Introduction Communication Field Embedded and Electronics Field Network Field Petroleum Field Extra Technical Requirements Master in Egypt and abroad Training before Graduation Training After Graduation How to search jobs Grade and Graduation project Soft Skills

This is not a soft skills seminar !!!! This is my point of view !!! We will talk about the different fields in the Electric Engineering market (with emphasis in Embedded and Electronics) and the basic requirements for each introducing examples from each field. Don’t think that there are no jobs. There are many jobs but you need to be prepared well.

Electrical Engineering Market
Survey and Technical requirements
Prepared by: Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Hamza Email: a_m_hamza@yahoo.com 14-July-2007

Communication Field
Three broad categories: Mobile Fixed Lines Satellite (Nilesat) http://www.nilesat.com.eg

The companies in this field usually divided into: Operator Vendor Sub Contractor Job Categories: Radio planning BSS VAS Basic technical requirements: GSM architecture and planning Unix/Linux (for VAS) Basics of communication Systems and Microwave links

Mobile Cont.
Operator: Mobinil (Alex.) http://www.mobinil.com Vodafone (Alex.) http://www.vodafone.com.eg Etisalat (Alex.) http://www.etisalat.com.eg

Mobile Cont.
Vendor: Mobinil: Alcatel, Motorola (Alex) http://www.alcatel-lucent.com Vodafone: Ericsson http://www.ericsson.com/ericsson/worldwide/egypt.shtml Etisalat: huawei, Ericsson http://www.huawei.com

Mobile Cont.
Sub contractor Mobinil: MobiServe http://www.mobiserve.com.eg/

Fixed Lines
Company: Telecom Egypt (Alex.) www.telecomegypt.com.eg Job categories: Switching Transmission Basic technical requirements: Fiber optics CDMA Switching systems Basics of Microwave links

Fixed Lines cont.
Some related companies: Alcatel (Alex): http://www.alcatel-lucent.com QuickTel: http://www.quicktel.net/ Ericsson: http://www.ericsson.com/ericsson/worldwide/egypt.shtml Nortel: http://www.nortel.com/ CDMA ZTE: http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/ Teletech (Alex): http://www.teletech.com.eg

Embedded and Electronics Field
Advantages: This is an industry that develop our country. To work yon need to be qualified only !!! This market is increased nowadays. The salaries become higher than past. Disadvantages: Work load and tension compared to other fields with the same salary. You need more than the usual undergraduate study. The market is in Cairo till now. (Some companies are in their way to come to Alex).

Field Categories
Valeo: http://www.valeo.com/ Sysdsoft: http://www.sysdsoft.com quickTel: http://www.quicktel.net/ IBM: http://www.ibm.com/eg/ Newportmedia: http://www.newportmediainc.com/ Basic technical requirements:

Embdded C C++ Microcontrollers (Timers, Interrupts, UART, SPI,..) Microprocessors

Field Categories cont.
Mentor Graphics: resume_egc@mentor.com

SWS: human.resources@sws.com.eg Ensphere (To be come): http://www. enspheresolutions.com/ Basic technical requirements: Digital: VHDL/Verilog, C, C++ Analog: VHDL-AMS

Field Categories cont.
Programming and web applications (more related to computer science) Microsoft: http://www.microsoft. com/middleeast/egypt/english/default.aspx IBM: http://www.ibm.com/eg/ ITworx (Alex): http://www.itworx.com/ Basic technical requirements: C++ Jave C#

Embedded Example- Valeo
Scope: Embedded system for automotive industry Departments eSoftware Validation and unit testing System

Embedded Example- SysdSoft
Departments according to projects: Wimax (Mac Layer) WiFi Wireless USB RFIC Intention to come to Alex

Electronics ExampleMentor Graphics
Departments: Consultancy Quality Assurance (Analog, Digital) IP

Electronics ExampleSWS (Smart Wireless Systems )
Departments: Analog/mixed-signal RF design solutions IP

Networks field
The companies in this field are divided into two categories: Vendor Side Client Side (every where!!!) Basic technical requirements: CCNA AND MCSE Unix/Linux

Networks field cont.
Some examples: OMS: http://www.omsme.com/ Raya: http://www.rayacorp.com/ Orange: http://www.orange.co.uk/ TEdata: http://www.tedata.net/ Link (Alex): http://www.link. net/english/default Egytrans (Alex): http://www.egytrans.com/ http://www.egypt.gov.eg/ And more….

Petroleum field
Field Categories: Upstream industry Owner Company Contractor Services Downstream industry Basic technical requirements ( No strong technical requirements) Basics of electronics (opamps) Basics of Fluids and thermodynamics Basics of mechanical Engineering PLC for control

Petroleum field cont.
Upstream industry examples: Owner: Jabco, Badr El Din, Khalda Contractor: ADC: http://www.adcpetroleum.com/ Crosco: http://www.crosco.com/ Services: Schlumberger: http://www.slb.com/ Halliburton: http://www.halliburton.com/ Upstream industry examples: AMOC: http://amocalex.mkhoster.com/ Alexandria Petroleum

Extra Technical Requirements
Embedded Systems: RTOS ARM processor Electronics: System C System Verilog Communication: Wimax (OFDM) UMTS Network Juniper: http://www.juniper.net/

Master Degree system - Egypt
Alexandria University Cairo University

Master Degree abroad
I will talk about Europe because: 1. The known is US and Canada 2. The low fees in some countries in Europe

Master Degree abroad cont.
The procedures: Searching: Ranking, Previous experience, fees, English programs TOEFL: 80-100 in iBT (less than US and UK) GRE: Most universities in Europe don’t require GRE in Master Reference letters (2 or 3) Admission: Be careful about the admission period and be prepared By TOEFL and reference letters.

Master Degree abroad cont.
Some Useful links Google: The world’s top 100 technology universities (THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT) http://www.indiaeducation.info/studyabroad/BestUniversities/Technology-Universities.asp Google: Top 100 world universities in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences (ARWU) http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/ARWU-FIELD2007/ENG.htm

Training before Graduation
For Embedded: IEEE courses Science club For communication: Training in Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and Mobinil For Networks: Courses in New Horizons and Synergy For electronics: MIT: http://ocw.mit.edu/ Berkeley: http://webcast.berkeley.edu/courses.php

Training After Graduation
For Embedded, Electronics, Programming, Networks
Information Technology Institute (really it deserve 9 months) http://www.iti.gov.eg/ Software Engineering (Alex): SD, UNIX, Java Technologies for E-Business GIS Computer Networks Multimedia VLSI Mechatronics Media Convergence (New) Information Security (New) Embedded Systems (New)

Training After Graduation cont.
For Communication and Networks MCIT (9 months and 3 weeks) http://www.mcit.gov.eg/ptrain/ National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) http://www.nti.sci.eg/ Vodafone academy (9 months)

How to search jobs
Direct contact Al-ahram newspaper Forums and groups http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/EgyptDevelopers/ Vlsi Egypt (yahoo group) Job Fairs

Grade and Graduation project
Is the grade important? For Master Most companies the Grade is included in their evaluation like communication companies and some electronics companies like mentor. There are some companies that don’t care about grade like embedded and network companies (Valeo) Is the graduation project important? It is very in increasing your chances to be accepted if it is in the same field you apply for.

Soft Skills
It is very important to have excellent soft skills to be accepted in the job you wish. Your technical knowledge alone doesn’t pay. So you must make a good CV (there are templates in the word that are helpful) And you must be familiar with interview questions (Seminars, websites, others experience)

Good Luck and Thank you

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