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September 2016, Volume 1, Number 8


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in the News

Dr M P Sukumaran Nair, FIE

Council Member, IEI; Former
Special Secretary to Chief Minister,
Kerala and Managing Director,
Travancore Titanium Products Ltd.

Mr A K Saxena, FIE, C Engg India

Former Chairman, SEAC,
Jharkhand, Past Chairman,
Jharkhand State Center & Council
Member, IEI

Appointed as Chairman of the Public

Sector Industries Restructuring and
Audit Board of the Government of
Kerala, an apex authority over 42 state level public
undertakings. The assignment includes fostering
investment, promotion, setting up of new industries and
professional training of executives.

Taken over as President of Lions

Club, Dhurwa, Lion District 322 A
on July 10, 2016.

Dr P Udhayakumar, FIE
Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical
Engineering and Training and Placement Officer, K L N
College of Engineering, Pottapalayam, Tamilnadu
Received Best
Training and
Placement Officer
Award at the 4th
National Summit on
'Sustainable Institute
Industry Partnership'
held during July 21-22,
2016 at India International Centre, New Delhi, in
recognition of his contribution of effective InstituteIndustry Linkages.

Mr Vinod Mishra, AMIE

Technical Officer, Optical Devices
& Systems, CSIR-Central Scientific
Instruments Organisation &
Research Scholar, Instrument
Design Development Centre, IIT
Delivered a talk on Limitless
Stepladders in the Field of Science and Engineering in
India for Diploma Holder on the occasion of National
Science Day held at Chandigarh College of Engineering
and Technology on March 17, 2016, to motivate the
diploma students for higher education and research.

Prof P O J Lebba, MIE

Former Principal, T K M College of
Kollam Engineering, Kollam
Received Prof. G Kalyanaraman
Memorial Excellence Award from
Mr V Rajendrababu, Honorary
Mayor of Kollam Municipal
Corporation on August 13, 2016. He
was felicitated for his remarkable contributions in the
field of technical education on the occasion of the Silver
Jubilee Reunion Function Reconnect 2016, organized
by T K M College of Engineering, Kollam.

Dr B S L S K V Ch S Varma, MIE
Lecturer in Mechanical
Engineering, Government
Polytechnic, Amadalavalasa,
Andhra Pradesh.
Obtained PhD on the topic Analysis
of Lean, Agile and Leagile Supply
Chain Enablers for Food Industry
from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli
under the guidance of Prof A Noorul Haq, FIE,
P r o d u c t i o n E n g i n e e r i n g D e p a r t m e n t , N I T,
Tiruchirapalli during the 12th Convocation of NIT,
Tiruchirapalli on July 30, 2016.

Mr Vinay Kumar Shukla, MIE

Dy. Manager, Instrumentation Department, National
Fertilizer Limited
Honoured by the Executive Director of National
Fertilizer Limited, Vijaipur, Guna , MP on August 15,
2016 for his useful suggestion on plant operation.

IEI Epitome September 2016

Dr Jaikaran Singh, AMIE
Obtained PhD on the topic Design
of Toxic Gas Measuring Instrument
using Optical Fibre Bragg Grating
from Rajiv Ganhi Proudyogiki
Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal under the
guidance of Dr Anubhuti Khare,
D o E C , U I T, R a j i v G a n h i
Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, Madhya
Pradesh on February 29, 2016.

in the News
Dr Jayanta Saha, AMIE
Deputy General Manager
Institute for Steel Development &
Growth, Kolkata
Received Shri S K Seshadri
Memorial Mascot National Award
2016 from Electrochemical Society
of India, Bangalore on the occasion
of National Symposium on Electrochemical Science
and Technology for his outstanding contribution in
Applied Research on Structural Steel Corrosion

Dr P Purushothaman, MIE
Former Professor, Department of
Civil Engineering, VELTECH
Technical University, Avadi,

Mr M P Singh, MIE
Senior Manager Operation,
Sasan Power Limited

Obtained PhD in an interdisciplinary

field of Civil Engineering and
Engineering Education from Madras
University through National Institutes of Technical
Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR), Chennai on
the topic "A Study on Effectiveness of Training of
Construction Workers in Tamilnadu" on June 15, 2016.

Received Excellent
Professional Achievement
Award (Class 1) for his
contribution in the field of
Engineering Technology and Management Science
by Society of Professional Engineers India, Chennai at
Coimbatore on August 28, 2016.

