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This lesson is an introduction to an Installation Art project where students will be looking at
how site-specific art can disrupt an environment. For this lesson, students will explore stickers
and how stickers are utilised by artists in a variety of ways. They can help convey messages,
ideas and concepts. Students will explore the concept of The Future to provoke thoughtful
and personal imagery.

Explore & Express Ideas
Students will explore the concept of The Future and how this might be translated through
gestures, symbols and other imagery.
Visual Arts Practice
Students will look at working with premade stickers and are going to work with pens/markers,
collage or digital to create their concepts.
Present & Perform
Students will look at how the stickers might be perceived within different context for example, looking at how the general public might view a sticker on a stop sign in comparison to a
sticker being displayed within a art gallery. Looking at context and the impact this has on the
message of the sticker.
Respond & Interpret
Students will look at a video of Yayoi Kusamas work Obliteration Room at the Tate Modern in
London. Through this, we will look at how artworks can be interactive and asks the audience
to enter into a conversation and participate in the art making process.


This lesson aims to:

Get students thinking about how artworks can interact with external spaces
Involve students with the medium of stickers and working with different media
Experiment with the art elements and principles in the creation of an artwork
Explore and use ideas and sources of inspiration from prompting themes
Use the material of stickers and apply technique
Use art terminology to annotate and develop exploratory work


By the end of this lesson, students will have:

A description of The Future based on the five senses

Created a series of 3 stickers that are in response to the idea of The Future

6. Sticker Activity
Hand out Instructional Card 2

PROCEDURE (90 minute Periods)

Teacher Activity

Student Activity

1. Welcome and Introduction

1. Listening and Responding

Each students gets a sheet of 3 stickers


Today we will explore an area of street art

called paste ups. We will be looking at some
theme and create our own paste ups that you
could potentially use on our art board
2. Video
3. Stream of Consciousness
Hand out Instructional Card 1
What can you see?
What can you smell?
What can you taste?
What can you feel?
What can you hear?
Write down see, smell, taste, feel, hear on
the board
4. Sharing
Turn to the person next to you and share
what you think of when you think of The

2. Listening and Watching

3. Activity 1
Students will be writing out 5 lines in their
Visual Diaries



Students can write using:

o Full sentences
o Listicles
o Descriptions
o Poem
o Haiku
4. Responding
What did you write, and what can you


Get students looking at how similar or

different they imagine the future to be like

Why do you think paste ups or stickers are

utilised within street art?
Where have you seen stickers being placed?
What other buildings or art did you see
around the sticker?
Does it change your perceptions of the location?

5. Discussion
Talking and discussing in the students table
groups about some of the questions posed
Assigning tasks to specific students in groups
1 Scribe
1 Presenter
The rest part of discussion
Share ideas for next class



They work on the individual stickers or create

a singular image over all three stickers

We will run through all the different materials

o Watercolour
o Copic Markers
o Collage (Magazine & Paper)
o Digital (Photoshop & Printing)
o Photocopier
As part of this activity, I want you to start illustrating what you wrote down based on the
5 senses. You can mix and match the sense
together or focus just on 3. You could even
create one large image on your sticker that
brings all the sense together.

7. Sharing
Students will be walking around and looking
at everyones work


8. Paste Up
Think about a potential site that you would
like to stick one of your stickers on, thinking
about how it might impact the look of the site
and who might encounter the sticker

8. Paste Up
Students will walk around the classroom and
stick up one of their stickers on the class art
wall and create a collection. Students will
take the other 2 stickers home


9. Pack Up & End

9. Pack Up & End


7. Sharing
Walk around and have a look at everyone
else sticker

What or where does this perception

originate from
5. Introduction to Sticker Art
Write the word on the board
In your table groups discuss the following

Hand out instructional Cards

6. Sticker Activity
Students will be working with the materials
provided to create their stickers

Talk to another person one thing interesting about their work and one thing that they
could expand on in their work


Artist of Exploration:
Yoko Ono
Sol LeWitt
Miguel Chevaller
Ai Wei Wei
Christo & Jeanna Claude
Behin Ha
Damien Hirst
Doris Salcedo
Celeste Boursier-Mougenot
Sou Fujimoto
Yayoi Kusama
Zaha Hadid
Doris Salcedo -
MCA Curator Rachel Kent on Yoko Onos Exhibition -
Tate Modern -
Instructional Cards


Write 5 line on The Future


What can you see?

What can you smell?
What can you taste?
What can you feel?
What can you hear?

Illustrate The Future on 3 stickers

Use a variety of materials and mediums