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Dear Mr.

I have had time to review the contract that you have given me. I have some
reservations regarding the contract. The areas of concern are as follows;
2.2 The contractor shall paint and maintain any of its vehicles that are
expected to work more than an average of 30 hours per week performing the
Services, in accordance with the specifications of Bekins and affix and keep
affixed such symbols insignia, and identification of Bekins or Van lines
represented by Bekins. It is agreed that failure to do so within a reasonable
time, will cause Bekins irreparable harm and the contractor will be subject to
injunctive relief and liable to damages to Bekins and/or Van lines represented
by Bekins. The Contractor reserves the rights to his vehicles to do
with as such as A.V Transportation Inc is covering the cost of all
2.4 (iii)
The contractor shall remit to Bekins by way of mail, courier ,
personal delivery all monies collected, without deduction together with
weight tickets , properly signed bill of ladings, inventories and all other
applicable required documentation no later than 24 hours after making
collection. The Contractor would like this amended to read 48 hours
in consideration of distance and time and 72 hours in case of holiday
2.6 (ii), (iii) Breach of contract if the contractor tries to settle a dispute or
claim. The cost of 5000.00 of the contractors reserve fund will be held.
The contractor reserves the right to settle any claims or
disputes with third parties at its own discretion without being
charged a 80.00 fee. Unless if for any reason a settlement
cannot be brought to terms, Bekins reserves the right to settle
all disputes at their own discrection.
Relationship of Parties- Name of Contractor is in contract as
Andrea Velez. Should read as for the purpose of this agreement
Andres Velez shall be the representative of A.V. Transportation Inc.
Bekins agrees to uphold the same terms and conditions set
forth in Article 7.1.
21.1 Insurance Related Surchage The contractor will not receive any of the
IRS earned by Bekins. The Contractor provides and absorbs all
insurance costs/ claims and or damages
Equipment Rental: The contractor should only be charged a rental fee
for equipment if and when the contractor cannot provide adequate
equipment to service such contracts and requires Bekins equipment.
If the contractor is assigned the task to shunt or haul Bekins
equipment the 100.00 rental fee should not apply.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these matters. We look forward to
working with Bekins.
Andres Velez