Mr Biman Gati Gupta, FIE

P r o g r a m m e C o o r d i n a t o r,
WBADMIP, Government of West
Bengal, (World Bank financed
Selected as the Speaker at World
Environmental and Water Resources
Congress 2016 held at West Palm
Beach Convention Centre, Florida, USA during May
22-26, 2016 and delivered two lectures on the topics
Environmental Pollution and Hazards and Waste
Water and Waste Water Management.

IEI Epitome September 2016

Mr Madhu P Pillai, FIE

Honored as Fellow of Association
for the Advancement of Cost
Engineering (AACE) International,
a leading non-profit professional
organization. He is the first Asian to
be awarded as the ACEI Fellow in
the 60 years history of this

Mr S Sridhar, MIE
Associate Professor, Channabasaveshwara Institute of
Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka
1. Title of Paper: Degradation Analysis in Tensile
Property after Accelerated Moisture Diffusion in Glass
Fibre Reinforced Composites, International Journal of
M e c h a n i c a l a n d P ro d u c t i o n
Engineering, Vol 3, Issue 11,
November 2015, pp 126-134.
Co-author: Prof Subhasis Maji

2. Title of Paper: Fatigue

Durability Analysis of Glass Fibre
Reinforced Epoxy Composite
laminate and Damage Estimation
and Loading Prediction, International Journal of
Mechanical and Production Engineering, Vol 3, Issue10,
October 2015, pp 107-110.
Co-author: Prof Subhasis Maji

3. Title of Paper: Durability Analysis of Glass Fibre

Reinforced Epoxy Composite Laminate after Moisture
Diffusion by Accelerated Testing and Life Prediction,
International Journal of Mechanical, Robotics and
Production Engineering, Vol V, Issue IX, September
2015, pp 37-45.

Mr Vinod Mishra, AMIE

Technical Officer, Optical Devices & Systems, CSIRCentral Scientific Instruments Organisation & Research
Scholar, Instrument Design Development Centre, IIT
1. Title of Paper: Experimental Investigation on
Uncontrollable Parameters for
Surface Finish during Diamond
Turning, Materials and
Manufacturing Processes Vol 30,
Issue 2, 2015, pp 232-240.
Co-authors: Neha Khatri, Keshva Nand,
Karanvir Singh and Rama Gopal V

2. Title of Paper: Precision Machining of Polycarbonate

Optics by Diamond Turning, Proceedings of
International Conference on 'Optics & Photonics 2015
(ICOP 2015)', the Golden Jubilee Conference of the
Optical Society of India (OSI), organized by Department
of Applied Optics and Photonics, University of Calcutta
held at Kolkata during February 20-22, 2015.

Mr Y R Rao, FIE
Former General Manager, Mine
Shaft Design and Construction
Planning Division, CMPDIL HQ,
Coal India Limited
Title of Paper: Aspect of Structural
and Civil Engineering in 'Deep Shaft
Mine' Construction, Journal New
Building Material & Construction World (NBM&CW),
New Delhi, Vol 21, Issue 12, June 2016.
Prof S Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, MIE
Head, Department of Civil Engineering, CMR Technical
Campus, Kandlakoya (V), Medchal Road, Hyderabad
1. Title of Paper: Comparative Study on the Design of
Square, Rectangular and Circular Concrete Water
Tanks, International Journal of
E n g i n e e r i n g R e s e a rc h a n d
Applications, Vol 5, Issue 6, Part 5,
June 2015, pp 117-121.
Co-authors: S Raja Shekar, P
Srinivasa Rao
2. Title of Paper: Comparison of
Compressive Strength of Ordinary
Portland Cement Concrete with Fiber Reinforced
Concrete, International Journal of Modern Trends in
Engineering and Research, Vol 2, Issue 6, June 2015, pp
Co-authors: Vamshi Krishna Goud, P Srinivasa Rao

Dr Gurudutt Sahni, MIE

HOD & General Manager of Department of Design,
Drawing & Development Leader Valves Ltd JAL (PB)
1. Title of Paper: Optimization and Modelling of
Equilizing Flow Globe Valve for
Structural Integrity Against Fluidic
Loads, International Journal of
R e s e a rc h i n E n g i n e e r i n g &
Technology, Vol 4, Issue 8, August
2016, pp 13-18.
Co-authors: Rahul Kaundal, Harvinder

2. Title of Paper : "A Review on Optimization of Gating

System in Metal Casting", International Journal of
Research in Engineering & Technology, Vol 4, Issue 6,
June 2016, pp 21-26.
Co-authors: Sandeep Singh, Dr Lakhwinder Pal Singh

