 63 for the recording script.


1 22,000 2 10 3 Kola Peninsula, Russia

4 Oregon Pacific coast of the USA 5 1970s
6 582,368 7 20.8% 8 37.7% 9 1996 10 Internet


Open answers

Grammar (page 86)

10 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
pages 109-110.
KEY 1 used to go 2 used to hit 3 used to make
4 didnt use to write/used to use 5 didnt use
to enjoy

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 39

Education & Language


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 86)


1 homework/course 2 absent
3 mark/handwriting 4 qualification
5 Information Technology/subject
6 pass/qualify/university


1A to be present 1B to fail an exam

2A informer, inform 2B technician, technique
3 a mark 4 at university or night school


Open answers

Speaking (page 87)

16 You could extend this exercise by asking
students to tell you whether they agree with
each of these statements.
KEY 1 D 2 A 3 C 4 E 5 B


Writing (page 87)

18 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on page
114. This exercise gives practice for Writing
Part 3.
KEY Open answers

Sample answer:
Dear Sam,
La ng ua ge s we
re m y fa vo ur ite
su bj ec t at
school. I studie
d English and
French and I
ha d ve ry go od
te ac he rs . Th ey
m ad e th e
lessons interest
ing and fun. W
e didnt just
do grammar, we
also learnt song
s and played
ga m es . Th e on
ly ba d th in g wa
s th at th e
French teacher
gave us a test
every week . I
didnt like that ve
ry much.
I do think that al
l the children he
re in Finland
sh ou ld le ar n En
gl is h at sc hool
. N ot m an y
pe ople from ot he
r co un tr ie s sp ea
k Fi nn is h
and so English is
important for ev
eryone who
ha s co ntac t wi
th to ur is ts or in
te rn at io na l
businesses .
All the best

Open answers


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 40



Work vs. job; jobs

Conditional sentences: type 2, future plans with going to, likely, probably and its possible
A letter; job advertisements
Closing sentences; W3: letter
Choosing a career
Talking about jobs

Warmer (page 88)


(left) a farmer, (right) a nurse


Open answers

Vocabulary (page 88)

10-13 This set of exercises can be done in small

groups or as a whole class, as preferred.
KEY Open answers

Grammar (page 90)

14 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

Make sure students are clear that work is an

uncountable noun whereas job is countable.
KEY 1 job 2 work/job 3 jobs 4 job 5 work
6 work 7 work/jobs 8 work

Reading (page 89)


Ask students to answer these questions before

they start to think about filling the blanks just
to show that they do not need every word in
order to understand a text.
KEY 1 advice about choosing a job 2 They only
think about jobs which they know


1 some 2 not 3 much 4 would 5 at 6 to

7 doing 8 in 9 and 10 hearing


page 110.
1 If my brother lived nearer to his office, he
would walk to work.
2 If Jaime worked harder, he would (OR could)
earn more money.
3 If I were a teacher, I wouldnt shout at my
4 If I had enough money, Id work part-time.
5 If you were Prime Minister, what would you

15 You might like to give students a chance first to

discuss in small groups what advice they might
give to someone who answered no to any of
these questions. Then should then do the
exercise in pairs, working with someone who
was in a different small group when thinking
about possible advice.
KEY Open answers

Listening (page 90)

1 jobs which they know
2 its limiting because its based on knowledge
which you have about different jobs which
(a) may not be much and (b) 75% of the jobs
which todays five-year olds will end up
doing dont exist yet.
3 at this age we didnt care what society
expected us to do
4 if you liked being with people or alone, if you
were passionate about animals, art or taking
care of things, if you enjoyed writing.

25 See page 63 for the recording script.


Marianna English Literature



Open answers

Vocabulary (page 89)



1A 2B 3D 4E 5C


worked in a hotel
in France for a year
and in Spain for a
Computing diploma 3 years experience
driving licence
working in a music
Zoology degree,
years teaching
teacher training
in a primary school

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 41

Work & Jobs

17 You might like to draw students attention to
the way the interviewer uses discourse markers
[First, So, And, etc.] to introduce the questions.

So can you spell your name for me, please.

First, (name),can you tell me what qualifications
youve got?
And have you already had any work
So what would you say are your strengths and
Finally, is there anything special youre looking
for in your future job?

Open answers


Writing (page 91)

If necessary, refer to Writing Bank on page 114.

Open answers


1E 2D 3A 4C 5B



Speaking (page 91)

Open answers

Sample answer:

Grammar (page 90)

19 If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on
page 110.

1 going to work here for 2 likely to get 3 not

going to retire 4 probably get work in another
5 possible that Mary will get


Open answers

Reading (page 91)


1 A and C 2 A and C 3 C and D 4 B


Dear Lizzie,
It w as lo ve ly to
he ar fr om yo u
. It l l be
fantastic to spen
d a year in Spai
n. If I were
you, Id try to ge
t a job helping
in a primary
school. Then yo
u can practise
yo ur Spanish
with the children
and with the teac
hers there.
Or perhaps you
could find work
in a hospital
or an old people
s home? That al
so could give
you lots of useful
language practic
Next year will be
my last year at
and I hope to gr
aduate in July.
After that I
wa nt to fi nd wo
rk in a hote l co
m pa ny. Ive
decided that Id
really like to work
abroad too
perhaps in Switz
Hope to hear from
you again soon .

Open answers


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 42



The Natural World

Future with will
Help the environment; R1: notices, natural wonders of the world
Planning a story; W3: story
An environmental film
Talking about the environment

Warmer (page 92)


You might like to extend the warmer by asking

students how much they recycle and how easy
they find it to do.
KEY Recycling bins. We put glass, paper, cardboard,
plastic and metal in them. They help the
environment because we use fewer natural

Reading (page 92)


1A 2B 3B 4C 5C 6B

Speaking (page 93)


Open answers

Listening (page 93)

26 See page 64 for the recording script.


1 what people should do

use public transport more, go on holiday by
train, use video conferencing for business,
travel less for business, think about their food
2 what he does
has a driver, sends his driver to the shops on
the bus, goes to film premieres and festivals all
over the world, goes back to civilization at the
weekend when filming, has fresh caviar sent to
him once a week.



Vocabulary (page 93)


A 9 B 7 C 4 D 1 E 2 F 10 G 8 H 3

If you have access to the Internet, students

may find it useful to research some of the
answers. Otherwise you could have students
guess in class, and check for homework.
KEY 1 F The worlds highest waterfall is Angel
Falls in Venezuela.
2 F There is no rainforest in Europe.
3 T
4 F Mars is known as the red planet.
5 F The worlds first railway was in
6 F Waves cant cause pollution.
7 F A bottle bank is a place where you
put glass to be recycled.
8 F Sunsets happen in the evenings.
9 F The cliffs are white because they are
made of chalk.
10 F They are most common in the rush hour.

Reading (page 94)


Put the phrase World Heritage Site on the

board and ask students if they know what it
means before reading the text. [a place that is
internationally considered to be of special
natural or historical interest and so deserves
KEY Open answers


1 climate change and rising sea levels

2 never
3 because if he didnt go he would be letting
his fans down
4 because if he didnt, his performance would
5 because it has vitamins in it which are good
for the body

Open answers

1 decide 2 preserve 3 moment 4 rest

5 addition 6 rich 7 world 8 area 9 contains
10 spend

11 After doing the reading exercises look back

over the text and ask students to underline any
words or phrases in it that they would like to
KEY Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 43

The Natural World & Environment

Grammar (page 95)


If necessary, refer to the Grammar Bank on

page 110.
12 If appropriate you could ask students to make
similar predictions about their classmates.
KEY 1 will become 2 will write 3 will earn (OR
make) 4 will have 5 will meet (OR marry)
6 will win 7 will have 8 will work

Reading Part 5 (page 96)

1 I were you 2 us to read 3 possible she will

4 if they would 5 been able to


Listening Part 3 (page 97)


Open answers

Writing (page 95)

15-16 If necessary, refer to the Writing Bank on
page 115. This exercise provides practice for
Writing Part 3. As this is the last exercise in the
book it might be appropriate to collect together
some of the students best pieces of writing for
a class portfolio. Ask each student to look back
at the writing they have done during the course
and choose two pieces to submit for the
portfolio. They should word-process it
correcting any previous errors and improving it
in any way they wish.
You can then collect all the work together into
one folder and display it in the classroom.
KEY Open answers



1C 2B 3D 4C 5A 6C

Writing Part 1 (page 96)

27 See page 64 for the recording script.

1 glass 2 tins 3 twice weekly 4 fridges

5 greenworld 6 6548892

Speaking Part 2 (page 97)

Open answer

17 Sample answer:

I woke up and decided to talk to my

class about how we should look after
our environment. I had had a
nightmare about swimming in a river
that was full of old plastic bags and
other rubbish.
My dream was so vivid that I felt I had
to talk to my class about what we
should do to help the environment. I
talked about how we can all help by
using as few resources as possible
and by recycling as much as we can.
Luckily, everyone agreed with me.
Together we started a Green Club to
try to encourage everyone to do their
part too.
I know that this is only a small
beginning but I felt good that my talk
had done something to help make the
world a better place in future.


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 44

Answer key to the

Vocabulary Maximiser
Unit 1 (page 8)


1 Saturday 2 Thursday 3 autumn 4 Wednesday

5 spring 6 Monday 7 summer 8 Friday
9 Tuesday 10 winter 11 Sunday
In order: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday / spring, summer,
autumn, winter
Sample answer: 1 Peter Evans 2 22 3 13th
June 4 Policeman 5 Liverpool 6 26
1 coffee 2 fruit juice 3 cereal 4 bread
5 spoons 6 knives 7 eggs 8 cups 9 butter
10 milk 11 jam 12 plates 13 bowls

1H 2E 3A 4C 5B 6D 7G 8F

Possible answers: 1 I usually have a shower

before I have breakfast. 2 I sometimes have
breakfast in front of the TV. 3 I never go to work
by bus. 4 I always get my things ready for work
before I go to bed. 5 I never have an egg for
breakfast. 6 I sometimes go clubbing at the
weekends. 7 I often do my homework before I
have dinner.

1 make-up 2 mobile (phone) 3 toothpaste

4 stamps 5 umbrella 6 hairbrush 7 alarm
clock 8 wallet 9 sunglasses 10 razor

1 wear 2 use 3 wake 4 stick 5 call 6 keep

7 carry 8 brush 9 put on 10 shave

1 use, toothpaste 2 keep, wallet 3 use,

umbrella 4 call, mobile (phone) 5 wakes, alarm
clock 6 stick, stamps 7 use, sunglasses
8 shave, razor 9 wear, make-up 10 brush,


She is brushing her hair.

She is putting on her make-up.
He is shaving.
He is sticking a stamp on a postcard.
She is writing a text message.
He is putting on his shoes.

Exam Practice page 10

1B 2A 3A 4B 5B 6A 7B 8B
Open answers
Listening 2 see page 64 for the recording script.
1A 2C 3B 4B 5C 6A
Open answers

Unit 2 (page 12)


1 grandson 2 aunt 3 uncle 4 nephew 5 niece

6 stepmother 7 sister-in-law 8 half-brother

1 Bella is Tonys wife. 2 George is Anitas exhusband 3 Nick is Natashas brother. 4 George is
Mikes brother-in-law. 5 Petra is Natashas halfsister. 6 Zara is Petras stepmother.

Open answers

1 loud/noisy 2 find 3 ill/sick/in hospital 4 phone

5 weekend

Open answers

Open answers


1 Indian 2 Italian, Roman 3 Chinese 4 South

African 5 Greek 6 American 7 Spanish 8 Brazilian


Language *
French, English
English, Afrikaans
+ a range of other
African languages
the USA
*several of these countries have other important
languages as well as those in the list

10 1 Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish 2 Chinese,

Japanese 3 Arabic 4 Thai, Japanese, Chinese
Exam Practice page 14
1B 2D 3A 4C 5D 6B 7D 8B 9A
10 C 11 B 12 D
Open answers
Listening 3 see page 65 for the recording script.
1B 2B 3A 4B 5B 6A
Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:04 Pagina 45

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser

Unit 3 (page 12)








John likes riding his bicycle.

He likes going skiing.
He likes watching the television.
He likes playing the flute.


needles, wool
hammer, wood
crossword puzzles
instrument, guitar

1 at 2 on 3 in 4 of 5 at 6 on 7 in 8 of

Open answers


He is playing chess.
He is having a barbecue.
He is making a sculpture.
They are camping.
She is collecting dolls.
He is jogging.
They are visiting an art gallery.
They are having a picnic.

Possible answers:
1 I enjoy visiting a gallery more than visiting a
2 I like ballroom dancing more than salsa.
3 I enjoy jogging more than going to the gym.
4 I enjoy staying in a hotel more than camping.
5 I like having a barbecue more than going to a
Open answers

Exam Practice page 18

1B 2C 3B 4A
1 interested in 2 on 1960s 3 very good at
4 keen on/fond of 5 favourite hobby
Listening 4 see page 65 for the recording script.
1C 2B 3C
Open answers

Unit 4 (page 20)


1 vase 2 cup 3 candle 4 iron 5 radio 6 lamp

Open answers

1 sofa 2 duvet 3 towel 4 freezer 5 sink

6 wardrobe 7 lock 8 portrait

1F 2E 3D 4H 5B 6G 7A 8C

Turn on/off: light, kettle, computer, television

Open/close: drawer, curtain, door, window

Open answers

Possible answers:
Kitchen: sink, table, oven, fridge, cupboards
Lounge: sofa, armchair, bookcase, television,
stereo, rug
Dining room: table, chairs, cups, plates, glasses,
knives, forks, spoons
Bedroom: bed, desk, lamp, wardrobe, drawers
Study: desk, paper, drawers, computer, folders, chair
Bathroom: shower, toilet, washbasin, bath, towel

1 bulb 2 ceiling 3 drawer 4 kettle 5 frying

pan 6 chimney 7 balcony 8 gate 9 handle
10 jug 11 roof 12 bucket

1 kettle 2 gate 3 drawer 4 balcony 5 bulb

6 ceiling, bucket 7 frying pan, handle 8 roof,

10 Electrical goods: air-conditioning, dishwasher,

grill, fan, laptop, microwave
Buildings: block of flats, cottage, garage,
Parts of the house: basement, cellar, laundry
room, lounge
In the garden: dustbin, fence, hedge, lawn, path

11 1 A hedge is made of plants and a fence is

made of wood or metal.
2 A dishwasher is used to clean dishes and a
microwave is used to cook food.
3 A cottage is a small house for one family and a
block of flats is a big building which a lot of
families live in.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 46

4 air-conditioning is a complete system which keeps

a low temperature in a house or room and a fan
is a single machine to move cold air around.
5 A path is an area for people to walk on and a
lawn is an area of grass.
Exam Practice page 22
1D 2B 3B 4B
Open answers
Listening 5 see page 65 for the recording script.
1 Seymour Street 2 a quiet street 3 no central
heating 4 close to shops 5 no lift 6 235
Open answers

1 True
2 A handbag from a market stall is usually
cheaper than a designer handbag.
3 Coins are heavier than notes.
4 True
5 The word receipt doesnt rhyme with heaped.

1 make 2 earnings 3 earn 4 afford 5 save

6 savings 7 affordable 8 complain 9 receipt
10 change 11 cash 12 complaint 13 cashier
14 exchange

Open answers
Exam Practice page 26
1H 2E 3A 4D 5B
1 get it 2 not to use 3 her ears pierced 4 us
to buy
Listening 6 see page 65 for the recording script.
1A 2B 3B 4A 5B 6B
Open answers

Unit 5 (page 24)




Unit 6 (page 28)


1 customs officer 2 postcards 3 airconditioning 4 ancient 5 brochures 6 single

7 seafood 8 sightseeing

Transport words: boat, coach, cruise, fare, ferry,

flight, hitchhiking, minibus, passenger,
Places to visit: archaeological site, art gallery,
exhibition, mountains, museum, temple.
Holiday accommodation words: campsite,
guesthouse, hostel, receptionist

1 A coach is for long-distance journeys and a

bus is used in the city.
2 A bus is bigger than a minibus.
3 A hostel is more simple than a hotel.
4 People go to see things inside at a museum or
outside at an archaeological site.
5 A flight is on an aeroplane and a cruise is on a
6 A passenger is a person who travels on a
train, bus, plane, etc. and a customer is a
person who buys something.
7 A church and a temple are used by different
8 People usually go to an exhibition to see
paintings and to a museum to see objects.

