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The Columbine Massacre

From Donna Taylor's perspective

The mother of Mark Taylor
updated 19 June 2006 with Dr. Deagle info

by Eric Hufschmid

Mark Taylor with

Michael Moore.

Mark Taylor, a student at Columbine high school, surprised doctors when he

recovered from at least 7 gunshots.

Donna Taylor, his mother, talks about the attack in a manner that is sure to
shock you.

Did you think Michael Moore, the media, and the government were telling
you the truth?

A Summary of the Attack

At about 11:20 a.m. on April 20, 1999, the students at Columbine high school
were eating lunch.

Two of the students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, went outside the school
near the parking lot and started shooting at the students who were also

Mark Taylor, another student, was also outside, on the grass in front of the
school (somewhere in the grass in the photo below, which shows the front of
the Columbine High School)
One of the students that was hit with at least seven bullets was Mark Taylor.
He fell down on the grass, and was bleeding badly, but he was alive. He was
unable to move, but he was alive.

After shooting a few students outside the school, Klebold and Harris entered
the school and started shooting at students inside.
After about an hour, a policeman carries Mark Taylor away. Doctors at the
hospital were not sure how many bullets hit him, but they guessed between 7
and 14. The doctors were certain that he was going to die, but he survived.

The Official Story

Klebold and Harris were the only two students shooting. They may have been
suicidal Nazis or social misfits who hated the world.

The police valiantly tried to save the students from death, but 12 students and
1 teacher died, and 23 were injured.

Donna Taylor's story

I had several conversations with Donna Taylor, and even if some of her
information and assumptions are incorrect, the official story of Columbine is
as much of a lie as the official story for 9/11, Oklahoma City, the attack on
the USS Liberty, and many other crimes.

Rather than provide all of the conversations I had with her, I provide some of
the more important excerpts below.

Audio Excerpts with Donna Taylor

Mark Taylor says he saw a person on the roof with a gun:
ShooterOnRoof.mp3 71 kb

The police were not interested in asking Mark Taylor for information about
the attack. More amazing, one of the policeman admitted that he was under
orders to allow the shootings and let the victims die:
FBIandATFinvolved.mp3 236 kb

Mark Taylor provided some information to the police, but the police ignored
TaylorNotInReport.mp3 120 kb

Half of the students didn't show up for school that day. At the hospital, Mark
and Donna were warned to keep quiet about the attack because there may be
additional killers on the loose who will come after them if they talk:
HalfOfStudentsDidntShowUp.mp3 334 kb

Donna Taylor says the hospital received a phone call on a special government
phone line. The caller warned the hospital that there would be a shooting in a
couple hours at a school.

Immediately after the shooting they started "Columbine Connections". They

were ready with psychologists to convince the victims and their families to
take psychiatric drugs to calm them down:
WarningCallToHospital.mp3 253 kb

More on the warning of an upcoming shooting:

WarningOfShooting.mp3 191 kb

One of the high school girls says she saw three additional Trenchcoat Mafia
members with guns at the school that day, but she assumed the guns were for
one of the bizarre role playing games that occurred at the school:
GirlSaw3BoysWithGuns.mp3 343 kb

One black student, Isaiah Shoels, was killed. When a friend of the Shoels
wanted to help put a video together about the killing, he was killed
mysteriously, and then the Shoels moved out of the town. There were several
mysterious deaths. The school was also strange; it had courses in death:
BlackFamilyRunsAway.mp3 1,136 kb

The Taylor family moved into the neighborhood 3 weeks before the shooting,
so Mark was a student at Columbine for only 3 weeks. During that brief time,
he complained to his mother that the school was strange:
SonSensedSchoolWasWeird.mp3 368 kb

"Columbine Connections" was set up for counseling, and it was encouraging

psychiatric drugs. The mail for the victims was sent to this organization, and
they would open the mail:
ColumbineConnections.mp3 487 kb

A news item about Columbine Connections:

cnn columbine VICTIM_SVS_TEXT.htm

The sheriff was rewarded for covering up this crime:

SherrifCoveredItUp.mp3 22 kb

Dave Thomas, the District Attorney, is part of the crime:

DaveThomasCorruptDA.mp3 35 kb

Donna Taylor assumes the principal was friends with President Bill Clinton:
ClintonAndPrincipal.mp3 38 kb

Janet Reno came to visit, but didn't investigate anything:

JanetRenoVisitsButNoQuestions.mp3 43 kb

Donna Taylor knows of three policemen and firemen who were so disgusted
with the corruption that they quit their jobs and moved away:
DigustedWithCorruption.mp3 172 kb

A doctor, Bill Deagle, who treated some people after the Oklahoma City
bombing, would travel to the Taylor house to provide medical services. He
would encourage drug use, and would talk about the government putting
chips under people's skin.

One of more odd remarks is that Donna Taylor's daughter estimated that the
doctor had $200,000 in cash in his house:
DoctorDeagle.mp3 537 kb

Dr. Deagle may have been setting a trap for the Taylors. Specifically, if the
Taylor daughter had stolen some of his money, he could blackmail her by
threatening to call the police. Or, if the police were working with Taylor, the
police could blackmail her.

What percentage of the population would get caught in this type of trap?
Would you have taken some of the money?

This doctor has a daily radio show called The NutriMedical Report on RBN:

He is also on the GCN network on Tuesdays and Thurdays. Greg Szymanski,

who tries to blame 9-11 and other crimes on the Vatican, makes the doctor
appear to be a hero:

Some students hung themselves after the shooting. One of them was the
student who tried to save the teacher (William Sanders) who had been shot:
KidsHungThemselves.mp3 75 kb

Two students who know Klebold and Harris were killed inside a Subway
sandwich shop after the shooting, but there was not much of an investigation:
SubwayShopKillings.mp3 127 kb

Here is a new report about the killings::

Donna Taylor thinks some of the people who tried to help her, such as
Virginia Davis, were actually trying to hurt her financially and break apart her
family. She suspects them of being government agents:
VirginiaDavisTeddyBears.mp3 78 kb

More on Virginia Davis and the teddy bears:

TenCommandentBears.mp3 67 kb

Has anybody considered that Klebold and Harris were murdered?

WereTheyUsefulIdiots.mp3 140 kb

More on the possibility that Klebold and Harris were Useful Idiots, like Tim
McVeigh, Lee Oswald, and Mohammed Atta. They made videos of
themselves talking about killing students, but never suggested suicide:
VideoOfKillersTalking.mp3 525 kb

The Psychiatric Drugs

Some people have definitely improved from psychiatric drugs, but other
people get worse with them. Medical technology is still too primitive to deal
with most of the mental problems people suffer from.

Some antidepressants come with warnings that they may increase depression
or suicidal thoughts. This is equivalent to a birth control pill with a warning
that it may increase pregnancies. If you didn't know better, you would think
the psychiatric drugs were props for a Hollywood comedy show.

The people who take psychiatric drugs need to be watched to make sure the
drug isn't making them more psychotic. The people on these drugs are a
danger to everybody, not just themselves, as Donna Taylor explains.

Donna Taylor says that many of the people at Columbine were taking these
drugs, and it was making them worse, not better.

A friend of Dylan Klebold says he was put on Prozac long before the
shooting. After Klebold and Harris were caught breaking into a van, they
were put on more psychiatric drugs:
293 kbKleboldOnDrugsCoachRapes.mp3 293 kb

More about these issues:

RapedByCoach.mp3 158 kb

Donna Taylor's husband didn't rush over to the hospital when he heard the
news about his son being shot:
HusbandWantsToClean.mp3 240 kb

Her husband was on drugs for his diabetes and to control brain seizures:
HusbandOnDrugs.mp3 148 kb

Donna Taylor took the psychiatric drugs for one year after the shooting. She
complained the drug would make her hallucinate.
HerExperienceWithDrugs.mp3 340 kb

More on her experiences with the drugs:

HerExperienceWithDrugsPart2.mp3 204 kb

A volunteer for the psychiatric drugs committed suicide in the lab:

SuicideInLabTestingDrugs.mp3 53 kb

Do any of the employees of your favorite restaurants take these drugs? If so,
Donna Taylor has more examples of how these drugs cause strange behavior
that you might enjoy:
PeeingOnFood.mp3 65 kb

Michael Moore's role

Michael Moore made a movie called Bowling for Columbine. Did he make
this movie to expose the corruption at the school? Was it to help the victims?