IEI Epitome September 2016

Mr Pavan M S, AMIE
Title of Paper: Modelling and
Simulation of Aircraft Nose Wheel
Steering System, Proceedings of
39th National Systems Conference
(NSC) organized by Shiv Nadar
University, Uttar Pradesh held at
Noida during December 14-16,
Mr Abhishek Roy, AMIE
Designer, Sparrows Offshore Services India Pvt. Limited
1. Title of Paper: Aqueous Corrosion of Steel at
Hooghly Stretch of Ganga River, International Journal
for Research in Applied Science &
Engineering Technology (IJRASET),
Vol 3, Issue 10, October 2015.
2. Title of Paper: Utilization of Air
Lubrication Technology in Ship
Industry, Journal of Engineering
and Interdisciplinary Research, Vol
2, Issue 2, 2015, pp 1-4.
3. Title of Paper: Study of Air Pollution and
Respiratory Health Effects on Human and Plant
Species, International Educational Scientific Research
Journal, Vol 1, Issue 2, December 2015.
Mr Satyendra Kumar Singh, FIE
Title of Paper: Indian Petroleum
Industry: Upstream-Downstream
Imbalance, Process Worldwide
Subcontinent Edition, June 2015, pp
Mr Khan Sohel Rana, MIE
Title of Paper: Design and
Simulation of NFC Printed Antenna
in Near Field Wireless
Communication for SDC,
published in 2016 IEEE
International Conference on
Distributed Computing, VLSI,
Electrical Circuits and Robotics organized by NITK
Surathkal held at Mangalore during August 13-14, 2016.
Co-author: Dr Sayyad Ajij D

IEI Epitome September 2016

Mr Arup Kumar Mandal, AMIE
Department of Metallurgical
Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology, (Banaras Hindu
University), Varanasi, UP
1. Title of Paper: Utilization of
Lime Fines as an Effective Binder as
well as Fluxing Agent for Making
Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets, Journal of
The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D, Vol 97,
Issue 1,
JanuaryJune 2016, pp 6975, DOI:
Co-authors: Alok Sarkar, Om Prakash Sinha

2. Title of Paper: Recovery of Multi Metallic

Components from Bottom Ash by Smelting Reduction
under Plasma Environment, Metallurgical and
Materials Transaction B, Vol 47B, February 2016, pp 1922, DOI: 10.1007/s11663-015-0484-x.
Co-author: Om Prakash Sinha

Dr Nabnit Panigrahi, MIE

Assistant Professor, Department of
Mechanical Engineering, Gandhi
I n s t i t u t e f o r Te c h n o l o g y ,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Title of Paper: Energy and Exergy
Analysis of a Diesel Engine Fuelled
with Diesel and Simarouba Biodiesel
Blends, Journal of The Institution of
Engineers (India): Series C, August 2016, DOI
Dr B Jeyaprabha, MIE
Associate Professor , Department of
C i v i l E n g i n e e r i n g ,
Fatima Michael College of
Engineering and Technology,
1. Title of Paper: Strength and
Micro Structure of Mortar with Sand
Substitutes, GRAEVINAR, Vol 68,
Issue 1, 2016, pp 41-49, DOI: 10.14256/JCE.1245.2015.
2. Title of Paper: Effects of Elevated Temperature and
Water Quenching on Strength and Microstructure of
Mortars with River Sand Substitutes, Construction &
Building Materials, Vol 114, July 2016, pp 688-698.

Mr Muttipati A Srinuvasu, AMIE
Assistant Professor, Department of
Computer Science and Engineering,
Baba Institute of Technology and
Sciences, Visakhapatnam, India
Title of Paper: Class-Oriented
Model Graph Design Based on
Abstract Syntax Tree", International
Journal of Computer Science and
Communication (IJCSC), Vol 7, Issue 2, MarchSeptember 2016, pp 157-168.

Mr Prabhat Kumar Dhara, FIE

1. Title of Paper: Salient Aspects
and Critical Parameters to be
considered in Optimized Design of
Fire Hydrant Systems for Fire
Hazards in Indian Conditions,
International Journal of Engineering
Studies and Technical Approach, Vol
2, Issue 6, June 2016, pp 11-19.
2. Title of Paper: Parametric Evaluations Of Liquid
Flow In Capillary Tube Under Variable Heads Through
Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods,
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Review, Vol 1, Issue-10, December2015, pp 28-33.
Co-author: Subhadip Dey

3. Title of Paper: Optimizations of Design and Layout

of Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing Systems
through Computations for Moderated Fire Hazard Areas
in Processing and Manufacturing Industries under
Global Environment, International Conference on
'Recent Trends in Engineering and Materials Sciences'
organized by Jaipur National University, Rajasthan,
held at Jaipur during March 17-19, 2016.