1 bought 2 cut 3 drove 4 fall 5 flew 6 got

7 went 8 led 9 met 10 rode 11 saw 12 sent
13 spent 14 swam 15 took



Possible answers:
1 repaired/checked.
2 cleaned/filled.
3 your blood pressure checked/your arm
4 your coat cleaned, your shirts ironed.

1D 2A 3C 4B 5E

1 Mum told Toby to buy her some perfume.

2 Mum asked him to get some smoked salmon.
3 Mum told Maia to pick up her dress from the
4 Mum asked her to buy a pair of football boots
for her cousin.

1 notes 2 coins 3 price 4 receipt

1 in cash 2 luxury 3 deposit 4 exchange

5 hire 6 expensive 7 complain 8 change


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 47

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser


1 saw 2 flew 3 spent 4 drove 5 swam

6 met 7 rode 8 took 9 sent 10 bought
11 fell 12 cut

1 captain 2 taxi rank 3 escalator 4 terminal

5 departure lounge 6 airline 7 visa 8 cabin
9 crew 10 baggage

1 terminal 2 departure lounge 3 taxi rank

4 captain, crew 5 baggage, visa 6 cabin
7 escalator 8 airline

Butchers: beef, lamb, sausages, veal

Grocers: chocolate, cocoa, cookies, flour,
lemonade, mustard, sugar
Greengrocers: bananas, beans, cabbage, celery,
coconut, cucumber, onions, peas, potatoes

1 cookies 2 beans 3 sugar 4 mustard

5 coconut 6 flour 7 sausages 8 chocolate

10 1 MENU 2 STARTERS 3 soup 4 chips

5 duck 6 potato 7 baked 8 mixed 9 hot
10 DESSERTS 11 vanilla 12 cheese

1 fasten 2 arrivals 3 check out 4 deck,

voyage 5 agent 6 one-way 7 declare
8 helmet
Exam Practice page 30
1B 2D 3C 4A 5C 6B 7A 8D 9C
10 D 11 C 12 A
Open answers
Listening 7 see page 66 for the recording script.
1B 2A 3B 4B 5A 6B
Open answers

Unit 7 (page 32)



salad the others are meat.

melon it is a fruit but the others are vegetables.
eggs the others are fruit.
honey you drink all of the others but you eat
5 cupboard the others are all places where you
6 teaspoon the others are all closed containers
for food.

1 beat 2 bake 3 bottle, jar, packet 4 boil

5 cream 6 recipe 7 menu 8 stir

1 This could be positive or negative. Some

people enjoy having a long, slow dinner in a
restaurant. 2 3 4 This could be positive or
negative. People who dont have children may
prefer to go to a restaurant where children are
not welcome. 5 6 7 8

1 some, a 2 a, some 3 a, some 4 some, a

5 a, a 6 a, some

Litres: beer, cream, milk, olive oil, orange juice

Grams/kilograms: almonds, butter, cheese, ham,
oranges, spinach

Open answers

1 plate 2 knife 3 bowl 4 saucer 5 jug 6 cup

7 spoon 8 fork

Exam Practice page 34

1A 2B 3B 4A
Open answers
Listening 8 see page 66 for the recording script.
1B 2A 3A
Open answers

Unit 8 (page 36)


1 play 2 ballet 3 comedy 4 film 5 cinema

6 biography 7 soap 8 reality show

Open answers

1 F Karate and judo are martial arts.

2 F If someone says they dislike a film, they
dont like it.
3 T
4 F A love story is a book or a story about
people who are in love.
5 F If you think something is rubbish, you think
its terrible and you dont recommend it to
your friends.
6 T
7 F Hip-hop is a kind of music.
8 F The characters in a play or film are the

1 funny 2 violence 3 terrifying

4 uncomfortable 5 documentary 6 disagree

1 reading 2 watching 3 listening 4 going

5 seen 6 called 7 set 8 based 9 directed
10 recommend

Open answers

1 interval 2 booking office 3 chapter

4 matine 5 review 6 critic 7 button
8 interviewer 9 musician 10 questionnaire

1 interviewer, chapter 2 booking office, matine,

critic, review 3 interval, musician
4 questionnaire, buttons

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 48

Worn on both the top and bottom parts of the

body: dress, pyjamas, raincoat, tracksuit

1F 2D 3E 4B 5C 6A

10 1 at all 2 at last 3 at least 4 at first 5 at once

11 Open answers
Exam Practice page 38
1B 2B 3A 4B 5A 6B 7A 8A
Open answers
Listening 9 see page 66 for the recording script.
1 Sunset 2 a school girl 3 1996 4 reporter
5 The Ballet Dancer 6 a play
Open answers

1 tracksuit all the other are worn on your feet.

2 pyjamas all the others are underwear.
3 dress all the others are worn on the top part
of your body.
4 jacket all the others are worn on the bottom
part of your body.

10 1 skirt, jacket, earrings, boots 2 trousers,

sweatshirt, trainers, hat, coat

11 A pair of: shorts, trousers, tights, sunglasses,

pyjamas, gloves, boots, socks, pants

12 Open answers
Exam Practice page 42
1C 2A 3B 4B
Open answers
Listening 10 see page 67 for the recording script.
1A 2C 3B 4A 5B
Open answers

Unit 9 (page 40)


M: cashmere, cotton, silk, wool

A: belt, earrings, handbag, jewellery, tie
S: classic, casual, designer, fashionable, formal, eat
P: checked, spotted, striped

1 fit 2 reduced 3 come, suits 4 tried on

5 goes 6 afford 7 looks 8 dressing

1 brown 2 orange 3 black 4 white 5 red,

white, blue 6 open answer

1 Andrea is wearing a pair of Italian, brown,

leather trousers. 2 I love that pretty, longsleeved, silk top. 3 That classic, black,
cashmere sweater really suits you. 4 My
grandmother knitted me a very nice, dark red,
woollen cardigan.











1 My blue trousers are tighter than my black ones.

2 The white dress looks better on you than the
grey one. 3 Those shoes go perfectly with that
skirt. 4 I havent got enough money to buy that
beautiful silver handbag. 5 Do these shoes come
in a wider fitting? 6 Teresa likes casual clothes
more than formal clothes. 7 Do you think its
important to follow the latest fashion? 8 She
doesnt look good in patterned fabrics.










Unit 10 (page 44)


Open answers

Worn only by women: blouse, bra, dress, skirt,

stockings, tights
Worn by men and women: boots, cap, earring,
helmet, jeans, pants, pyjamas, raincoat, shirt,
shorts, socks, sweatshirt, tracksuit, trainers.

1 best 2 age 3 identical 4 sense, humour

5 laugh 6 great, mood 7 miserable 8 reliable

1 made 2 share 3 having 4 rely 5 looking

1 E 2 I 3 G 4 B 5 H 6 A 7 D 8 J 9 C 10 E

Worn on the top of the body: blouse, bra, cap,

earring, helmet, shirt, sweatshirt
Worn on the bottom of the body: boots, jeans,
pants, shorts, skirt, socks, stockings, tights,

Open answers

1 Dear 2 having 3 celebrate 4 like 5 from

6 Bring 7 make 8 since 9 forward 10 having
11 Let 12 wishes


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 49

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser


1 bald 2 adult 3 proud 4 nasty handsome

6 bold 7 moustache 8 beard 9 active 10
blind 11 deaf 12 lonely 13 polite 14 voices
15 strange 16 foreigner

1 adult, moustache, beard, voice, foreigner

2 adult 3 handsome 4 polite 5 bold 6 nasty
7 strange 8 active 9 handsome, beard,
moustache, bald 10 blind, deaf

1 im 2 un 3 im (un- also sometimes used)

4 un 5 in 6 un 7 in 8 un 9 un 10 in

Exam Practice page 50

1H 2G 3B 4D 5F
Open answers
Listening 12 see page 67 for the recording script.
1A 2B 3B 4A 5A 6B
Open answers

10 1 activeness 2 anxiety 3 baldness 4 bravery

5 generosity 6 jealousy 7 kindness 8 laziness
9 loneliness 10 meanness 11 nastiness
12 politeness 13 pride 14 rudeness 15 shyness
16 stupidity


Unit 12 (page 52)


1 lorry 2 motorcycle 3 tram 4 ambulance

5 helicopter 6 plane 7 taxi 8 hovercraft

1 for, for 2 off 3 up, in 4 up, at 5 down, to

6 on, by

Excuse, Can, how, station, far, road, first, past,

straight, end, miss, long, little, carrying, plenty

1 Empty 2 Show 3 Put 4 Take off 5 Book

6 Pick up

Possible answers: 1 Would you empty your

pockets, please? 2 Could you show me your
mobile, please? 3 Can you put your boarding
pass in your passport, please? 4 Could you
take off your shows when you go into the flat,
please? 5 Can you book your seat as early as
possible? 6 Would you pick up your cousin at
the bus station, please?

1 windscreen 2 tyre 3 brake 4 aeroplane

5 petrol station 6 locker 7 wing(s) 8 scooter
9 motorway 10 vehicle 11 signpost 12 seat
belt 13 flight attendant 14 immigration 15 van
16 platform

1 north 2 northeast 3 east 4 southeast

5 south 6 southwest 7 west 8 northwest

northern, southern, eastern, western

Open answers

Open answers
Exam Practice page 46
1D 2C 3A 4D 5B 6A 7D 8B 9A
10 C
1 have know each other 2 more confident than
3 as well as 4 have been married 5 more
interested in
Listening 11 see page 67 for the recording script.
1 end of term 2 Anna & friend 3 Beach Hotel
4 Saturday 16th 5 fancy dress 6 CDs
Open answers

Unit 11 (page 48)


1 bored 2 disgusted 3 amused 4 frightened

1 -ed 2 -ing 3 -ed 4 -ed 5 -ed 6 -ing

7 -ing 8 -ing

1 rather 2 as, mind 3 on 4 disagree 5 tend

6 prefer 7 point 8 in

Open answers

Positive: 1, 4, 8

Open answers

E, F, M

1 in stock 2 in public 3 in love 4 in front of 5 in

case of 6 in order to 7 in favour of 8 in danger
9 in some ways 10 in half/two, in order to, 11 in
ink/pencil 12 in advance, in the end, in time

Negative: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

1 in public, in private 2 in ink, in pencil 3 in

love, in time/in the end 4 In some ways, in
favour of 5 in danger, in time 6 in order to, in
advance 7 in stock 8 in half

10 1 one 2 two 3 three

4 four 5 five 6 six

7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven
12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fifteen 15 twenty
16 thirty 17 ninety 18 one/a hundred 19 one/a
thousand 20 one/a million 21 first 22 second
23 third 24 fourth 25 fifth 26 sixth
27 seventh 28 eighth 29 ninth 30 tenth
31 eleventh 32 twelfth 33 thirteenth
34 fifteenth 35 twentieth 36 thirtieth
37 ninetieth 38 hundredth 39 thousandth
40 millionth

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 50

11 Open answers

Exam Practice page 58

1 B 2 C 3 C 4 B 5B
Open answers
Listening 14 see page 68 for the recording script.
1 Horsham 2 Market Square 3 school tracksuit
4 packed lunch 5 a book 6 barbecue
Open answers

Exam Practice page 54

1A 2B 3A 4B 5A 6A 7B 8A
Open answers
Listening 13 see page 68 for the recording script.
1B 2A 3A
Open answers

Unit 14 (page 60)

Unit 13 (page 56)


sun, sunny, the sun shines; rain, rainy, it rains;

snow, snowy, it snows; cloud, cloudy; wind,
windy, the wind blows; fog, foggy; ice, icy

Places in nature: beach, island, jungle, volcano

man-made places: bridge, cathedral, monument,
ruins, statue
Adjectives describing places: deserted, dramatic,
exotic, remote scenic
Things to take on holiday: comb, sunhat,
sunglasses, umbrella

1 wildlife, reserve 2 destination 3 travel

4 clouds 5 explorer

1 sail 2 chaos 3 bikini 4 iron 5 suncream

6 pack dome 8 building 9 torch
10 brochure

Open answers

1 cave 2 path 3 mosque 4 valley 5 fountain

6 bay 7 playground 8 pavement 9 market
stall 10 port 11 tunnel 12 car park

1 car park 2 path 3 valley 4 tunnel 5 bay

6 pavement 7 market stall 8 fountain
9 playground 10 mosque 11 port 12 cave

1 degree 2 lightning 3 thunder 4 forecast

5 thermometer 6 wet 7 heat 8 frost 9 humid
10 tropical
















1 looking forward to 2 got into 3 look for

4 take up 5 was thinking about 6 carry on
7 join in 8 give it up

1 ..the other team 2 every four years

3 good to be active 4 play it very well
5 finish in first place 6 start earning money
from playing 7 they finish at exactly the same
time 8 countrys best players

1 surfing 2 table tennis 3 rugby 4 squash

5 windsurfing 6 snowboarding

1 G 2 J 3 D 4 A 5 H 6 E 7 I 8 C 9 F 10 B

1 weigh 2 kick 3 captain 4 membership

5 championship 6 ski boots 7 champion
8 member

1 carried out 2 come on 3 fill up, set off

4 tidied up, put away 5 give back 6 look up
7 left out 8 get on 9 rang off 10 turn down

1 left out 2 give back 3 set off 4 carried out

5 come on 6 look up 7 put away 8 tidied up
9 get on 10 rang off 11 fill up 12 turn down


Exam Practice page 62

1C 2C 3B 4D 5A 6B 7D 8A 9B
10 C
Open answers
Listening 15 see page 68 for the recording script.
1B 2B 3B 4C 5B 6C
Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 51

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser

Unit 15 (page 64)

Unit 16 (page 68)

1 desktop computer 2 mobile phone, cellular

(cell) phone 3 mouse 4 CD or DVD 5 printer
6 keyboard

2A 1 stupidity 2 popularity 3 anger 4 talent

5 truth

2B 1 scientist 2 inventor 3 singer 4 dancer

5 comedian

2C 1 explosion 2 respect 3 belief 4 life











5 development


1 truth 2 anger 3 popularity 4 singer

5 investor 6 comedian 7 respect 8 explosion
1 She said she was the happiest person in the
universe. 2 She said she would remember this
evening for the rest of her life. 3 She said she
still couldnt believe it was happening. 4 She
said her fan were the most wonderful people in
the world. 5 She said she didnt deserve this
great honour. 6 She said she had never enjoyed
making any other movie so much.

