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Natural Ventilation & Thermal Comfort Modeling

Monday Sept. 8th; 1:30pm-5:00pm

Workshop Trainers: Liam Buckley and Nathan Kegel
Cost: $50
Description: This workshop will focus on the strategies used for simulating natural ventilation and analyzing
thermal comfort at sub-hourly intervals. Highlights will include:
Climatic analysis for natural ventilation potential
Single and double sided ventilation simulation
Simulations of ventilated double-skin faades, wind-catchers and more
Thermal comfort analysis and overheating analysis
CFD microscopic airflow simulation for thermal comfort analysis
Whole building energy analysis with integrated bulk airflow and fenestration control
The software tool used for this workshop will be IES-VE.

IMPORTANT: Trainees should have the IES VE software installed on their own laptops before arriving at the
training course AND should have a valid training license. It is strongly recommended that this is complete at
least 1-2 weeks in advance of the training course. No additional laptops will be available on site.
The software can be downloaded from:
A free training license can be requested from