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Students awareness of the function of the Students Representative

Council in UTHM.
The title for our research problem is Students Awareness of the
Function of the MPP in UTHM. MPP stands for Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar or
Students Representative Council.
MPP are divided to two that is faculty and general. Usually MPP is
the one who active in the university. They own a very enormous
enthusiasm to help students to solve their problems especially related to
university and capable to produce new opportunities to university
(Ahmad, Ghazali, & Hassan, 2011). They need to go through a democracy
system that been selected by highest voting. The main reason for these
student representatives are selected among students so that they could
channel everyones light suggestions & complaints without have to face
the administrator. For being MPP is not easy at all because they could not
escape from various sources of life pressure such as assignments,
examinations and also to fulfil lecturers expectation (Renk & Smith,
The organisation of MPP consist of six members of high council
which were Yang di-Pertua (YDP), Timbalan Yang di-Pertua 1 (TYDP1),
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua 2 (TYDP2), Setiausaha Agung (SUA), Setiausaha
Kerja (SUK), Bendahari Kehormat and 10 departments under the High
Council. The 10 departments are Jabatan Kerohanian dan Pembangunan








Kepimpinan, Jabatan Kelab Persatuan dan Sekretariat, Jabatan Sukan

Kebudayaan dan Kokurikulum, Jabatan Akademik dan Intelektual, Jabatan
Pengaduan Awam dan Fasiliti, Jabatan Kolej Kediaman dan Kebajikan,
Jabatan Publisiti dan Multimedia and Jabatan Seranta Hubungan Luar dan
Antarabangsa. There are 34 members of student councils in UTHM. Each

department have their own work scopes that have been fixed by the
Many of the students dont have fix ideas of what are the
importances of the MPPs in every university. Here are the lists of the role
of student councils that is ensuring the general welfare of all students of
this university. This it does by serving as the voice of all students by
presenting issues as are necessary for a smooth academic environment.
This takes the form of negotiations, and lobbying on behalf of students.
This is clearly the case in school fees negotiations.

The MPP has the power to lobby the university to make change in a
number of different ways, including being an intermediate person in
between students and administrator to more money for student activities,
taking a public stance on a particular political or ethical issue, or
improving the teaching experience. All of these actions begin in the MPP.
There have two objectives in our research problem. Firstly, is to
investigate whether the students are aware of the existence of MPP in
UTHM. This is because most of the students dont put much attention
about the objective and the whole organisation. Our second objective is to
investigate if the students are exposed with the function of the MPP in
UTHM. Most of them usually assumed the MPPs dont actually taking care
of the students affair.