Open answers

1 smoking 2 same exercise again 3 very sad

4 short one 5 the actor thinks he is very

journalist, photographer, wonderful,

development, slowly, friendly, recognisable,
English, Japanese, printer, sailor, hopeless,
rocky, word-processor

Open answers

1 hopeful 2 sandy 3 Chinese 4 programmer

5 hourly 6 freezer 7 understandable
8 equipment 9 socialist 10 fearless 11 reporter
12 Spanish
Exam Practice page 66
1D 2C 3C 4B 5C 6B
1 as popular as 2 she hated not 3 easily
recognisable 4 thought to be 5 I had seen
Listening 16 see page 69 for the recording script.
1B 2A 3A 4B 5B 6B
Open answers

1E 2F 3H 4G 5D 6C 7B 8A

1 Ive got a stomach ache 2 Ive got a

fever/high temperature/the flu 3 Ive got a
cough 4 Ive got a cold/runny nose 5 Ive got a

1 You should put on some sun cream. 2 You

should go on a diet. 3 You should try goats
milk/soya milk. 4 You should see a
dermatologist. 5 You should get some

1 breath 2 stiff 3 depressed 4 lump

5 damage 6 disabled 7 bleed 8 faint 9 cure
10 urgent 11 operation 12 replace
13 wheelchair 14 emergency 15 remove
16 complain 17 average 18 birth 19 dizzy
20 anxious

1 anxiety 2 blood, bloody 3 breathe, breathing

4 depress, depression 5 disable, disability
6 operate, operated 7 prevention, preventive
8 protection, protective 9 removal
10 replacement

1 (clockwise from top) face, tongue, chin, lips,

nose 2 (left) fingernail (right) finger 3 (left) toe
(right) foot

1 lungs 2 fingers, toes 3 nails 4 brain 5 heart

6 chin 7 nose 8 feet 9 tongue 10 lips


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 52

Exam Practice page 70

1B 2A 3B 4C
Open answers
Listening 17 see page 69 for the recording script.
1A 2C 3C
Open answers

10 Open answers
Exam Practice page 74
1A 2B 3A 4A 5A 6B 7B 8A
1 for forgetting 2 if I was 3 Dad to let 4 about
taking 5 last went
Listening 18 see page 70 for the recording script.
1C 2B 3A 4A 5B 6B
Open answers

Unit 17 (page 72)


1 lion 2 shark 3 dolphin 4 snake 5 lizard

6 crocodile 7 antelope 8 monkey 9 bat
10 moose 11 alligator 12 elephant 13 zebra
14 rabbit 15 tiger 16 goldfish 17 bird
18 tarantula 19 worm 20 parrot 21 flea
22 iguana
1 lion, shark, dolphin, lizard, crocodile, antelope,
monkey, moose, alligator, elephant, zebra,
rabbit, tiger, goldfish, bird, parrot, iguana
2 lion, dolphin, antelope, monkey, bat, moose,
elephant, zebra, rabbit, tiger
3 bat
4 zebra, tiger
5 snake, lizard, crocodile, alligator, iguana
6 lion, antelope, monkey, moose, elephant,
zebra, rabbit, tiger

1 vet (veterinarian) 2 mammal 3 reptile 4 mice

5 pet 6 zoo 7 cage 8 tail

1 could run raster than his dog 2 had ten

goldfish 3 if we fed our goldfish every day
4 where his cat slept 5 the cows would
have to be milked soon 6 if my cat was
having kittens

1 animals 2 could you lend me 3 apologised

for 4 better hearing 5 had left 6 keen on
7 quite a good habitat 8 surrounded by
9 relatively 10 fish live

1 farmland (others mainly not populated by

people) 2 horse (not a member of the cat family)
3 zebra (not a reptile) 4 bat (not an insect) 5
forget (not a verb which invokes movement)
6 persuade (not an adjective)

1 bear 2 kangaroo 3 bull 4 kitten 5 frog

6 cow 7 giraffe 8 whale 9 goat 10 sheep

1 kitten 2 bull 3 kangaroo 4 giraffe 5 whale

6 sheep 7 cow 8 bear 9 goat 10 frog


adjectives: 1 hilly 2 forested 3 grassy 4 sandy

5 rocky 6 stone
areas: open answer

Unit 18 (page 76)


1 homework 2 present 3 primary

4 handwriting 5 literature 6 qualifications
7 term 8 laboratory

1 You must work hard if you want to pass your

2 Im going to take/sit the PET exam on
December 12th.
3 Why didnt you pass your driving test the first
time you tried?
4 Correct
5 The teacher has promised to mark our tests
this evening and will tell us our marks/grades
6 Ive got a lot of homework to do tonight.


Possible answers it may be possible to justify

1 history the others are all sciences
2 Latin the others are all living or modern
3 swimming the others require a ball
4 arithmetic the others are all arithmetical
5 literature the others are specific types of

1 uniform 2 dictionary 3 bag 4 corridor

5 notice board 6 classroom

2E 3F 4B 5D 6A

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 53

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser



notice board


Unit 19 (page 80)


jobs: architect, cook, hairdresser, librarian, photo

journalist, secretary, waiter
what workers may need to get a job: CV, degree,
enthusiasm, experience, qualifications
what a job may give its workers: career,
experience, paid holidays, promotion, prospects,
salary, travel opportunities

1 honest 2 career 3 improve 4 key

5 opportunity 6 passion 7 qualifications
8 basic

1 a 2 were/was 3 on 4 are 5 to

1 application, applicable 2 consideration,

considerate 3 imagine, imaginative 4 produce,
productive 5 strengthen, strong 6 weaken,
weak 7 create, creation 8 , independence

1 Independence 2 application 3 strengthen

4 produces 5 weak 6 imagination 7 applies,
consideration 8 creative

1H 2A 3G 4F 5C 6B 7E 8D

1 chemist 2 fire fighter 3 porter 4 priest

5 carpenter 6 lecturer 7 judge 8 soldier
9 model 10 detective

1H 2F 3E 4A 5G 6I 7D 8C 9B

1 by 2 out of 3 on 4 by 5 on 6 by 7 on
8 on 9 on, out of 10 out of 11 out of 12 by
13 by 14 on 15 out of





rubbery eraser



1 dictionary 2 register 3 calculator 4 ruler

5 rubber/eraser 6 notice board 7 folder
8 black-/whiteboard

Open answers

1 pronunciation 2 translation 3 communication

4 meaning 5 speech

10 1 pronounce 2 translate 3 communicate

4 mean 5 speak

11 1 pronunciation 2 speaks 3 communicate

4 spoke 5 meaning 6 translation 7 speech
8 translate 9 translation 10 communicate
11 means 12 pronounce
Exam Practice page 78
1A 2B 3D 4C 5B 6A 7C 8D 9B
10 B
Open answers
Listening 19 see page 70 for the recording script.
1 Arabic 2 Beginner 3 Thompson 4 2 hours
30 minutes 5 the maths block 6 library
Open answers

10 1 out of date 2 out of doors 3 by mistake

4 on holiday 5 by name 6 by hand 7 on sale
8 out of stock, on order
Exam Practice page 82
1D 2A 3F 4C
Open answers
Listening 20 see page 70 for the recording script.
1C 2B 3B
Open answers


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 54

Answer key to the Vocabulary Maximiser

Unit 20 (page 84)






























1 bank 2 jam 3 level 4 miles 5 conferencing

6 bulbs 7 heritage site 8 transport 9 paper
bin 10 bag

1 They are throwing litter on the ground and not

putting it in the bin. 2 He is putting some shoes
in the bin, when he could give them away
instead. 3 The people in this house have too
many cars. 4 He is sleeping with the radio and
computer on; he should have turned them off


1 plug 2 hold 3 up 4 went 5 turned 6 cross

7 on 8 grown

1 quay 2 harbour 3 field 4 ruin 5 waterfall

6 star 7 moon 8 factory

1 the ocean is much larger than the sea. 2 a

country is an individual nation, a continent is a
larger area and usually consists of more than one
country. 3 a stream is smaller than a river. 4 a
canal is man made, whereas a river is natural.
5 a bay is surrounded by land on three sides. A
lake is completely surrounded by land it is not
connected to the sea or a river. 6 A quay is an
area where boats can stop to load or unload. A
harbour is a protected area near the sea where
boats can be kept.


1 put a line through 2 older 3 no 4 came

5 not connected 6 couple 7 continue 8 not




1 off 2 to 3 wouldnt 4 to 5 make 6 job

7 away 8 dont




Exam Practice page 86

1B 2C 3B 4D 5A 6C 7A 8D 9B
10 C
1 I would 2 all right 3 cannot put
4 I were/was you 5 is (s) going to rain
Listening 21 see page 71 for the recording script.
1B 2A 3B 4C 5A 6A
Open answers

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 55

Answer key to the Practice Tests





Part 1: 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 C 5 B

Part 1: 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 A

Part 2: 6 G 7 C 8 E 9 F 10 A

Part 2: 6 G 7 D 8 F 9 H 10 C

Part 3: 11 B 12 A 13 A 14 B 15 B 16 B 17 A
18 A 19 B 20 B

Part 3: 11 A 12 A 13 A 14 B 15 A 16 B 17 B
18 A 19 B 20 A

Part 4: 21 C 22 C 23 A 24 B 25 D

Part 4: 21 B 22 D 23 C 24 A 25 D

Part 5: 26 C 27 A 28 C 29 D 30 C 31 B 32 D
33 C 34 B 35 A

Part 5: 26 D 27 A 28 C 29 D 30 B 31 A 32 D
33 B 34 D 35 B



Part 1: 1 have been married 2 suggested having /

suggested they have/had 3 were given 4 big
enough for 5 a good/great/fantastic time

Part 1: 1 since Alex went 2 spending time 3

favourite thing is 4 a swim if 5 rather look
Listening see page 73 for the recording script.

Listening see page 71 for the recording script.

Part 1: 1 B 2 A 3 A 4 C 5 A 6 B


Part 2: 8 C 9 A 10 A 11 B 12 A 13 C
Part 3: 14 Garden 15 9.15 16 museum 17 drinks
18 silver 19 Karolina

Part 1: 1 B 2 B 3 A 4 C 5 C 6 B 7 A 8 C
Part 2: 9 B 10 B 11 C 12 A 13 B
Part 3: 14 musical 15 tropical island
16 tomorrow 17 Gym 18 38 19 helpers
Part 4: 1 B 2 A 3 B 4 B 5 A 6 B

Part 4: 20 B 21 A 22 A 23 A 24 B 25 A

Marking Writing (Parts 2 & 3) and Speaking (all parts)

Detailed guidelines on how to mark Parts 2 & 3 of the Writing paper, as well on how the Speaking paper is
assessed, can be found in the Cambridge ESOL PET Handbook. This can be accessed online at the
following address:


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 56

In this section you will find the recording scripts for all the audio material of both the Students Book and
the Vocabulary Maximiser (including Practice Tests 1 & 2).
Total PET includes 2 audio class CDs (included with this Teachers Book) and 1 audio CD-ROM (included in
the Students Pack):
Audio CDs
Class CD 1 contains the recordings for the listening activities of the Students Book while Class CD 2
contains the recordings for Practice Tests 1 & 2.
Audio CD-ROM
The students audio CD-ROM contains:
a computer-based version of Practice Tests 1 & 2;
recordings for the listening activities of the Vocabulary Maximiser and Practice Test 1 (in audio format);
recordings for Practice Test 2 in MP3 format (to access this audio the CD should be inserted into an
MP3-compatible CD player or a computer). If accessed through a computer, first exit the CD-ROM
program, and then open up the files using your preferred audio-playback program.

Recording scripts
Students book
CD 1

Unit 1 (page 10, ex 13)

Speaker 1: I usually sleep all morning, unless Ive got

any classes. Well, I work better at night, so Im often
up until 3 or 4 in the morning. I write all my essays at
night. At about midday I start to wake up. I have a
shower, wash my hair, clean my teeth, and put on
jeans and a clean T-shirt. Then I turn on my laptop
and make some coffee. Its the same every day, on
Saturday and Sunday as well as weekdays.
Speaker 2: I wake up at 6, when the alarm clock goes
off. I usually feel tired, but I get out of bed, have a
shower and get dressed. My husband is already
downstairs. He makes the breakfast, and I pack the
childrens lunches. We dont talk much in the
mornings. Everyone is in a hurry. I bang on the
childrens doors and shout Come on! Time to get up!
I put all my marking and my lesson plans and books
into a huge bag, ready for the day ahead. Then I kiss
the family goodbye and run!
Speaker 3: I wake up early these days, usually at
about 6, in summer or in winter. I get out of bed, and
go to the bathroom. I put on my dressing gown and
slippers. Then I go downstairs and open the front
door, and my cat comes in for his breakfast. I turn on
the radio in the kitchen and listen to the news. I
always have a good breakfast orange juice and
cereal, and then a cup of tea and some toast.
Speaker 4: I usually wake up a bit late at about 8. I
jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. Oh no! The
doors locked! Its my sister. She always takes hours
in the bathroom. I bang on the door, but she never
listens. I pick my clothes up off the bedroom floor, get
dressed in one minute flat, comb my hair and run
downstairs. No time for breakfast. I just grab a cup of
tea. Dad gives me a dirty look. I find my bag, put my
books in it and run. Why is Monday morning always
the worst?

Speaker 5: I never get up early, and I dont answer

the phone before midday. The maid knows that, and
she doesnt disturb me. When Im ready to get up, I
ring for her. She comes and I tell her what to do. She
brings me breakfast in bed just water and a little
fruit, usually. Then she brushes my hair and gets my
bath ready for me. I have a long, lazy bath and think
about what clothes to put on. Then I get ready to go
to the theatre for my performance at 8 oclock.
CD 1

Unit 2 (page 15, ex 21)

Listen to part of a radio phone-in programme.

Presenter: Now our topic today is one which I know
interests many of our listeners how to have a good
time if you havent got much money. We all read
stories about people like actors and footballers who
spend thousands of pounds on designer clothes or on
parties in nightclubs. But how do you afford nice
clothes and parties if youre unemployed or a student
or you live on a low salary? Have you got any good
ideas or experiences you can share with other
listeners? Do call and tell us about them
And our first caller is. Wendy, from the village of
Aston in Oxfordshire. Wendy, what would you like to
tell us about today?
Wendy: I just want to say, Im a housewife with three
small children, so we dont have a lot of money, but
Im planning a party next month for my husbands
thirtieth birthday, and were not spending hundreds of
pounds we havent got it, anyway!
Presenter: So tell us what youre doing.
Wendy: Well, were organising everything ourselves.
Were having the party in a room in the village pub,
and its my uncles pub, so were not paying anything
for that.
Presenter: Right. And what about...?
Wendy: And my mums helping me with the food, my
sisters making the birthday cake, and my husbands
family are providing the drinks. I mean, were all
sharing it, all the family, thats how were doing it.
Thats what we always do.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 57

Recording Scripts
Presenter: Sounds great. So how many guests are
you having, Wendy?
Wendy: About a hundred. Were inviting all our family
and friends. They all live here in the same village, and
they all enjoy a good party!
Presenter: And are you having any music? Will there
be a bit of singing and dancing?
Wendy: Oh yes. My nephews looking after that. Hes
a DJ and he plays in a band, so he likes doing that.
Presenter: Well, Wendy, thanks for telling us all about
it. It sounds like youre all having fun down there in
Aston but what about those of us who dont have a
large family to help

Unit 3

(page 18, ex 11)

Speaker 1: Im fond of all kinds of sports, but
basketball is my favourite at the moment. Its a great
way of keeping fit. I belong to a local club and play in
their first team. We meet to practise every Tuesday
evening, and I always look forward to getting out on
the court. Sometimes we play against teams from
other clubs, too. We dont always win, but when we
do it feels like a real achievement.
Like many basketball players, Im tall, and Im good at
running and jumping. You have to be very quick on
your feet for this game almost like a dancer! I enjoy
watching games, too, especially if some of the top
teams are playing; those games can be really exciting!
Speaker 2: I go once a week to an evening class, and
Im studying watercolour painting. Ive always been
fond of looking at paintings and going to galleries and
exhibitions, but for a long time I didnt do anything
myself. Then I decided I needed something calm and
relaxing to take my mind off work, so I decided to go
to a class. What I like about it is that the teachers
there to give you advice, but everyone can work at
their own speed, and basically you do what you are
interested in doing. Im most interested in painting
landscapes, particularly the countryside around here,
with all the little rivers. I love going out and painting in
the open air, directly from nature. I find it very
Speaker 3: Before I came to live in this village I wasnt
particularly keen on acting or even going to the
theatre. Now its my main hobby. It started just as a
way of meeting people, as I was in a new place and
didnt have any family or friends here. The drama
group meets every month in the village hall, and we
have a lot of different activities. Sometimes we all go
together to see a play but usually we either read a
play together, or we work on a production. I enjoy that
most working together with other people to create
something new. I dont try to get the leading role I
dont like learning too many lines but I enjoy being
on stage and entertaining people. So I usually try to
get quite a small part in the play. And then I help
make the costumes as well, because I like sewing.
And it is a good way of meeting people I feel I know
lots of people in the village now, and thats mainly
because of the drama group.
CD 1

Speaker 4: I love music, by which I mean of course

that I love listening to it, but I also love making music.
In fact its more than a hobby for me, its a real
passion. The main instrument I play is the piano, but I
can also play the violin. I like playing by myself, but I
also enjoy playing in various groups with other
people. For example, I play in a band with some
friends, and also in a local amateur orchestra. All of
my family are musical. My mother is a music teacher,
and she gave me and my sister our first lessons. My
sister is very good at singing, in fact, shes a
professional singer. Im not quite that good at it, so
Im just an amateur, but its still very important to me
and I practise every day.
CD 1

Unit 4 (page 23, ex 17)

0 You usually find this in a living room. Its a really

good place to sit when youre reading or watching
TV. Its nice and soft and its big enough for two or
three people or you can lie on it if you want to be
really comfortable.
1 My favourite one of these is brightly coloured and
a friend gave it to me when we were on holiday in
South Africa. I was really glad when I got it home
without breaking it. I usually have it beside me
when Im sitting at the computer with black
coffee in it. It holds more than an ordinary cup
does and it doesnt need a saucer.
2 You need this to use any electrical device like a
hair dryer or a computer, an electric kettle or a TV.
It has metal pins and you put it into a socket in the
wall. Theyre not exactly the same in every country
and when you travel abroad you may need an
adaptor so that you can use, say, your phone
charger or your laptop while you are away from
3 This is a bit like a cushion but its for use on your
bed. I like to use two big ones but some people
like just one. They are often filled with feathers and
people put covers on them to match their sheets
and duvet covers. They are soft and comfortable
for your head.