Mr Dipankar Das, AMIE
Title of Paper: Visualization of
Performance of Binary Search in
Worst Case in Personal Computer
using Semi Parametric Technique,
International Journal for Scientific
Research & Development, Vol 4,
Issue 5, July 2016, pp 1236 - 1239.

Mr Ravindra Kumar Yadav, AMIE

Assistant professor, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Babaria Institute of Technology,
Varanama, Vadodara, Gujarat
1. Title of Paper: An Investigative
Study about Restructuring of Indian
Power Market, International
Journal for Research in Applied
Science and Engineering
Technology (IJRASET), August
2016, Vol 4, Issue VIII, pp 420-425.
2. Title of Paper: An Investigative
Study about Deregulation (Restructuring) of Indian
Power Sector, International Journal for Innovative
Research in Multidisciplinary Field, Vol 2, Issue 8,
August 2016, pp 129-134.
3. Title of Paper: A Comprehensive Study about
Deregulation of Indian Power Sector, International
Journal for Scientific Research & Development, Vol 4,
Issue 6, 2016, pp 321-325.

Mr Basant Kumar, FIE

Deputy General Manager
(Electrical), Oil& Natural Gas
Corporation Ltd, Mumbai
Title of Paper: Harmonics-Causes
and Effects, Electrical India,
Mumbai, August 2016, pp 60- 62.

IEI Epitome September 2016

Dr N N Mahapatra, FIE
President, Colorant Ltd, Ahmedabad
Publisher : A P H Publishing Corporation, New Delhi

Textile Dyes and Dyeing

The book is written based on the 30 years of practical experience of the author, working in various textile mills
(dye house) in India and abroad. This book will be very helpful to textile students to know various processes in
the textile industries. It will also be helpful to the supervisors, working on the shop floor of various dye houses
and process houses. The book deals with almost all types of dyes mainly used in textile industries. The
application of dyes on various types of substrate/fibre is also highlighted. It also mentions about the pigments
and the optical whiteners. The author explains one of the latest subjects in printing known as Ink Jet Printing.
Some new developments in reactive dyes like Fluorine based chemistry and its applications on wool are also
discussed in this book.

Textile Processing
The wide experience of the author on modern topics which he shares with the textile audiences in many textile
conferences in India and abroad. This book will be very helpful to textile students, textile scientists, textile
research scholars and textile designers who are the thinkers and future of Indian Textile Industries. He has
attended to various burning problems in textile industries. He has discussed the different types of fabrics
processing in the textile industries. He has highlighted different methods for trouble shootings in dyehouses.
His varied shopfloor experience has been put on paper and it will help the dyeing technicians to solve their own
problems. This book will assist all technicians to approach any type of problem occurred in process house and
dye houses.

Textile Technology
This book will be helpful to students, scientists, research scholars, who are working in the field of textile
engineering. They can try to implement various processes of latest textile technologies, which are described in
this book. It will also be helpful to senior executives of textile mills to know what are the latest developments in
textiles been taken place. The book deals with many new and latest developments taking place in the textile
industries. It will help the research & development departments of Textile Mills to take up few modern topics as
a project and work on it. Some of the technologies are already being used in textile industries and some are on
pilot stage. After few years, the rest of the technologies will come into use.

IEI Epitome September 2016

by Mr D J Syam, MIE
Consultant-ISO-9001/TQM, INDL Projects

Publisher : Manakin Press Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Materials and Supply Chain Management

The primary objective of this book is to serve as a graduate textbook for the students of Business
Administration and Engineering with particular emphasis or Materials Management, Business Logistics and
Supply Chain Management.
This book can also serve as a useful guide for young professionals (Engineers, MBA's, CA etc.) who aspire to
make a successful managerial career with corporate enterprises where materials resources play a vital role in
achieving viable sustenance with credible results. Since the cost of materials constitutes a substantial portion in
the cost of saleable products, there is an imperative need to manage material resources efficiently, effectively
and optimally. In the era of globalized competitive business environment, the deployment of trained and
competent materials management personnel will be one of the priority considerations for the manufacturing as
well as the retail sector business enterprises. The book seeks to provide the fundamental knowledge inputs to
the upcoming business managers and professionals.

