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Satisfaction level of employees benefits at Mcdonalds San Pedro: An Assessment Author

Survey Question
This survey that we conducted was based from the employees of one of the largest fast food
chain in the country about the benefits that the company provides to their employees.

Part 1: Demographic Profile

Direction: Please supply the needed information. Put check in the box of your choice.



Civil Status:

[ ] Male

[ ]Female

[ ] Single
[ ] Married
[ ] Widow
[ ] Separated
Educational Attainment:
[ ] College Graduate
[ ] High School
[ ] College Level
[ ] Vocational
[ ] Others

If you are College or Vocational graduate, please specify the course you have
taken up


Years in Service:
[ ] Less than 1 year
[ ] 3-5 years

[ ] 1-3 years
[ ] More than 5 years

Part 2: Elicit Satisfaction

Direction: Kindly check (/) the box that corresponds to your perceive level encountered.

5. Highly satisfactory 4. Satisfactory 3. Moderately Satisfactory 2. Not satisfactory 1.
Highly not satisfactory

Supplemental Compensation
Improve of Living Condition
Gain Employee Loyalty
Inspired work Efficiently
Assist Employee

Part 3: Mandatory Benefits

Direction: Kindly check (/) the box that corresponds to your perceived level encountered.
5. Highly Given

4.Moderately Given 3. Given

8. Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave
9. 13th Month Pay
10. Phil. Health
11. SSS
12. Pag-Ibig
13. Annual Vacation
14. Accident Insurance

2. Least Given

1. Not Given

Part 4: Fringe Benefits

5. Highly Given

4. Moderate Given

8. Free Lunch
9. Free Medical Consultation
10.Birthday Party discount
11. Incentives and Recognition
12. Restaurant activities
13. Employees privilege card

3. Given

2. Least Given

1. Not Given

Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction and Performance of the Employee of Chowking Festival Mall,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Survey Questionnaire
Direction: Please fill up that the questionnaire and dont leave any question unanswered. Rest
assured that all informations/ answers will be kept with confidentially. Thanks for your
Part 1. Respondents Profile
Civil Status:

[ ] Married

[ ] Single

[ ] Widow

Educational Attainment:
[ ] College Graduate
[ ] College Level/ Undergraduate
[ ] High School Graduate
Part 2. Job Satisfaction and Performance
A. Effects of Job Satisfaction and Performance
Direction: Use the Following Scale to determine the extent to the job satisfaction of employees a
check on the space provided for under corresponding scale.
5- Highly Affected
4- Affected
3- Moderately Affected
2- Slightly Affected
1- Never
1.1 Working Condition
1. Modern equipment being utilized
2. Comportable and conductive for
3. Adequate supplies, equipment, and

2.1 Management Team

4. Approachable management officer

5.Understanding to the problems and needs
of employees
6.Fair in giving promotion to the
7. Supportive in giving awards in finding
8. Guide and assist employees in their work
2.2 Training and Development

9.Attend and competent or productivity

enhancement interventions designed for your
10. Have program that weeks to prepare next
in rank to succeed incumbent
11. Prepare training programs for employees
to grow professionally
2.3 Compensation
12. Salary commensurate the work
13. Contentment with the present salary
14. Employees salary competes with other
15. Salary increase and other fringe benefits
given immediately to the employees

Dear Respondents,
The undersigned students are presently conducting a study entitled Factors Affecting
Employees Attitude Towards Work Performance At Jollibee Food Corporation Starmall,
Muntinlupa City. We would like to ask your assistance in regards to our study.
Attached in our letter are questionnaire for you to accomplish. Your cooperation
in answering the question is very vital to the study, we hope that you can offer a little of your
time in answering the following questions.
Your favourable kind of assistance will be most appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Amparo, Shiela May G.
Aquino, Israel C.
Asiado, Israel C.
Emperador, Realyn T.
Direction: Indicate your answer by (/) checking one of the options on the right side.
Part 1. Demographic Profile
Name (Optional):
( ) 18-25
( ) 26-30
( ) 31 and above
( ) Female ( ) Male
Civil Status:
( ) Single
( ) Married ( ) Widow
Educational Attainment:
( ) High School
( ) College ( ) Vocational
Direction: Indicate your answer by (/) checking one of the options on the right side of each
statement. The options are Strongly Agree (5), Agree (4), Moderately Agree (3), Disagree (2) and
Strongly Disagree (1).
Part II: What are the factors affecting employees attitude towards their performance at work in
terms of:
Increasing salary should be given to
employees so that there will be higher performance
result . Motivated employee leads to reach higher
salary earnings.
Employees will do a better job, if they given
some sort of incentives. Generally seen as an
important tool to motivate employees to achieve the
goals of the company, And it can boost up the work
of employees to do it well.
Working Environment

Having a good working environment can affect

the work of employees. Modern equipment can help
employees to developed effective skills.
Training and Development
Training and Development is essential in
improving the attitude of employees. It help to be
more innovative and productive in their work.
Recognition and Reward
Recognizing employees for their achieving
drive to be more motivated and productive.
Evaluating employees is one way to determining
who was to be recognized and rewarded.
Leadership/ Management
Many leaders make the mistake of assuming
that their team is only working for monetary reward.
Superior has a big impact in the work of employees.
Relationship with Colleagues
Negative relationship among co-workers could
drastically reduces ones life expectancy, lower
productivity, create turnover, mistakes and under
Job Responsibility Assigned
Giving warning to the employees who made
mistakes on the assigned job at first attempt and
penalize when repeated.

Survey Questionnaire on
The Effective of Franchising As an Expansion Method of food Chains
Personal Profile

1. Franchising is an effective expansion

method of food chains?

2. Investing on franchising system is the

safest way than other business?

3. Franchising is considered as the most

profitable in business.
4. Franchising helps boost the economic

growth and development.

5. Franchising generates jobs for people
6. The following elements affect the

effectiveness of franchising:
6.1 Geographic Location
6.2 Control on Products/ Services

6.3 Exclusive relationship between the

franchisor and franchisee

Year Level:

Civil Status:

I.Direction: Rate the effectiveness of Franchising based on the following rating scales.
5- Strongly Agree
4- Agree
3-Moderately Agree

2- Disagree
1- Strongly Disagree

1. Chowking is effective in promoting their product as to:

1.1 Advertisements
1.2 Flyers
1.3 Coupons
1.4 Discounts
1.5 Freebies
2. Chowking image is effective as to:

2.1 Trademark
2.2 Food Products
2.3 Service Quality
2.4 Pricing System
II. Rate the effectiveness of Chowking as a franchise.