CD 1

Exam Bank Units 1-4 (page 25)

1 Whats Matt doing tonight?

Sara: Hi, Matt. Are you doing anything this
evening? Were all in the bar, and were going
clubbing later. Want to come?
Matt: Oh, Im sorry, Sara, I cant tonight. Were so
busy at work, Im really tired. Im having a lazy
evening in front of the television.
Sara: OK, never mind then. How about tomorrow?
It is Saturday are you free then?
Matt: Definitely not! Im taking Julia to a new
2 What does Johns sister do?
Woman: Is your sister enjoying her new job, John?

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 58

John: I think so. She says its much better than

working in an office. She doesnt like sitting at a
computer all day. She says shes got some really
clever kids in her class, really interesting students.
Woman: Thats great! Actually, Im thinking about
changing my job, too.
John: Im not surprised! Being a nurse is really har
3 What time does the concert begin?
Woman: Hurry up, Tom! We need to leave soon,
and you arent even dressed yet. I dont want to
miss the beginning of the concert.
Tom: Relax! It doesnt start until 8. Weve got
plenty of time. We can leave at 7.
Woman: No, we cant! It starts at 7.30 look, its
here on the tickets! And I want to get there early, at
about 7, to get good seats.
Tom: Oh no! I am sorry! Just give me 20 minutes
Ill be as quick as I can.
CD 1

Unit 5 (page 28, ex 14)

Conversation 1
Man: Would you like it to go first or second class?
Woman: Id like it to get there as quickly as possible
so first class, please. And actually, I think youd better
make it recorded delivery. Its just papers, nothing
valuable but Id be in a lot of trouble if it went missing!
Man: OK. Put it on the scales, please. Right, thatll be
four pounds eighty. And can you fill in this form,
Conversation 2
Woman: How can I help you?
Man: Id like to cash these travellers cheques,
Woman: Certainly. Could you sign them for me and
also let me have a look at your passport?
Man: Here you are.
Woman: Right. That comes to 220.58.
Man: Thank you.
Conversation 3
Man: Theres a nasty stain on the sleeve here. Do you
think youll be able to remove it?
Woman: Mm. That looks like juice?
Man: Yes, blackcurrant juice. My little boy knocked a
glass over.
Woman: We should be able to deal with that. Itll be
ready on Friday.
Man: Oh, cant you do it any sooner? I really wanted
to wear it on Thursday evening.
Woman: Well, we can do a same-day service. But
there is an extra charge for that.
Man: I dont mind paying. Itd be great to be able to
pick it up after work today!
Conversation 4
Woman: I wonder if you could give me some
information, please? If I join the library, how many
books would I be allowed to borrow?

Man: Up to five. And you can keep them for a

fortnight. You can also have two DVDs but you can
only take them out for one week.
Woman: And if I wanted to renew anything Ive
borrowed, could I do that online?
Man: Yes, certainly. And you can check our catalogues
online too. So if you do decide to join us, all you need
to do is bring a passport-style photo for the library
card. One from one of those photo booths is fine.
Woman: Great! Ill go and do that now.
Conversation 5
Man: Im afraid Im not satisfied with the room youve
given me.
Woman: Im sorry, sir. Could you tell me what the
problem is?
Man: Well, its very small and I specifically asked for a
room with a sea view. The room youve given me
looks on to the street. Its very noisy too. If I cant
have a different room, then Im afraid Ill have to go
Woman: Im very sorry, sir. Let me see if we have
anything else available
Well, yes, there is one room free with a sea view. Its
one of our largest rooms. Its on the top floor, though.
Man: Thats not a problem. That sounds good but let
me have a look first.
CD 1

Unit 6 (page 31, ex 9)

Conversation 1
Steve: Hi Helen, youre back! Did you have a good
Helen: Great, thanks, Steve.
Steve: Where did you go?
Helen: France. We went camping, as usual.
Steve: Oh. What was the weather like?
Helen: Hot. But we were by the sea. We spent a lot of
time on the beach I think we swam every day.
Steve: Did you take a tent?
Helen: No, we hired everything. It was a very
comfortable campsite with good facilities swimming
pool, restaurant, shops the lot. How about you?
What did you do?
Steve: We didnt go away this year. We stayed at
home and did some work on the house. But some
Canadian friends came to visit us, and we took them
on some trips you know, London, Oxford, places
like that. We had a really good time with them.
Conversation 2
Tricia: Nick! Hello! When did you get back?
Nick: Morning, Tricia. We got back last night. Im still
a bit tired.
Tricia: Why did you have a long flight?
Nick: No, we didnt go abroad this year. We had a
walking holiday in Wales.
Tricia: Oh. Was it good?
Nick: Yeah, fantastic scenery but it rained a lot. And
its hard work walking in the mountains.
Tricia: I bet it is! Did you plan the walk yourselves or
go with a group?

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 59

Recording Scripts
Nick: Oh, we were with an organised tour. We had an
excellent guide. He knew such a lot about the places
we saw.
Tricia: Where did you sleep? In tents?
Nick: Oh no. We spent the nights in hostels. They
were fine quite simple and basic, but very clean and
comfortable. And it didnt cost too much. How about
your holiday? What did you do?
Tricia: We went to Spain for some sun we rented an
apartment right on the beach.
Nick: And was it good?
Tricia: Oh yes. We didnt do much, just had a relaxing
time and read a lot of books. The apartment was very
nice it was just two rooms and a small kitchen, but it
had a balcony, and a little garden, and we had access
to a private pool. Just what we needed!
CD 1


Unit 7 (page 35, ex 13)

Can I have a glass of water, please?

Would you like some more coffee?
Shall I give you some more meat?
Could you pass me the salt?
Can I get you a drink?
Will you have some more ice-cream?

CD 1 10

Unit 8 (page 40, ex 12)

Conversation 1
Man: Well, did you like it?
Woman: Oh, I loved it! I thought it was wonderful.
How about you?
Man: To be honest, I didnt enjoy it much. I thought
the story was rather silly.
Woman: Oh, I agree, it was, but that didnt matter.
There were some fantastic songs.
Man: Do you really think so? I didnt hear one I liked.
Woman: Really? I am surprised. But youve got to
admit the dancing was excellent so full of energy
and life!
Man: Yes, I suppose youre right. It was lively enough.
But Im afraid it wasnt really my kind of thing.
Conversation 2
Man: Hey, how did you get on? I had a great time.
What about you?
Woman: Not bad
Man: Wow, you dont sound too excited. Didnt you
enjoy the fantastic music?
Woman: Oh yeah, that wasnt the problem. The music
was excellent. I saw some great bands.
Man: So, did something go wrong?
Woman: Not really its just, you know, it rained, and
I got cold and uncomfortable, and I never sleep well in
a tent, and the toilets were horrible
Man: None of that matters! Its all part of the
Woman: Oh, I dont agree at all! Maybe for you, but
not for me! I like being able to wash properly and eat
proper food. Or maybe three days is just too long.
One day was enough for me.

Man: Oh you sad person! You are SO wrong!

Woman: Well, Im sorry, but thats just how I feel.
Man: Yeah, well, I couldnt agree with you less.

Exam Bank

Units 5-8 (page 43)

At eight oclock tonight Make Me Famous, the hugely
popular programme based on the search for a new
singing star, reaches its final. Out of the twenty who
started, there are now just three singers left, and
remember, this is a programme where you, the public,
choose who wins. So if you have a favourite, dont
forget to watch tonight, because your vote could help
to make an unknown young singers dream come
After that, at nine, theres something for the many
people who enjoy programmes about the natural
world. This is a repeat of the series called Big Cats
which was first shown last year. The first programme
lasts just 40 minutes, but was filmed over a period of
three years. It shows the lives of a group of lions living
in Kenya. One word of warning, though. The
photography is excellent, but not everybody will want
to watch the lions as they chase, kill and eat a young
zebra. Theres an awful lot of blood
Later tonight, at ten, new drama comes to our TV
screens. Distant Songs is the latest from hot young
writer Josh Stone, and I was really looking forward to
this, and expecting something good. However, I have
to say, I was disappointed. The actors do their best,
but they just cant make a dull story exciting. My
advice is this: dont watch this, or the terrible comedy
half hour which follows it. Stay awake for tonights
midnight movie, which is The Bicycle Thieves, made in
1948 and still, in my opinion, one of the greatest films
ever made. If youve never seen it before, dont miss
this opportunity to see it!
CD 1 11

Unit 9

CD 1 12
(page 47, ex 16)
Carla: Excuse me, can you help? Ive just tried these
things on, and I need to get some different ones.
Assistant: OK. Tell me what you want.
Carla: Well, theres this skirt. I really like it, but its too
tight. Can you get me a bigger size?
Assistant: OK, I think weve got one.
Carla: And then this top. Im not sure I like this pale
blue. Have you got anything in a darker blue than
this? Or maybe a dark green?
Assistant: It does come in some other colours. Ill
have a look for you. Anything else?
Carla: Yes. This dress. I love the style, but it feels
rather loose and baggy on me. And its a bit too long.
Id like to try a smaller size.
Assistant: Right. You stay here, and Ill bring you the
Assistant: How are you getting on in there?
Carla: Much better. Can I show you?
Assistant: OK.
Carla: First of all, I want to take the dark blue top. It
suits me better than the other one. Its a much nicer


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 60

Assistant: OK, Ill take that for you. What about the
skirt? Is the bigger size more comfortable?
Carla: No. No good, Im afraid. The smaller one was
too tight, but the bigger size feels much too loose.
And its really too expensive I mean, more than I
want to spend just on a skirt.
Assistant: OK. How about the dress? I think it looks
great on you. With your slim figure, you can wear that
style not everyone can, you know!
Carla: Oh, Im not sure. Can I show my friend? Hes
waiting just outside. Can I just go out and ask him
what he thinks?
Assistant: Sure.
Carla: Dan? Look, what do you think?
Dan: Hey! You look really good in that. I like it. Are
you going to buy it?
Carla: I dont know. I look fat in it.
Dan: Yeah, right. Youre as fat as an elephant. Wow,
Ive never seen anyone fatter than you. Carla, listen. It
looks great. You dont look fat. You should definitely
buy it.
Carla: Do you honestly think that?
Dan: Honestly. (to the assistant) Dont you agree?
Assistant: Yes, I do. It really suits you.
Carla: OK, Ill take it.
Dan: Thank goodness! Now can we go and look at
CD 1 13

Unit 10 (page 49, ex 6)

Speaker 1: My best friends name is Tamara. You spell

that T-A-M-A-R-A. I think its a really pretty name and
shes very pretty too, with long dark hair and big
brown eyes. We havent known each other that long.
She moved into the flat next to ours three years ago
and weve been best friends ever since. I like her
because we enjoy doing the same things. Were both
mad about tennis and we play almost every day.
Tamaras really friendly and outgoing and shes great
fun to be with.
Speaker 2: Ive got a lot of mates but I guess my best
friend would be Anthony, thats A-N-T-H-O-N-Y. Weve
known each other since we were at primary school so
thats about fifteen years now! We play in a band
together. I play the guitar and he plays the drums and
another friend of ours is the singer. I think I like him
because he always makes me laugh. Hes not very
tall. Hes got brown hair and he wears glasses. Hes
got a great sense of humour and he always seems to
be in a good mood.
Speaker 3: My best friend has to be my twin sister.
Were not identical twins, though. Im small with
brown hair and shes quite tall and shes blonde. I
think were quite like each other in character, though.
Were both quite shy and prefer being at home to
going out. Her names Hannah thats H-A-N-N-A-H.
Weve known each other since birth, of course. We
live in different towns now but we talk on the phone at
least once a day. I couldnt manage without those
daily phone calls. Hannah understands me better than

anyone else does even my husband and I suppose

thats why shes my best friend.
Speaker 4: My best friend is called Michael. You spell
that M-I-C-H-A-E-L. We met in our first term at
university, so that must be eight years ago now. I like
him because he really helped me a lot when I was
going through a difficult time a few years ago. Hes a
very kind person and very generous too both with his
time and with his money. Hes got light brown hair and
I think his eyes are probably grey but youd need to
check that with his girlfriend. Were both really keen
on rock climbing and we often go to the mountains
together at the weekend.
CD 1 14

Unit 11 (page 52, ex 4)

Ive always wanted one but my wife doesnt like the

idea. Shed prefer something bigger and slower. And I
suppose its not really practical with two children. But
I still have dreams of one day driving one across the
USA stopping at lots of interesting places, listening
to all my favourite tracks playing at full volume as I
CD 1 15

Unit 12 (page 56, ex 4)

Sarah: Hi Steve, hows it going?

Steve: Not bad. Ive had a really busy week. Never
stops, does it? I feel a bit tired.
Sarah: Well, its Friday tomorrow. You can recover at
the weekend. Are you doing anything exciting?
Steve: I am, actually. Ive got some old friends in
Leeds you know I was at university there? Theyre
having a party, so Im going up there for the weekend,
staying at their place Saturday night. Youve reminded
me I need to find out about trains. Ill do it now!
Steve: Hello. Can you give me details of trains to
Leeds this Saturday, from Cambridge? And then back
from Leeds to Cambridge on Sunday night.
Assistant: What time do you want to leave?
Steve: Not too early. I want to arrive around twelve,
half past twelve.
Assistant: OK, youve got a choice. Theres no direct
route, but theres a train that leaves at nine-oh two,
and gets you to Leeds at twelve thirty-five. It arrives in
Peterborough at nine fifty-three. Then you take the ten
fifty-eight to Leeds.
Steve: I see. So there is a long wait between trains.
Assistant: Thats right. OK. This is the other option.
Leave Cambridge at nine twelve, change at Ely and
again at Grantham, and arrive in Leeds at twelve
Steve: So they both arrive at the same time!
Assistant: They do. It just depends if you want to
change twice or wait around Now, you said youre
travelling back on Sunday night...
Sarah: Well, have you booked your ticket to Leeds
yet, Steve?
Steve: No, not yet. Ive got to decide which train to
take. Look heres the choice. Which one would you

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 61

Recording Scripts
CD 1 16

Unit 12 (page 58, ex 12)

Couple 1
Woman: Do you want to come and have a look at the
shops with me? We could get a couple of bottles of
duty-free wine to take as a present.
Man: Is there time for that? I think were boarding
Woman: Are we? OK, lets check the board. Have we
got a gate number?
Man: Yes. Its on the boarding pass. Look, gate 30.
Woman: Oh yes, youre right. It says go to gate.
Couple 2
Man: Do we have a gate number yet?
Woman: Lets have a look. No, not yet.
Man: Right, well, shall we go and have a cup of
coffee? And Id like to get something to read on the
Woman: Yeah, so would I. Weve got plenty of time.
The flight doesnt leave until twenty past 12, and its
only ten past 11 now.
Couple 3
Woman: Oh my God, weve missed our flight! Look, it
says closed!
Man: What! No, look, thats the flight above ours.
Calm down. Youre looking in the wrong place.
Woman: Whats our flight number?
Man: AZY090. Its boarding, but weve still got time to
get it.
Woman: Come on then, wed better hurry!
CD 1 17

Exam Bank Units 9-12 (page 61)

The summer sales are beginning, and for all you

young people who love good clothes, the good news
is that the Strawberry Studio sale of high fashion
clothes for men and women starts this week on
Friday. Now, it continues until Sunday, and then the
shop will be closed on Monday, so if you go then,
youll be too late. This is your chance to get some
really great clothes for the holiday season, with many
prices reduced by 50 per cent, and some even by 70
per cent.
Ive been along to look, and several things, in
particular, caught my eye. For us girls there are some
beautiful tops, made of lovely soft silk, in brilliant
fashion colours like hot pink and ice blue, and theyre
down to as little as 20 each. And I also noticed some
long skirts and pure cotton shirts which would be
perfect on hot days.
All you boys go to the mens department on the first
floor to find a range of T-shirts, jeans and shorts,
created by top designers, at new low, low prices.
While youre there, take a look at the leather belts and
shoes, too.
And theres an extra special gift for the first four lucky
customers who come through the door on Friday
morning. They will all get a fabulous beach bag,
absolutely free.
But remember the sale only lasts for...