Handbook of Business Administration Practices

This book is primarily meant to serve as a management training and development guide for young
professionally qualified graduates/post graduates (engineers, MBAs, CAs, and such others) who aspire to
make a successful career in the fields of Corporate Business Administration. Laid out in twenty five chapters,
with fourteen annexures and number of illustrative diagrams/graphs etc., the topics dealt with various
functions and activities that are carried out in medium and large industrial and commercial organizations. The
emphasis is on pratice oriented knowledge inputs that will help the young upcoming managers to acquire
professional competence and functional confidence at an accelerated pace so as to be able to make productive
contributions right from the beginning days and weeks of employment, thus meeting the expectations of the
higher-up management, without much of a close mentoring from their side. The book is based on author's over
40 years of professinoal working experience with large industrial houses, as well as long association with
reputed professional institutions. This is author's sixth book in the service in the field of industrial and business

IEI Epitome September 2016

C Programming with Solved Problems
by Dr P Sojal Lal, FIE
Director, Asian Institute of Petroleum and Construction Technology
(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation) Affiliated to : National Centre
for Labour and Learning Cochin, Kerala
C is a general purpose, high-level procedural language. It was designed to be
compiled using a compiler to provide low level access to memory, to provide
language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions and to require
minimal run time support. C is therefore useful for many applications that had
formerly been coded in assembly language.
C is widely available and the compilers, libraries and interpreters of other
programming languages are often implemented in C. The primary
implementations of Python, Perl 5 and PHP are all written in C.
Chapter 1 of this book shares the fundamentals of C programming. The second
Chapter introduces the learner to C programming. The Control Statements are introduced in Chapter 3 and moves to
Advanced Control Statements in Chapter 4. The Arrays are explained in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 takes care of the
functions. Chapter 7 goes into the details of String Handling. Chapter 8 gives detailed information on Structure &
Union. Chapter 9 teaches about pointers. Files are explained in detail in Chapter 10. The advanced topics in C like
typedefs, enumerated data types, command line arguments, macros and pre-processors are taken care in Chapter 11.
Ample solved programs are provided in each Chapter.
Co-author : Jeeva Jose, Edwin Basil Lal

Publisher : Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., New Delhi

Handbook on Real Estate Township Development

by Mr N K Sehgal, FIE
The book is a complete techno-legal guide for engineers, town planners, architects involved in planning of Mini
Township & their infrastructure. The author had been directly in charge (for 26 years) as President of Ansal
Properties & Industries Ltd. The department was involved in planning of residential, commercial, industrial, mini
cities /colonies including designing & developing their urban services such as
roads, water supply, sewerage systems, storm water, disposal system, street
lighting, solid waste management etc, besides city requirements of adequate
schools, colleges, dispensaries/health centers, nursing homes, local
commercials, hospitals, police post/station, religious buildings, taxi stands, bus
stands, club/community centers, sub post offices, electric substation clinics,
parlers, ATMs with in commercials ,vegetable/milk booths, telephone
exchanges, fire stations etc.
This book deals with processes involved that is land selection, assemblage, its
survey/environment study, layouts (including provision for EWS/LIG flats &
group housing), road designs, cross sections demarcation plans zoning plans,
water supply design, sewerage design & storm water drainage design, electric
street lighting, rain water harvesting. Planning/design/execution of colonies
like Palam Vihar, Sushant Loks, Essentia in Gurgaon, Sonepat, Panipat, Jaipur,
Yamuna Nagar, Lucknow, Noida etc involve author's/books technologies.

Publisher : A JBA Publishers, New Delhi

IEI Epitome September 2016



or the past few months, I am regularly

reading the e-Newsletter IEI Epitome. It
is very informative and interesting. It is very
good to see our member publications and
Mr S Sridhar, MIE

qualified team for bringing out the IEI

Epitome newsletter.
Prof S Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, MIE
Head, Department of Civil Engineering, CMR
Technical Campus, Kandlakoya (V), Medchal Road,

Associate Professor, Channabasaveshwara Institute of

Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka

s an AMIE graduate, I am very

delighted to see the IEI Epitome
newsletter covered the Members'
achievement, latest Publications & Book
review. I like to congratulate the highly

pitome is a good effort to highlight the

distinguished work of our members. It
encourages members to be more active. All
the best for its success.
Mr C S Mital, FIE
CPM, PNB Project Zone, CPWD, level 1, East Block 1,
R K Puram, New Delhi

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