Mike Moore did not help the Taylor family financially or in any other
manner. Instead, he used them for free to twist the Columbine movie into an
anti-gun message:
MikeMooreDeception.mp3 154 kb

Most people consider Bowling for Columbine to be an accurate documentary

on the Columbine killings, and they consider Michael Moore to be a hero of
the working class people, but even if some of Donna Taylor's information is
inaccurate, the only conclusion we can come to is that Michael Moore created
a movie for propaganda and profit. He had no intention of being honest, nor
did he have any intention of helping the victims.

Michael Moore may be similar to the leaders of Marxism who claimed to be

helping the working class, but who were astonishingly wealthy and expected
to be treated like royalty.

Compare Michael Moore's movie about 9/11, Fahrenheit 9/11, to my video

about 9/11, Painful Deceptions. You can watch my video free at this web site:

Even if some of my information is inaccurate, it should be rather obvious that

my video does a much better job of explaining 9/11, and that Michael
Moore's movie was designed for propaganda and profit.

Is Michael Moore working alone to produce this propaganda? I doubt it. I

suspect that he is getting a lot of help and advice from the crime network that
is trying to cover up Columbine, 9/11, and other crimes.

This should come as no surprise to you if you have been looking at the
articles and interviews at my web site, the articles by Christopher Bollyn, the
books by Michael Collins Piper, and the web site of Daryl Bradford Smith

There is overwhelming evidence that a large criminal network controlled by

Zionists is taking over Europe, Russia, North America, and Australia.

During the Clinton administration the Columbine attack occurred, and so did
the Oklahoma City bombing and other scams. Did George Bush save us from
the corrupt Clinton administration? No. So don't be fooled into thinking that a
Democrat save us from the corrupt Bush administration.

The incompetence, corruption, and wars occur regardless of who the

president is. Until we deal with this Zionist network, nothing is going to

Did Zionists play a role in Columbine?

The Zionists sacrificed a lot of Jews during World War 2 in order to help
Israel get established. Was there any Zionist involvement in the Columbine
attack? Or was the Columbine attack committed entirely by goyim?

This page believes lots of Jews were involved, both as Useful Idiots and to
commit and cover up the crime:

An interesting coincidence is that Donna Taylor discovered that both of her

grandmothers were Jewish:
SheIsJewish.mp3 52 kb

Mark Taylor has become interested in reading the Torah and is hoping to
become a rabbi:
SonReadsTorah.mp3 98 kb

Another odd coincidence is that Donna Taylor's daughter married a man

whose family is friends with Dave Thomas, the district attorney who she
considers part of the cover-up:
DaughterMarriedFriendOfDA.mp3 144 kb

Is it possible that the Zionists selected Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Mark
Taylor, and/or other people to be victims because they were Jews who were
of no value to the Zionist movement?

Many Jews will defend Zionists because they feel a bond to other Jews, but
this is as ridiculous as a Republican defending President Bush simply because
Bush belongs to the Republican Party. Or how about an American defending
Jeffrey Dahmer simply because Dahmer was an American?

Republicans, Jews, Democrats, Americans, and Russians need to ask


Am I an independent human being?

Or am I just an ant in a Republican / Jewish / Russian / etc, nest?

Other shootings are also suspicious

If you think the Columbine shooting is unique, look at some of the others. For

• 1996 Dunblane School

• Dawson College in Montreal
• Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota
• Kip Kinkel of Oregon

Want to help?
If you want to help end the corruption, all you have to do is help us spread
information about this and other issues.

We need help exposing the media as liars. Most people are still falling for
deception in Hollywood movies, television shows, and government reports.
We have a large criminal group operating in the world, but most people don't
yet understand this.

If you have no desire to help make a better world, you may be one of the
people who would enjoy playing "Columbine Paintball". Check it out!

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