CD 1 18

Unit 13 (page 63, ex 6)

Interviewer: What do you like about skateboarding?

Ronnie: Oh, lots of things. Seeing my friends, going
to different places to practise, learning new tricks all
the time and improving my performance
Interviewer: But you could say those things about
any sport! Whats special about this one?
Ronnie: OK, so I think I like it because you do it for
yourself as an individual. You can just do your own
thing, and learn to do the tricks you like. Its about
developing your own skills in your own time. Its a
good sport for individualists, and I guess thats the
sort of person I am.
Interviewer: So you dont enjoy team games, like
football, for example?
Ronnie: No, I like watching football, but I dont play
any team games. Dont get me wrong, Im not antisocial! One of the reasons I like skateboarding is
because you meet lots of different people and make
new friends through it.
Interviewer: But you dont compete against other
Ronnie: No. Its about competing against yourself,
and learning from other people. I learn all my new
tricks by watching people who are better than me and
copying them.
Interviewer: How did you start skateboarding?
Ronnie: Sort of by accident. I was at my cousins
house hes a lot older than me and he had just
given up doing it, and he gave me his board. And I
tried it and I liked it, and I was good at it simple as
Interviewer: Tell me about your best and worst
experiences so far.
Ronnie: Oh, breaking my arm two years ago, that was
the worst. I couldnt skate for months. And the best
well, being in this film, of course, and going to
Barcelona last summer and skating there that was
Interviewer: Ronnie, youre leaving school soon.
What next? And will you carry on skateboarding?
Ronnie: Im hoping to go to university next year. I
want to study biology, and I definitely plan to carry on
skateboarding. A lot of people give up when theyre
about twenty, but Im only 18 right now, and theres
still a lot I want to learn. When I stop enjoying it, then
Ill give up, not before.

Unit 14

CD 1 19
(page 69, ex 15)
Speaker 1: You get such a wonderful feeling of peace
there. I just love the symmetry of the architecture
the dome surrounded by four minarets. And I love the
cool whiteness of the building against the hot blue
sky. Did you know that its actually a tomb built by an
emperor in honour of his wife? Im ashamed to say
that before I went there I thought it was a palace.
Speaker 2: Its a relatively new building. It has a very
impressive site beside the harbour next to the equally
famous bridge and it almost looks like a boat in full


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 62

sail. It was one of the first examples in the world

where computer analyses were used to design
complex shapes and it was also one of the first
buildings in the world to glue parts of its structure
Speaker 3: There had been plans to build a statue on
the mountain overlooking the city for nearly a century
before it was actually erected. The figure has arms
open in welcome and it is a dramatic and iconic sight.
In February 2008 it was hit by lightning in a storm that
lasted for several hours and caused chaos in the city
but the statue itself was unharmed.
CD 1 20

Unit 15 (page 71, ex 9)

Reporter: Macey, your latest album is a great

success, and your British tour is a sell-out. You must
be delighted.
Macey Platt: I certainly am. I love my English fans.
Theyre truly wonderful people.
Reporter: And I believe youre living here in London at
Macey: Thats right. Im buying a house here.
Reporter: Its wonderful that everything is going so
well with your career, Macey. Now lets talk about
some other things my readers are interested in. What
about your love life? Are you dating documentary
maker Rod Rivers? Thereve been some stories in the
newspapers, recently. Are they true?
Macey: Those stories in the papers are total rubbish! I
cant believe youre asking me about that!
Reporter: So do you know Rod Rivers?
Macey: Of course I do! Rod and his girlfriend are
good friends of mine. I definitely have no romantic
interest in Rod! Write that down and print it in your
Now can we talk about something else, please?
Reporter: Sure, Macey. I have a few questions about
the problems youve had with alcohol and drugs.
Macey: What!! Listen Mister, Ive got just one thing to
say to you! Get out and dont come back!
Reporter: OK, OK, Im going
CD 1 21

Unit 16 (page 75, ex 7)

Speaker 1: Doctor, its my foot. I was playing squash

and I fell and twisted it. Its really painful but I can still
stand on it so I dont think Ive broken anything.
Speaker 2: Ive got a bit of a cold, doctor. My nose is
streaming and my throat feels really dry. But I havent
got a temperature or anything.
Speaker 3: Doctor, Im having terrible trouble getting
to sleep at night. I lie awake for ages and then if I do
fall asleep, I wake up again a couple of hours later. Its
driving me crazy. Ive never been a good sleeper but
things have never been as bad as this.
Speaker 4: Ive got lots of problems at work and Im
feeling under a lot of stress. Even when Im at home
Im worrying about work and its making me really
tired. I get irritable with my husband and kids and its
not fair on them.
Speaker 5: Im beginning to get worried about my

weight, doctor. Ive put on four kilos over the last six
months. I watch what I eat but I know Im not active
enough. I sit at a computer all day and am too tired to
do much in the evenings. I cant afford to go to the
gym, though. I just dont earn enough.
Speaker 6: Could you have a look at my eye, doctor?
Its red and really itchy. Its been like this for a couple
of days. I thought it would just go away but if anything
its getting worse.
CD 1 22

Exam Bank Units 13-16 (page 79)

Nick: Hi, Emily. Are you planning to go to the

swimming pool again this evening? We
could go together if you liked?
Emily: OK. Thatd be good. Itll be my third swim this
week. Ive managed to keep to
my fitness plan for six weeks now.
Nick: Well done! So why have you suddenly become
interested in keeping fit? I never used to be able to
persuade you to do anything sporty.
Emily: I just read a lot of articles about how important
it is to keep fit. I tried it and I actually found I enjoy it.
Sport does make you feel better. You were right all
Nick: So, are you trying to eat well too?
Emily: One thing at a time! Ive always eaten quite
healthily I think so Im not making any changes there.
Nick: Arent you? I have to be really careful with my
food. I just love chips and butter and all those things
that are bad for you. I try only to eat salads at lunch
time and I let myself have chips just once a week.
Emily: Good for you! Its hard to keep fit when theres
so much to do at work and at home, isnt it!
Nick: It certainly is. I often just feel like watching TV
when I get home. But I always feel better when I get
to the pool or the gym.
Emily: I couldnt agree more! So tell me more about
what exercise you do these days.
Nick: Well, much the same as before except Ive
started doing yoga too. Its fantastic. Im a lot calmer
than I was, I think.
Emily: Thats great. I really think everyone should do
at least an hour of exercise a day, dont you. Though I
never thought Id hear myself say that!
Nick: Well, Im not sure thats possible for most
people. But its a good aim, of course.
CD 1 23

Unit 17 (page 82, ex 13)

Now listen to a boy asking a vet about keeping a

reptile as a pet.
Max: Id really like to have a reptile as a pet a snake
or a lizard maybe but my mum isnt keen on the
idea. How can I persuade her that they make really
good pets? I think itd be much more interesting to
have a different pet from everyone else.
Vet: Well, I can see why your mum isnt keen. Reptiles
are interesting and unusual, but they need a lot of
care. They are also expensive to look after correctly.
So, as with any pet, you should think very hard about
whether you can give it everything it needs.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 63

Recording Scripts
Max: So what exactly do reptiles need?
Vet: First of all, a lot of space. My son bought a baby
iguana, for example. It was small to begin with, but it
grew to nearly one and a half metres long. A Burmese
python can grow to over five metres. And, of course,
as reptiles grow, they need more and more space.
Max: And what about food?
Vet: Well, you must give them the right kind of food.
You may have to buy this from a special shop, and the
reptiles diet could include insects or mice and rats.
Max: Mm. Mum wouldnt be too keen on that. Id
have to do all the feeding then. Reptiles need special
cages, I imagine, too.
Vet: Thats right. It depends on the kind of reptile but
they all need a specially-built home which is like their
natural habitat. The levels and quality of light, and the
temperature and humidity are all important. Some
reptiles need to spend time in water to bathe or swim
and they may also need branches for climbing. Many
also need ultra-violet light and all of this can all be
very expensive.
Max: And the cage would have to be secure too.
Vet: Absolutely. A reptile that escapes from its warm
environment can quickly get ill and die. Also, some
reptiles can be dangerous, such as snakes and
Max: Would you be able to help me if it got ill?
Vet: That depends on the animal you choose. Youd
probably need to get advice from a specialist vet if
your pet was ill. And so you might have to travel quite
a long way.
CD 1 24

Unit 18 (page 85, ex 8)

Languages are a fascinating area of study. Believe it

or not, language experts have collected the names of
more than 22,000 different languages or dialects.
Unfortunately, quite a few of these are disappearing
very fast. There are, for example, only about one
thousand speakers of Walmajarri, a language from
Western Australia and some languages have even
fewer speakers. In 2004, for example, there were only
about ten speakers of Ter Sami, a language which is
spoken in the north east of Russia. Clearly Ter Sami
will soon become extinct together with languages
such as Siuslaw, a language from the Pacific coast of
the USA. Its last recorded speaker died in the 1970s.
Some languages seemed to be disappearing but they
are now being used again. Such languages include
Irish in Ireland and Welsh in Wales. More than 580,000
people in Wales speak Welsh 20.8% of the
population of Wales, but the number is rising. 37.7%
of children between 3 and 15 years old in Wales can
speak the language. This is partly thanks to the Welsh
government, which has encouraged the use of Welsh
in schools.
As well as education, modern technology is helping
minority languages to survive and even grow. Ireland
got its own radio station in 1972 and its own TV
channel in 1996. The Internet is also having a positive
effect. It allows speakers of, say, Irish or Welsh, who

have emigrated to other continents to communicate in

those languages with other speakers wherever they
may be in the world.
CD 1 25

Unit 19 (page 90, ex 16)

Interview 1
Interviewer: So can you spell your name for me, please.
Marianna: Yes, its Marianna, M-A-R-I-A-DOUBLE N
A Chowdhury thats C-H-O-W-D-H-U-R-Y.
Interviewer: OK, Marianna. First, can you tell me what
qualifications youve got?
Woman: Yes, Ive got a degree in English literature.
Interviewer: And have you already had any work
Woman: Well, I did some summer jobs while I was at
uni. I worked in a hotel in France one year and in
Spain another year.
Interviewer: So what would you say are your
strengths and weaknesses?
Woman: Im good at languages. I speak French and
Spanish quite well and I also have a little Mandarin. I
think I get on well with people too. As for
weaknesses, I think if Im honest, Im not very wellorganised. I need to work on that a bit.
Interviewer: Finally, is there anything special youre
looking for in your future job?
Woman: Well, Id like the opportunity to travel during
my career. And I definitely want a job where Im not
doing the same thing every day.
Interviewer: OK, then. Lets discuss what your best
options might be.
Interview 2
Interviewer: So can you spell your name for me,
Daniel: Yes, its Daniel Cruickshank. Thats D-A-N-I-EL, Daniel, and Cruickshank is C-R-U-I-C-K-S-H-A-N-K.
Interviewer: OK, Daniel. First, can you tell me what
qualifications youve got?
Daniel: I havent got many formal qualifications, Im
afraid. I left school at 16. Ive just finished a diploma
in computing it was a six month course in using the
basic programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint, that sort
of thing. Ive also passed my driving test.
Interviewer: And have you already had any work
Daniel: Yes, Ive been working for the last three years
in a shop selling music, DVDs and computer games. It
was good but I need a change.
Interviewer: So what would you say are your
strengths and weaknesses?
Daniel: Well, Im very reliable. Everyone always says
that about me. And Im quite good with figures. Maths
was always my best subject at school. As for
weaknesses, I think I lack confidence. Probably
because I havent got many qualifications.
Interviewer: Finally, is there anything special youre
looking for in your future job?
Daniel: I really want a job with prospects. Something
where I could learn some useful skills and work my
way up.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 64

Interviewer: OK, then, lets discuss what your best

options might be.
Interview 3
Interviewer: So can you spell your name for me,
Anne: OK. Its Anne spelt A double N E. Then
Willemsberg which is W-I-L-L-E-M-S-B-E-R-G.
Interviewer: OK, Anne. First, can you tell me what
qualifications youve got?
Woman: Yes. Ive got a degree in zoology. Ive also
got a teacher training certificate.
Interviewer: And have you already had any work
Woman: I taught for a year in a primary school. But I
wasnt very good at it and I would like to do
something else.
Interviewer: So what would you say are your
strengths and weaknesses?
Woman: Well, Ive always been told that I write well.
And Im quite artistic. I like painting and taking
photos. As for weaknesses, Im probably a bit too
independent. I dont like it when people tell me what
to do.
Interviewer: Finally, is there anything special youre
looking for in your future job?
Woman: Yes, I really want a job where I am out of
doors a lot of the time. And Id like to be my own boss
as far as possible,
Interviewer: OK, then. Lets discuss what your best
options might be.
CD 1 26

Unit 20 (page 93, ex 4)

Interviewer: So, Rocky, your latest film was based on

the idea of climate change and rising sea levels
putting London under water. How important is the
environment to you in your own life?
Rocky: Oh, extremely important. I think that everyone
should do all they can to improve our prospects for
the future. We should all make much more use of
public transport, for example, rather than driving
Interviewer: So do you drive, Rocky?
Rocky: Never! I have my own driver. But I do make
sure he never uses the car unless Im in it. If I need
something from the shops he always goes there on
the bus.
Interviewer: And what about flying? Do you manage
to keep your air miles down like they say we should?
Rocky: Yes, I agree that its disgraceful how much
people fly these days. Everyone should go on holiday
by train. And theres far too much business travel.
With modern technology people could do business
just as easily using video conferencing and the like.
But in my job you have to fly a lot of course. I couldnt
not go to film festivals and premieres all over the
world. That would be letting my fans down. And when
Im filming on location its often in some place in the
middle of nowhere and I have to get back to
civilisation at the weekends. My performance would
suffer if I didnt.

Interviewer: So, what about your food miles? Are you

good about sticking to locally-produced food?
Rocky: Well, I think people should think about that
much more than they do. People often dont even
seem to check where the food theyre buying has
come from. Im usually quite careful about that. But of
course there are some things you have to get from
abroad. I like to have a few spoonfuls of caviar every
day there are special vitamins in it that are excellent
for the body. And it has to be totally fresh, of course,
so I have that sent to me once a week wherever I am
in the world. But one small weekly jar of caviar is not
going to add much to overall air pollution, is it!
Interviewer: Thank you, Rocky! Its very interesting to
hear your views.
CD 1 29

Exam Bank Units 17-20 (page 97)

Now we have a local news item about rubbish

collection. Listen carefully because its important. A new
system is about to be introduced. Youve all got used to
your green bins and to putting your garden rubbish and
waste paper in those. Well, now every household has its
own blue bin. This is for glass so will be very useful as
that can be recycled quite cheaply and easily.
You can also put tins in there. Theres no need to keep
them separate they will be sorted when they arrive at
the central recycling facilities.
There is also another improvement to the service. The
council will empty the bins not once weekly as before
but twice weekly. So thats good news.
The third and final bit of good news is that the council is
no longer going to charge for taking away fridges. You
will still have to pay for them to take away other large
items like sofas or pianos, however.
Anyway, there is plenty more information about all this
on the website which youll find at Thats greenworld all one
If you dont have Internet access there is a phone line
with information thats 0800 781 2493. If you have a
question and want to talk to someone then ring this
number instead 0800 654 8892.
So now for our next bit of music

Vocabulary Maximiser
Recording scripts
(Audio CD-ROM)

Unit 1

(page 11)
This is my website and I want to tell you a little about
myself. My name is Lara and I live in north London.
Ive got one sister but shes married now and doesnt
live with us. I live with my parents. My grandparents
live next door so we see them every day.
I live quite near my school so I dont have to get up
too early. My parents are up long before me especially
my dad who works on the other side of London and it


TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 65

Recording Scripts
takes him ages to get there on the underground. I
usually get up just before my mum leaves for work.
The first thing I do when I wake up is put on my radio.
I like to listen to music as I have a cup of tea and get
dressed. I have a quick wash but dont usually have
time for a shower in the mornings. But, dont worry, I
have one every evening.
Sometimes my grandpa takes me to school. He works
quite near my school. He works in a doctors surgery.
Hes an administrator there. He says he spends most
of his time writing reports. He quite enjoys it but I think
he wanted to be a doctor himself.
Grandpas always telling me how important it is to
work hard at school so I can go to university and get a
good job. Id like to study computer programming and
then I think I might be a web designer. I always do my
homework as soon as I get home from school. I
normally type my work then the teachers dont have
to struggle with my handwriting, which is pretty bad.
I always have a lot of homework to do at weekends
too. But I usually find time to do something with my
friends. From time to time we go clubbing or to the
cinema I really love science fiction films but mainly
we go down to Oxford Street and wander round the
department stores. Well usually just buy a new top or
something small but spend ages looking at lots of
things we cant afford.

Unit 2 (page 15)

Roberta: Hi, Gino. How are things with you?

Gino: Not too bad. Though Ive had a bit of an
argument with the person I share a flat with.
Roberta: Oh dear. What was that about?
Gino: Well, the trouble is he plays the drums and he
was practising till midnight last night. And I was trying
to concentrate on revising for my exam.
Roberta: You poor thing. I share a flat with my sister
and Im always having to ask her to turn her music
Gino: You just have one sister, dont you? Like me.
Roberta: Yes, but Ive got four brothers.
Gino: Lucky you. Id love a brother or two.
Roberta: Well, youre welcome to mine! No, I dont
mean that. I love them really. I just worry about them.
One of them has been unemployed for six months
now and hes beginning to think hell never find work.
Gino: Your sisters out of work at the moment, too,
isnt she?
Roberta: Well, shes managed to find a temporary job
in a hotel. Shes enjoying it though her wages are
pretty low. Im trying to persuade my brother to do
something like that but he says hed rather spend his
time trying to find a permanent job. My other brothers
all work for our dad but he doesnt want to do that.
Gino: I can understand that. Anyway, Id offer to buy
you a coffee but Ive left my wallet at home.
Roberta: Oh dear. I can let you have ten pounds if
you like?
Gino: Thanks. Id be really grateful. Ill pay you back
tomorrow. So, do you fancy that coffee then?


Unit 3 (page 19)

1 What sport are the girls planning to do this

Girl 1: It was great fun skiing last weekend, wasnt it?
Girl 2: Yes, it was. I cant wait till we can go again.
Could you do this weekend?
Girl 1: Well, I half promised my sister Id go horseriding with her. Why dont you come too?
Girl 2: That sounds fun. Then we could perhaps
goto the mountains again the following weekend.
Girl 1: Sure. As long as were back in time for the
school play, of course!
2 How did the boys get to the football stadium?
Boy 1: How are we going to get to the match
today, Tom? The roads are going to be very
crowded as its the cup final. It might be quicker to
Boy 2: Well, its a long way. It takes twenty minutes
on the bus. Itd take us ages on foot.
Boy 1: How about going on our bikes? That might
be quicker than the bus if theres a lot of traffic.
Boy 2: That sounds sensible. Lets do that then.
3 What time does the concert start?
Harry: Shall I pick you up tonight before the
concert, Anna. 7.15 should give us enough time to
get there.
Ann: OK. Thanks, Harry. But maybe a bit earlier
would be better. It starts at 7.30 doesnt it?
Harry: Not till quarter to.
Ann: Oh all right then. Quarter past at my place
should be fine then.

Unit 4 (page 23)

OK, Ive found two properties that I think would suit

you. You should definitely go and have a look at both
of these. The first one is number 31 Seymour Street.
Thats S-E-Y-M-O-U-R Street. It has everything that
you wanted in terms of accommodation. Its main plus
point is that it is a very quiet street. I know you prefer
that. The one thing that you might not be so keen on
is that it has no central heating. But the previous
occupants said that that wasnt actually a problem for
The other property that you must look at is a little
closer to town. The address is 6 Russell Square.
Again it is just right in terms of the type of
accommodation on offer. The good thing is that it is
close to shops. That can make life much easier when
youre busy studying, I know. Its on the fourth floor
and you have some great views. But Im afraid theres
no lift. Still going up and down stairs will help keep
you fit!
The rent for both properties is the same. Its 235 a
week. Thats very reasonable indeed for this town and
is not too bad, of course, when there are three of you


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Unit 5 (page 27)

Patrick: Are you doing your Christmas shopping

today, Helen? I havent started mine yet.
Helen: Typical! Yes, I was planning to go into town.
But Im quite looking forward to it. I enjoy the shops
at this time of year. Though normally I go as little as
Patrick: But theyre so crowded just before
Helen: Not if you go early. Why not come with me
now? Then well avoid most of the crowds.
Patrick: OK. Thatd be fun. We havent been
shopping together for ages.
Helen: Yes, we have! We go to the supermarket
together most weeks.
Patrick: Well, yes but thats not the same is it?
Helen: Anyway, have you decided what to get Mum
and Dad? I thought Mum might like some nice
jewellery, a pair of earrings or something like that?
Patrick: Mm. Well, if you get her those I could get a
matching necklace or bracelet, perhaps. I had thought
of a watch but she always wears the one Dad gave
her so thats probably not a good idea.
Helen: Its much harder to choose for Dad, isnt it?
Patrick: Actually, I know what I want to get him this
year. One of those digital photo frames.
Helen: Brilliant. Theyre really cool!
I think Ill look and see if I can find him a book
perhaps. Theres bound to be something good out.
And what about you? What do you fancy this year?
Maybe youd like a book too? Or a DVD?
Patrick: Yes, thatd be great. I dont have much time
to read these days.
Helen: I do. Ive got several novels on my wish list.
You could get me one of those if you like?
Patrick: Perfect. So shall we go to that big new
department store first. Thatll have most of the stuff
we need.
Helen: OK, but I need to go to the Post Office on the
Patrick: Fine. Ill get some stamps while were there.
So lets go for it!

Unit 6 (page 31)

Megan: Hi, Hugh. Are those holiday brochures that

youre looking at?
Hugh: Thats right. Ive got a weeks holiday in
October and Im trying to choose somewhere to go.
Megan: Lucky you! I wish I could come with you. We
had a great time together in Greece last year, didnt we?
Hugh: We certainly did. Athens was the most fantastic
city. Im not usually that keen on city breaks but I
really loved it.
Megan: Yes, it was. I love that kind of holiday, though.
Its much nicer than lying on a beach.
Hugh: But your last trip was to the countryside rather
than a town, wasnt it? Didnt you go walking in the
Megan: Well, some friends invited me to go with

them. But in the end I decided I really didnt fancy it.

And I had such a lot of work on that I stayed at home.
Hugh: So have you been away at all this year yet?
Megan: No and Im longing for a break. What about
you? Have you had a holiday this year yourself?
Hugh: Not really. Just a weekend in Iceland in May.
Megan: Fantastic!
Hugh: Yes, it was lovely. Better than some of the
longer holidays Ive had.
Megan: So what would you say has been your best
Hugh: Mm. Hard to say. Probably some of the
holidays I had when I was a child.
Megan: Where did you use to go?
Hugh: To my grandparents. My grandma was Spanish
and when they retired they went back there to live.
They had a lovely little house in the mountains. It was
brilliant. We usually went there for Christmas and for a
month or so in the summer.
Megan: Sounds heavenly. Could you ski in the winter
Hugh: Yes, that was absolutely the best bit for me as
a kid. Its got to be my favourite sport.
Megan: Mm. I couldnt agree more! Sun and snow
and wonderful scenery
Hugh: Well, youve helped me make up my mind.
Thats what Im going to do in October. Find
somewhere where I can go skiing!

Unit 7 (page 35)

1 What does the girl want to eat?

Dad: Do you feel like a snack, Sophie? A packet of
nuts and raisins perhaps? We wont be home for
dinner for another few hours.
Sophie: Thanks, Dad. Id like something but Im
not sure what. Those French fries smell delicious
but I dont want as much as that. Perhaps just an
ice cream.
Dad: What flavour do you fancy?
Sophie: One of those vanilla ones with nuts on top
and a chocolate flake on the side, please.
Dad: Mm. That looks delicious. But I think Im
going to go for those French fries!
2 How are they going to cook the meat?
Woman: I got some great steak from the butcher
today. It should make a lovely dinner.
Man: Great. How are we going to cook it? Fry it or
grill it? I could barbecue it if you like.
Woman: Well, its a big piece. I thought we should
just roast it in the oven. You could stir fry some
vegetables to go with it, though if you wanted.
Man: OK, Id like to do that.
3 What has the girl just eaten?
Dad: Your fingers are all sticky, Emma. What have
you been eating? Did you finish off that melon?
Emma: No, Dad. I had a Danish pastry.
Dad: Great. I hope you left one for me.

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 67

Recording Scripts
Emma: Well, yes, I did. But it wasnt very nice. It
had some almonds on it and they tasted a bit bitter
to me.
Dad: Oh well, Ill have a chocolate biscuit with my
coffee then.

Unit 8 (page 39)

Good afternoon, Im Tilly Jackson and Im here today to

tell you about my career as a writer. I know you are all
keen on writing as a career too, so with any luck what I
have to say will be of some interest and use to you.
I wrote my first novel a long time ago. I called it Sunset
and it was a very romantic story. I wrote it when I was
still a schoolgirl. That was in 1987. It seems a very long
time ago now! However, I didnt manage to get it
published then. It didnt come out until 1996, a couple
of years after my first published novel. After school I
went to university where I studied law I didnt then
believe I could make a living as a writer. However, I
never practised law. I was lucky enough to get a holiday
job on a local newspaper as a reporter and I stayed
there. This of course gave me lots of opportunities to
improve my writing skills and it also gave me a lot more
life experience than Id had before though of course my
law studies had also helped on that score. I had my first
novel published during that period. It was called Tango.
It wasnt a great success but it gave me useful contacts
in the publishing world and I learnt a lot from what the
critics wrote about it. My second novel The Ballet
Dancer was much more successful. It even won a
prize for new novelists. Since then Ive written three
more novels and have also had a couple of collections
of short stories published. At present Im experimenting
with writing a play. Its my first attempt at this and I feel
Im learning a great deal from this work, particularly
about dialogue writing. So now let me tell you some
more about...

Unit 9

(page 43)
Well, many young girls dream of becoming models.
They imagine that the life of a model is very
glamorous and exciting. It wasnt like that for me. I
kind of drifted into it by chance. Someone actually
saw me on the street in my school uniform and
thought that I had just the face they wanted for an ad
they were planning. It wasnt some great fashion
shoot for a magazine or anything like that. It was an
advert for washing powder I was the teenage kid
nagging her mum to wash her clothes. It was shown
between the parts of the soap that my friends all
watched at the time and they were very impressed.
In fact, I hadnt really wanted to agree to do it. My
mum thought it would distract me too much from my
studies. So did my teachers. But a woman who lived
next door to us and who was a good friend of the
family persuaded my mum it would be a good idea for
me to do it. Apparently, shed done something similar
when she was a teenager and felt it had brought her
all sorts of benefits.

SCD 10

I must say Im really glad I did agree to it. Since that

first job Ive never really been out of work though
there are obviously some quiet times. I regularly do
fashion shows for a lot of the big designers in
London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, Paris. I love them all
though I suppose London is not quite so thrilling
because its where I grew up. There has to be
something special about New York, I guess, but Paris
is probably my all-time favourite. Its such a romantic
Unfortunately, I seem to get most of my work
modelling casual wear. I suppose I have that kind of
face, not quite glamorous enough for evening
dresses, perhaps, more the girl next door. I do model
quite a lot of wedding clothes and thats really fun.
Ive never been married and I love pretending Im
planning my own special day. Perhaps one day. I
know exactly what Im going to wear even if I havent
found Mr Right yet.
I also do a lot of make-up ads. But not for lipsticks or
mascara. No, I specialise in nail varnish for the toes.
That must be the part of my body that has been
photographed most often. Though not even my own
mother would actually recognise that its me, I dont
Not many models get to go on working after their late
thirties, Im afraid. But I wouldnt want to go on much
later than that. Not that I want to stop working
altogether of course. But I think Id like to get away
from the fashion world totally. Some of my modelling
friends have ended up writing their autobiographies or
training future models. But thats not for me. No my
dream is to qualify as a chef and then open my place
somewhere close to the sea. Im already looking
round for suitable locations.
SCD 11

Unit 10 (page 47)

Hi there, its me, Joe. Im ringing with a party

invitation. Its not my birthday or anything like that, so
no presents. Its just an end-of-term party. Thats a
good thing to celebrate isnt it!
Oh and the invitation is for you, Anna, and a friend.
Bring anyone you like. I think therell be about fifty of
us there.
I thought about having it at my place but Mum
suggested holding it at the Beach Hotel instead. Shes
got a friend who works there so weve got a room for
free. You know where it is, of course, dont you?
Its on Saturday 16th. Thats the day after we finish
college, at 8 pm. OK?
I wanted to make it special so am asking everyone to
put on fancy dress. I think it should be really fun. Im
going to wear a pirate costume!
The hotels providing food and drink, so dont bring
anything like that, of course. Theyve also got a music
system there but we have to provide our own CDs, so
if you could bring some of yours, thatd be great.
Looking forward to seeing you there. Bye.


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SCD 12

Unit 11 (page 51)

Zaynab: It was a great day today, Kenny, wasnt it!

Much more interesting than normal college days!
Kenny: Yes, it was good. I wish Id gone there with
you on the underground, though. There were terrible
traffic jams this morning and I thought the bus would
never get there on time.
Zaynab: Well you did make it and the underground
was horribly crowded. Anyway, I got there in loads of
time. Id left really early because I wasnt sure how to
get there.
Kenny: Hadnt you been there before either, Zaynab?
Zaynab: Just once when I was quite little. But I dont
remember how we got there or anything like that.
Kenny: What did you think of the lunch they
Zaynab: Well, it was much better than I expected.
And it was good that we were in our own special
Kenny: Oh, do you think so? It was a bit small and
airless, there. I think Id rather have been in the main
cafeteria with all the other visitors. It looked like a
lovely room.
Zaynab: Yes, but that would have been slower, Im
sure, and we wouldnt have been able to do so much
in the afternoon.
Kenny: Yes, the afternoon was great, wasnt it. I loved
the film, didnt you? That really was the highlight of
the trip for me.
Zaynab: I couldnt agree more! It was astonishing.
Very beautifully made. I enjoyed the tour afterwards
almost as much, you know when we went round that
special exhibition of surgical instruments from the
past. The guide was really good, I thought.
Kenny: She had a great sense of humour. They were
pretty terrifying objects but she still made me laugh
with her stories about them.
Zaynab: Absolutely!
Kenny: I was just sorry we didnt have the chance to
go to the top floor of the museum at all.
Zaynab: Me too. How about going back there
together some time soon? Id have time during the
holidays. Would you?
Kenny: Im not sure. Id certainly like to but Im going
to be very busy catching up with my assignments. Id
really rather wait till after the holidays.
Zaynab: OK, thats fine with me too.
SCD 13

Unit 12 (page 55)

1 What caused the delay to the train from London?

We apologise to passengers waiting for trains
between Liverpool and London. Heavy snowfall
has blocked the line north of here causing delays
to the Liverpool train. We are working to clear this
as quickly as possible. The train to London has
also been delayed by bad weather conditions, by
flooding in the Northport area. This train is,
however, expected to arrive within the next half
hour. Signal failure has resulted in the train due in

from London at 10.45 being about five minutes

late. We apologise to passengers for any
inconvenience caused.
2 Where does the woman find her boarding pass?
Woman: Oh dear. I cant find my boarding card.
Where on earth did I put it?
Man: Calm down. Its probably in your handbag.
You usually put tickets and things in that little side
pocket, dont you?
Woman: Yes, but its not there. Ive got my
passport and my ticket but not the boarding card.
Man: What about in your jacket pocket?
Woman: Oh, thank goodness. Here it is. It was
inside my passport all the time!
3 Where should passengers for Zurich go now?
Passengers on flight CH351 to Geneva are
requested to go now to Gate 15 where their plane
will soon be ready to board. Any passengers
concerned about connections from Geneva should
enquire at the information desk. Passengers on the
Zurich flight CH964 should proceed to the
departure lounge. There will be a slight delay to
that flight but that is unlikely to be more than
twenty minutes.
SCD 14

Unit 13 (page 59)

OK. Can you all listen carefully please. I need to give

you some information about next Saturdays table
tennis tournament. The details have changed a bit. Its
not going to be in the Northport Sports Centre as I
told you originally. Its actually going to be at the
Horsham Sports Centre thats spelt H-O-R-S-H-AM. Weve arranged for a couple of coaches to take all
the players there. But please note the coaches wont
leave from the school, theyre going to leave from the
Market Square. So can you all meet there at 9 a.m. on
Saturday? Please dont be late. We wont wait, Im
warning you. So if youre not there in good time, youll
have to make your own way there. Now, what to wear.
You can wear anything that feels comfortable to play
in but Id like you all please to travel in your school
tracksuit. We will look much more professional that
way. It would be sensible to bring a packed lunch.
You can get stuff there if you forget but its quite
So it should be a really good day. There are five
different age categories and we have competitors in
each of these. The best players in each age group will
win a book of their choice. There will be people from
schools all over this region and Im sure well have
some very exciting matches.
After the tournament is over there will be a barbecue
in the evening, so that should be fun. Last year there
was a disco after the tournament and that was a huge
success. You can let your parents know that we
should be back at the Market Square by about half
past ten.
OK. Any questions?

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Recording Scripts
SCD 15

Unit 14 (page 63)

Interviewer: With me in the studio today I have

Michael Murdo who has just written a fascinating
book on great railway stations of the world. Michael, I
imagine your interest in trains and stations started
when you were a small boy?
Michael: Thats right. My younger brother and I were
both always fascinated by trains. He even followed in
our uncles footsteps and became a train driver. It was
our dad who got us both excited by the romance of
rail travel, though. He often used to take us down to
our local station just to look at the engines.
Int: So would you say that you started collecting
material for this book when you were a boy then?
Michael: Not really. But when I was at university the
idea began to take shape and I began keeping photos
and notes that I thought might come in useful one
day. It was only when I got my first job as a teacher
that I actually got round to writing anything up
systematically, though.
Int: What is your own favourite railway station?
Michael: Well the station in that town, Oakworth,
which is in the north of England, in Yorkshire certainly
has a great feel to it. Its been restored as a
nineteenth century station. Theres no electricity, only
gas lights and all the Victorian style telephones still
work. Its been used in several films, not surprisingly. I
have very happy memories of Venice station which I
first saw as a student back-packing round Europe. I
love the way you come out right on to the Grand
Canal. Oberalp is also very special. Its the highest
point on the Swiss Glacier Express route and is a
wonderful tiny station, especially in winter. Theyre all
fantastic places in their different ways. But I guess
that, yes, the one in my home town has to be my
favourite of all.
Interviewer: As part of your book you surveyed a
thousand people, didnt you, to ask for their top
Michael: Thats right. And Grand Central Station in
New York came in first place. The bitter-sweet
atmosphere that many stations have is really captured
well by the 1945 novel, By Grand Central Station I Sat
Down and Wept. Many people find its architecture
beautiful but its not altogether to my taste although it
does have the most fantastic oyster bar!
Interviewer: Do tell us more about your survey. I
image the people you interviewed were mainly men?
Michael: Far from it. I had equal numbers of both
genders. And women seem to love the romance of
stations as much as men do. I had people from a
range of nationalities too. I did limit it to people over
40, though, as I wanted to go for people who had had
the opportunity to see quite a few railway stations.
Int: Fair enough. So what are you planning to write
next? Some thing on airports perhaps?
Michael: Well, they dont have quite the appeal of
stations do they? Not yet, anyway. No Im going to
stay with trains. I wondered about doing something
on the greatest engines of the world but in the end

Ive opted to do something on the great railway

stations of India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan
and the like. As you can imagine, Im having some
great trips as I prepare to write it
SCD 16

Unit 15 (page 67)

Nettie: Did you see that programme on TV last night

about being a celebrity? It was so annoying.
Adam: Was it? I wanted to watch but I got back from
work very tired and just fell asleep in front of the TV.
Nettie: Well, you didnt miss much! There was a lot
about famous footballers and pop stars and their
lifestyles. Some of them earn more money than they
know what to do with.
Adam: Well, Im quite interested in pop stars but
footballers leave me cold.
Nettie: Really. Its the other way round for me.
Adam: I can understand the argument, though, for
footballers getting huge salaries their career is very
short and I suppose they do have a certain talent. But
they shouldnt get as much as they do.
Nettie: Absolutely! They get all that money and then
when they get married they invite celebrity magazines
so that everything gets paid for for them. Its just
greedy, I think.
Adam: Yes, but you read those magazines, dont you?
Id never buy one but I often look at them when Im at
the doctors or somewhere like that.
Nettie: So do I. But I always wish I hadnt. Theyre a
total waste of time.
Adam: Are you sure youre not just jealous? Dont you
fancy being a celebrity yourself?
Nettie: I used to. When I was about 12, I used to
stand in front of the mirror with my hairbrush
pretending I was a pop singer. But now I realise Id
hate it. They have no privacy.
Adam: I could cope with that. Id actually love to have
that lifestyle. It never used to appeal to me but it does
now. My job is so boring!
Nettie: Well, anyway, the programme last night was so
annoying that I think Im going to email the producers
and complain. Will you help me write something?
Adam: Sorry, Nettie. Ive got a report to write for work
and its going to take me all evening. Ask Jenny. Shes
good at that sort of thing.
SCD 17

Unit 16 (page 71)

1 What does the woman think caused her cold?

Man: Youve got a terrible cold, Wendy!
Woman: I know. Its driving me mad.
Man: I told you you shouldnt go swimming
outdoors at this time of year!
Woman: Oh, Im sure it wasnt that. Ive swum in
much worse weather, even in the pouring rain a
few weeks ago. No, I think its because I got stuck
next to someone with a streaming cold on the way
to work the other day. Im certain I caught it from
Man: Maybe. Anyway, can I get you a hot drink?

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2 What does the girl plan to do to improve her

Man: Are you still going jogging every day,
Girl: I havent been for ages, Im afraid. I hurt my
knee and I stopped going.
Man: Oh dear.
Girl: Oh its OK. Its better now but I just havent
got back into it. I dont fancy it any more. But I
must do some more exercise. Im aware Im not as
fit as I was. Im going to try cycling, I think.
Man: Well that wouldnt be very good if youve got
a bad knee.
Girl: Oh its better now. And Im not keen on yoga
or any of those other things my friends do. I like to
be out in the open air.
3 What does the doctor recommend the man
Doctor: I cant find any real problems, Mr Smith,
but if youre having problems getting to sleep at
night then you may find that changing your habits
helps a bit. Make sure you dont eat anything less
than two hours before you go to bed except for a
hot milky drink perhaps. Oh, and youd probably
feel more tired if you didnt drive everywhere. You
could easily walk to your workplace, couldnt you?
That would be of great benefit to your health and
would also help your insomnia.

Unit 17

(page 75)
Well, class, today were going to start off by talking a
bit about lions. The lion, as you know, is a member of
the cat family, it is sometimes called the king of the
animals and it is a very special creature. It is unusual
in that it can hunt and kill animals even bigger than
itself. This is because like the wild dog it hunts in a
pack or group. No other wild cat not even the
leopard or the tiger, whom it resembles in other ways
does this.
Lions live in groups which are generally known as
prides. The pride usually has about 12 animals in it
and there are always more lionesses than lions in the
pride. This is because young males, once they get old
enough, tend to go off and join another group of
females as there is usually just one dominant or alpha
male in each group.
Its the female lion who is responsible for hunting for
the pride as well as bringing up the young. She looks
quite different from the male as she does not have a
mane that is the large mass of hair the male lion has
on his head. She probably lacks this because it
means she can run faster and catch food for the
family more easily.
Lions have two or three young every two years. Like
all mammals the mother lion feeds them herself. The
fur of the young is slightly different in that it has some
darker patches on it. These gradually disappear as
the animal gets older.
When standing up the male lion with his large mane

SCD 18


can look very frightening, particularly when he is

upset or angry. He shows he is in an angry mood
when he pulls his lips backwards in a distinctive way
and starts waving his tail. Rivals know then that it is
time for them to leave if they want to avoid a fight.
So, Ive told you a little bit about this beautiful and
interesting creature. Were going to carry on doing
some more work about them. For homework can you
please have a look on the Internet and see what you
can find for tomorrow. Some good photos perhaps?
Or maybe a famous poem or painting? You can show
us all what you find tomorrow.
SCD 19

Unit 18 (page 79)

Thank you for coming along to the school this evening

to hear about the programme of language courses
that we organise each year for our pupils, their
parents and others in the local community. I very
much hope that many of you will decide to come
along to one of these classes. As last year, youll be
able to do English or Spanish but this year weve also
arranged for there to be courses in Arabic and
Russian as a lot of people have requested those.
You can join a class at whatever level is best for you
beginners, intermediate or advanced. Thats apart
from Russian which is not being offered this time at
an intermediate or advanced level. Perhaps next year.
If youre not sure whether a class would be suitable
for you or not, then ring the school secretary and ask
to have a word with Miss Thompson thats T-H-O-MP-S-O-N. We also have a Miss Thomson without a P
on the staff but she deals with physics rather than
languages and so wont be able to help with any
queries about these courses.
Some classes are held in the evenings and some on
Saturday mornings. The former are two and a half
hours and the weekend ones are three hours. Youll
get a break for a coffee or just to stretch your legs in
the middle, of course.
The courses will be held in the maths block. If you
dont already know the school, therell be plenty of
signs showing you the way. If you want to have a look
this evening then youll find it behind the art studio,
which is the modern building you see if you turn left
and left again as you leave this lecture theatre.
If you decide to take one of these courses then you
will be allowed to use our school library. This has
some excellent materials to help you with your
studies. Unfortunately the school caf will not be
open but there are plenty of places nearby where
you can get a drink or a snack.
SCD 20

Unit 19 (page 83)

1 What does the woman need to do now?

Woman: Thanks for putting those papers away for
me, William. Thats really helpful.
Man: No problem. Is there anything else I can do
to help? I know youre busy.
Woman: Yes, Ive got to finish this report for this

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Recording Scripts
afternoons meeting. Could you perhaps make
some photocopies of these figures I want to hand
out too? Thatd be really useful. Thanks.
2 What work experience has the girl had?
Man: So why do you think we should give you this
job, Molly? You havent had much experience of
working with children, have you?
Girl: No, but Im very used to working with people.
I spent last summer taking tourists round the town.
I had to tell them all about the sights and also take
them shopping. A lot of them didnt speak very
good English, so I think I got quite good at
explaining things slowly and clearly.
Man: I see. Well that could certainly be a useful
skill for us.
3 Where will the mans new job be?
Woman: I hear youve got a new job, Paul.
Man: Yes, Im really excited about it. Its been
good at the museum but I feel its time to move on
Woman: Youre going to be at that new factory
near the railway station, arent you?
Man: Its the one beside my kids school actually.
So itll be really convenient for dropping them off in
the morning.
Woman: Great!
SCD 21

Unit 20 (page 87)

Right today were going to look at global warming and

how it is affecting Australia. Global warming and
climate change are already particularly noticeable
there. Over the past century Australias temperature
has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius. This may not sound
a lot but it has already made itself felt in terms of the
climate. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases mean
that temperatures in Australia are expected to rise
another 2 degrees by 2030 and up to 6 more degrees
by 2050. This is of course very serious for the country.
One of the main problems is that of rain. Australia
already has much less rain in many parts of the
country than it used to have. The South East and the
South West are likely to be particularly severely
affected in the future. Curiously enough, the North
West may actually become slightly wetter. The
coastlines in the south and elsewhere are also
expected to experience regular flooding as a result of
rising sea levels.
Australia has many world heritage sites, wonderful
places of natural beauty, and these are badly affected
by what is happening. Coral in the Great Barrier Reef
is already beginning to die. It is only a matter of time
before such famous places as Uluru also known as
Ayers Rock, of course and Shark Bay are seriously
affected too. This would be a tragedy not only for
Australia but also for the world.
It is not only the natural world that will suffer but also
farming. From the farming point of view the rise in
temperatures in itself is not such a bad thing perhaps

as warmer temperatures mean a longer growing

season. However, a certain amount of farmland will be
lost because of rising sea levels. Most serious of all,
the fact that the country will be so much dryer will
cause huge problems for farmers needing water for
their crops to grow.
Many of Australias current problems are a direct result
of the growth of greenhouse gases. Reducing these
would not solve all the problems of global warming but
would do a great deal to help avoid at least some of
the problems. It might not halt the rise in sea levels
though it would certainly slow this down. But it would
give wildlife the breathing space to adapt to changes
and would give the country the necessary time to
develop its health care system to keep up with the
medical problems that are caused by climate change.
Many feel that it is very important that Australia
should follow the lead of such countries as Sweden
and commit to targets of lowering greenhouse gases
by say 60 per cent by 2050. The country is, like others
such as the United States, considering the idea but
has not yet made a firm commitment to do so. If it
fails to do so the consequences are likely to be
extremely serious.

Recording scripts
Practice test 1
(Audio CD-ROM and Class CD 2)
SCD 22


Part 1
Example: What time will the man catch a train?
Man: Hello, Rita? Im afraid Ive just missed the
6.15 train, so Im going to arrive later than we
planned. Go straight to the theatre and Ill meet
you there. Ill have to wait for the 6.45. There is a
6.30, but its a slow train that stops at every
country station, so I wont take that one. Ill wait
for the next fast train. See you later!
1 What did James buy?
Woman: Thanks for doing the shopping for me,
James. Were so busy at work, Ill probably have to
work late tomorrow, too.
Man: Thats all right. I left the fruit there, on the
kitchen table. I just got bananas and grapes. I
didnt get apples because I couldnt find any nice
Woman: Fine. Wheres the meat? You didnt forget
it, did you?
Man: Of course not! Its in the fridge. Oh, and I
didnt buy any ice cream, because I checked the
freezer before I went, and weve got some already.
2 Which animals does John have on his farm now?
Woman: Its a long time since I visited your farm,
John. Do you still have the same animals as when I
was there?

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 72

Man: Let me see. That was three years ago, wasnt

it? That was before we got the chickens.
Woman: Thats right. We didnt see them. You had
the cows, of course, for the cheese business, and
a couple of horses for the kids to ride.
Man: Oh, the old horses have gone, Im afraid. But
the cheese business is still doing well.
3 How will the man get to work?
Man: I dont think I can go to work on my bike
today. Its raining so hard. Can you give me a lift in
the car?
Woman: Well, I suppose I could, but the traffic is
always awful at this time. Cant you catch a bus?
Man: There isnt one that will get me to work on
time. If I do that Ill be late.
Woman: OK then, but wed better leave now! Can
you have your breakfast in the canteen at work?
4 What did the woman look like as a child?
Woman : Have I ever shown you this photo of my
school class, Joe? I was six when this was taken!
See if you can recognise me.
Man: Wow, no! Ive never seen this before. This is
you, isnt it? The pretty little girl with long dark
Woman : No, it isnt! My mother didnt allow me to
have long hair. And when I was a child my hair was
fair, not dark. That girl was called Sandra I
always hated her!
5 Which part of his body has Fred hurt?
Woman : Fred, whats happened to you! Have you
had an accident?
Man: Oh, I did something really silly. I was jogging
in the park, and I fell over a branch of a tree. It was
the day after that big storm last week.
Woman : Did you hit your head on the ground?
Man: No, not at all. I fell on my hands, but they
were OK, too. Ive just broken a small bone in my
6 Which earrings is Sylvia going to buy?
Man: Come on, Sylvia, weve been in this shop for
hours! Which earrings are you going to buy? Those
square ones look great to me.
Woman : Oh no, I dont like that shape at all. I
really like these big round ones. The problem is,
they cost too much.
Man: Well, look. There are some that are almost
the same, but theyre much cheaper. I mean,
theyre the same shape and colour. You could get
Woman : OK, I will! Theyre smaller than the
others, but thats all right.
7 Which map shows where the bar is?
Man: Can you come and meet me after work at the
Irish bar in Green Street?
Woman : OK, but Ive never been there. Youll have
to give me directions.

Man: Fine. Its easy. Come out of the station and

turn right. Walk along to the crossroads, go
straight on, and then cross the road and take the
second turning on the left. The bar is on the left,
just before you come to a cinema.
Woman : OK. That sounds quite easy. See you
around 7.30.
Class CD2 3
Part 2
Hello. Im Neil Sanders, and Id like to tell you how I
became interested in the environment and
environmental issues. It all started for me with an
interest in animals. When I was a child I lived in
central London, and we didnt even have a cat in the
house, but my fathers older brother was a farmer, and
we used to spend some time with him in school
holidays. He let me help feed his pigs, and thats how
it started.
When I left school I studied zoology at university, and
went into teaching for a few years, before I became a
producer of radio programmes. I helped to make a
series on famous zoos and on rare animals. Then I
decided I wanted to travel, and I also had some ideas
I wanted to research and write about, so I left my safe
job and went off to see the world. I started to learn
more about environmental issues in the different
places I saw, and I wrote some articles for
newspapers, and then a book.
Thats how I became a journalist with a special
interest in the environment. When I started, I didnt
realise how exciting that job can be! Its taken me all
over the world, to places most people never see, and
Ive met some fantastic people. But Ive also been in
several car crashes, Ive been ill in places with no
hospital, and once someone tried to shoot me!
As we all know now, there are some big challenges to
our future on this planet. We have to develop new
ways of producing power, using wind and waves
instead of oil. We have to stop destroying the
rainforest and its wonderful wildlife. But of course the
most important challenge is global warming, and what
we can do to end it.
I know that many ordinary people are now doing lots
of good things, like growing vegetables or cycling
instead of driving cars, but what we really need to
do is persuade governments to take action. If we use
our votes wisely, we can all help to save the world.
I really believe that.
As for myself at the moment Im getting ready for
the international conference on the environment this
autumn. Im one of the speakers. Ive just completed
my latest book, which is about the oil industry, and it
would be great to relax for a few weeks. But theres
always too much to do, so no chance
SCD 24
Class CD2 4
Part 3
Right everyone, welcome to the Hotel Flora, where
well be staying for the next three nights. Now, Im

TotalPET_TB 1-12_9C0022 23/01/12 10:05 Pagina 73

Recording Scripts
sure youre tired and want to get to your rooms, but
before you do that, I just want to mention a few
First, breakfast is served from 7 to 9, and thats in the
Garden Room just there, opposite reception.
Now, I think most of you have bought tickets for the
tour of the city of Trinidad which weve arranged for
tomorrow. Yes? Good! Well, the coach will pick us up
at 9.30, so can you all meet me here at reception at
9.15? Please dont be late, because we have a full
days programme!
Well walk around the old city in Trinidad, and we
should have time to visit the cathedral and also the
museum which I do recommend its small but
there are some really lovely things on display.
Weve booked lunch for you at an excellent seafood
restaurant thats included, of course, in the cost of
the ticket, but youll need to bring some money with
you for drinks and tips those are extras.
After that, on the way back, well stop just for about
half an hour at a very pretty village, typical of this part
of the country, where there are some shops selling the
silver objects that the local people make. They make
very attractive presents or souvenirs to take home.
Dinner is back here in the hotel at 7. Oh now, theres
one more thing I should mention. The Hotel Flora has
no pool, but if you want to swim, they have an
arrangement with the Hotel Karolina you spell it
K-A-R-O-L-I-N-A, if you want to make a note just
five minutes away, down the road from here...
SCD 25
Class CD2 5
Part 4
Pete: Hi, Liz!
Liz: Hello, Pete! I was just thinking about phoning
you! You know its Mum and Dads big wedding
anniversary soon, dont you?
Pete: Of course! How could I forget that? Married for
forty years its amazing! But how are we going to
celebrate? Ive no idea what they want to do.
Liz: Difficult, isnt it? Id be happy to organise a party
for them, but Dads such a quiet, private person.
Would he enjoy it?
Pete: Probably not. Mums so different. She loves
having the family around her. Shed have a great time!
Liz: Hmm. Well, I think we must find something theyd
both like.
Pete: Got any ideas?
Liz: Well, they both love good food. Why dont we
take them out for dinner somewhere nice?
Pete: and...?
Liz: and thats it. You dont like that idea?
Pete: Its OK, but its not special enough for an
occasion like this.
Liz: You suggest something, then.
Pete: OK, I will. Lets send them on holiday together.
Maybe a cruise something theyll always remember.
Liz: Wow, Pete! Do you know what cruises cost?
Pete: Yes, actually. Ive checked on the internet and
there are some at very reasonable prices.

Liz: Really? Do you think so? Well, you earn a lot

more than I do
Pete: Honestly, Liz, after everything Mum and Dad
have done for you
Liz: Dont lecture me, Pete! Youre a single man with a
high salary. You cant imagine how expensive life is
with three kids to educate.
Pete: Youre right, I cant. But I do think you can
afford just once in your life to put your hand in your
wallet for our parents on this very special occasion.
Liz: OK, Pete, listen. Im not going to have a big fight
with you. Were not going to scream and shout. Lets
both take some time to think about this, and well talk
some more at the weekend.
Pete: Fine, Liz, fine. Whatever you say

Recording scripts
Practice test 2
(Audio CD-ROM in MP3 format and Class CD 2)
SCD 26
CD2 6
Part 1
Example: What has the girl lost?
Man: What are you looking for, Suzie? Have you
lost your calculator again?
Woman: No, its there on my desk look, its there
beside that ruler I got at the museum.
Man: Oh, right. I thought that was Janes.
Woman: No, I cant find my pencil sharpener. And I
badly need it. All the crayons I need are blunt and
Ive got to get this work done quickly.
Man: Dont worry. Have mine. Just dont forget to
give it back!
1 Which girl is Anna?
Man: Can you see that girl over there? Shes
talking to that group of people near the bar. Do you
know her?
Woman: Which girl do you mean? Is she wearing a
short skirt and some kind of top?
Man: No, I dont mean her. Im talking about the
one whos wearing a dress a bit like yours.
Woman: Oh, I see! Well, my dress is a lot longer
than hers! Yes, I know her. Her names Anna. Shes
at school with me. Do you want to meet her?
2 What did the boy do first today?
Woman: Hello, there! Youre having a very active
day! I saw you at the tennis club this morning and
now here you are, out riding your bike!
Man: Well, Im at school all week, so I try to get
outdoors as much as possible at the weekend.
Before you saw me at the club this morning, Id
already spent a couple of hours having a run.
Woman: Amazing! Well, you certainly look fit and
Man: I hope so!

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3 What time will they pick the girl up?

Man: Dad can give us both a lift to the school
concert tomorrow evening if you like. We could
pick you up at 7.
Woman: Thatd be too late for me! I said Id help to
get things ready so I need to be there at 6.30.
Man: Oh, OK. I dont mind getting there early too.
Shall we come to yours at 6 then?
Woman: OK, thatd be great. If youre sure thats
not too early for your dad.
4 How much do the boots cost?
Woman 1: Come and look in this shop window. Do
you see those boots? Theyre exactly what I want,
but I cant afford them.
Woman 2: Hm. 90 euros. Thats not too expensive
for good leather boots. Why dont you go in and
try them on?
Woman 1: Oh, I really cant spend more than 40
just now. I already owe my brother 60, and I
havent got much of my birthday money left!
Woman 2: Listen, the sales are coming soon. Wait
a couple of weeks and those boots will probably
be 50 per cent cheaper!
5 Where are they going to meet?
Woman: Hi, Tim. Im in the town centre with Milly.
Do you want to come and meet us somewhere?
Man: Right. Im in the book-shop, so youre probably
very near me. Can you come and find me here?
Woman: Actually, were tired of the shops. We
want to go to our favourite caf and have a drink
and a chat.
Man: OK, well, Ill see you there in about 20
minutes. I just want to check whats on at the
cinema. Perhaps we could all go and see a film
together later this afternoon?
6 What does the boy still need to get?
Woman: How do you like your bedroom in your
new house? Have you got everything you need?
Man: Almost. I just need some small things. In
fact, Ive just bought a great desk lamp thatll look
good and be really useful. The only thing I still
need to get now are some new posters.
Woman: Oh. Have you bought any new cushions?
They really help to make a room look good.
Man: Hmm. I still like the ones I had in my room in
the old house.
7 What will they give their grandmother for her
Man: You know its Grandmas birthday next
week? Ive bought a card for her, but I dont know
what present to get. Have you got any good ideas?
Woman: Hm, lets think. Not chocolates
everybody always buys her those, and now she
says shes trying to give them up. I know why
dont we both buy some plants for her garden?
Man: Brilliant! She loves growing things, so thats
an excellent suggestion. One thing, though what

if Mum and Dad have the same idea?

Woman: They wont. Theyve already got her a
new camera.
SCD 27
CD 2 7
Part 2
Woman 1: So, Estelle, youre only 20 but youre
already a very successful ballet dancer. Youve made
your name both here and abroad in some of the major
roles. What first made you first interested in the
ballet? Was it the film Ballet Shoes as it has been for
so many other young girls?
Woman 2 : Well, I did love that film and I always loved
reading ballet stories too. But my love for ballet
started even earlier than that. The girl who lived next
door used to do it every Saturday. She was a couple
of years older than me but we used to play together. I
thought she was wonderful and wanted to be like her
in every way!
Woman 1: So how old were you when you started
Woman 2: I started when I was only about 4, I think. I
know when I was five I was going to lessons every
Saturday and by the time I was 9 I was spending all
my free time on ballet in some way or another. I first
danced in front of an audience when I was 7. I fell
over but it didnt stop me wanting to make it my
career even then.
Woman 1: So do you still love it?
Woman 2: Absolutely! Whats not to love! Youre
working to such wonderful music all the time that
has to be the best thing. Then you get to dance with
other dancers from all over the world. You travel, you
have lots of friends. I feel so lucky in every way.
Woman 1: But you have to put in very long hours of
Woman 2: Yes, its not all easy, of course. But I enjoy
the practising too in fact. And Im lucky because my
mum usually travels with me so Im not lonely or
anything like that. I suppose the only thing Im sorry
about is that I havent spent as much time at ordinary
school as most people. Im pretty ignorant about lots
of things. But maybe one day
Woman 1: So, how do you see your future?
Woman 2: Well, Im really keen to work and study
abroad. Ive had some great times in Moscow and in
Paris in particular. But I think Id like to study in New
York next. Theyre doing some very exciting work
there at the moment.
Woman 1: But a dancers life doesnt go on for as
long as other careers, does it? Do you think youll end
up as a ballet teacher?
Woman 2: Well, thats always an option. And several
ballet dancers I know have gone on to work on TV. I
quite fancy that. But what Id really like I think would
be to move into something quite different. I can see
myself running a little seaside guesthouse, I think! It
would make a brilliant contrast to my life now. And I
think Id like that when the time comes.
Woman 1: Well, thank you very much, Estelle.

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Recording Scripts
SCD 28
CD 2 8
Part 3
OK, so first this morning I want to give you some
information about this years school play. This year
were going to put on a play called Show Me. Several
of you had parts in last years production and you
were extremely good too, if I may say so. I hope that
you and others as well will try out for a part in this
years play.
As you know the play is a highlight of every school
year here. Usually we do a comedy as was the case
last year. But this year were trying something
different. Its a musical! It should be really good. Its
full of life and there are excellent parts for both boys
and girls.
You may have seen another musical by the same
writers a film was made of it. Its called Green
Cheese and took place on the moon. The one youre
going to be doing is set on a tropical island. At least
that should be a bit easier in terms of decorating the
stage and so on.
So if youre interested in taking part please come
along to a meeting on Friday, no, sorry, its actually
tomorrow. Youll be told a lot more about the play and
what taking part would involve and hopefully will then
decide that you want to go for it. Oh, yes, I forgot to
tell you where the meeting is. Itll be in the gym.
Unfortunately, it cant be in the lecture hall as the
headmaster has a meeting in there then.
There are plenty of opportunities for you to take part.
There are actually thirty eight different characters in
all. Sixteen of those are non-speaking roles. But
everyone has to sing. You dont have to be a brilliant
singer for one of the smaller parts but its best if you
can at least sing in tune, of course! If singings not for
you, then there are other things you can do. Lets of
helpers will be needed. Thatll be for all sorts of
different backstage and front of house tasks.
So now are there any questions

SCD 29
CD 2 9
Part 4
Woman: Well, that wasnt one of the best weeks
weve ever had at school, was it?
Man: Not really. We seemed to have more work to do
than ever before. But today was OK, though.
Woman: Do you think so? I thought it was a bad end
to a bad week.
Man: Oh, I dont know. I enjoyed our lesson with the
new English teacher. I wasnt so sure about her but I
always like it when we do acting in class.
Woman: Oh I hate standing up in front of the class
and acting! It was my worst lesson of the day. But I
did like the teacher she didnt make me take part. I
think shell probably be really nice.
Man: I hope youre right! Im not sure yet. Im not
really that keen on English. I think we should do more
useful stuff. Like learning how to write good texts and
stuff. You know, how to say things as briefly as
possible, using lots of abbreviations.
Woman: You mean like L8 for late and stuff like that?
Man: Yes, and LOL for lots of love.
Woman: Well we learn how to do that anyway. We
dont need to study that in class surely. But I do agree
that there are probably some other more useful things
that we could spend time on.
Man: Did you see that documentary last night about
how English lessons have changed over the years?
Woman: No, did you?
Man: I recorded it but havent watched it yet. I
thought it could be useful for that talk weve got to do
next week.
Woman: Thats a good idea. Im glad weve got to talk
about schools in the past. Its a more interesting
subject than some of the other pairs were given.
Man: Thats right. Anyway, do you fancy getting
together over the weekend and doing some work on
Woman: Sure. How about on Sunday? Maybe we
could do a bit of our science project together too.
Man: Well, Ive already finished mine. I actually
handed it in today!
Woman: OK, well Ill do mine on Sunday morning if
you want to come round in the afternoon then.
Man:Great. See you then.


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Felicity ODell

Total PET:
covers all of the vocabulary on the PET word list and practises using it in context
can be used to prepare for the PET for Schools exam
offers up to 50 hours of teaching material for intensive exam preparation or use alongside a general
language course

Rosalie Kerr

Total PET is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge ESOL Preliminary English Test PET
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Felicity ODell


Teachers Book

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Teachers Book

answer key and teachers notes to hep you get the most out of the material in the Students Book
answer key for the exercises and Practice Tests in the Vocabulary Maximiser
sample answer sheets for the PET exam
recording scripts for the listening exercises in both the Students Book and Vocabulary Maximiser

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