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MCT Visit

EPC 4003_2016

Feedback Form
Student name: Ayesha
Date: 15/10/2016
Purpose of visit: Lesson Observation 1

Form of visit:
Pop in observation

Team Teaching

lesson observation

Post-lesson tutorial

Focused observation

Unannounced lesson


nt to the


Aysha we discussed the key
areas that your lesson
observation today showed
needs improvement. You
indiacted that you will work on
these key areas explained here
and in your lesson plan too.
Please observe some of the
other girls and think about
everything we discussed today.
Well done for trying hard and
listening to other ideas to help
you improve as a teacher.
Ms Julie. 16-10-12016
Ayesha completed the lesson plan
for this lesson, and it was available
to MCT the day before the lesson
She was prepared and ready for
the lesson
She demonstrated a positive
attitude towards teaching and

Ayeshas lesson plans have

Areas for Development

Well done.
You show that you are willing
to learn and improve your
teaching and class
management to be a good
teacher Aysha.

EPC 4003_2016

Feedback Form

MCT Visit


sufficient detail
Lesson plans are balanced lessons
with different tasks.
Differentiation has been
incorporated into lesson plans
where appropriate and needed


Ayesha used appropriate

classroom management strategies
to secure a safe and effective
learning environment
She established and manages
classroom routines and transitions

Aysha pace your lessons so

you have more time for the
teaching and modelling. This
is important for the girls
learning and understanding.


She implemented strategies which

motivated and maintained an
effective classroom presence
She included a range of activities
in the lesson but needs to include
Ayshas lessons need to be
carefully paced to ensure students
are appropriately engaged and
Appropriately uses a variety of
questions that fit appropriately
within the lesson context
Implements differentiated
instruction to lessons taught

All students need to be

monitored. This is why you
must move to every table and
talk to the girls. This is part of
your formative assessing.


Aysha monitores students in

relation to learning and behavior
She provides constructive

1. Present material in
detail so it is
meaningful and
accessible to support
student engagement
and learning
2. Sequences the learning
experiences and take
time to clear explain
the instructions and
3. Instructions should also
be given at appropriate
times within your
lesson and be clear for
the students too

MCT Visit

EPC 4003_2016

Feedback Form
feedback is provided to students
Assessment data is used to inform
planning and instruction
on Practice

Aysha showed reflection on

feedback in the post lesson

Next steps
Make connection with the class. You
must engage and talk with them not
just at them.
Your expectations are not clear and
behaviors need monitoring.
Dont teach to the board.
Move around the room and make
contact with each group.
Students are talking and chatting,
calling out while your teaching. Is this

Action Points
There are key areas which need to show
marked improvement Ayesha. Your
lesson planning and teaching style
needs to include these important
points. You should work on developing
these aspects Aysha for the next
They are;
1. Communicating and connecting
with the children. You are
following the lesson phases but
not connecting your teaching to
the students enough. We
discussed this.
2. When you give instructions you
talk to the board and speak to
the board. You need to clearly
model what you want, face the
students and not rush through
this. Grade two need clear
directions and scaffolding
through teacher modelling
3. Your board work/writing is messy
and unclear. It is also rushed.
This should be modelled and
show your best work for the
4. Your behavior management
needs improvement. The girls
were allowed to call out. Shout,
talk when you were speaking and
call out during the lesson. This is

EPC 4003_2016

Feedback Form

MCT Visit
because you didnt set your
expectations at the beginning of
the lesson and throughout the
5. There was too much wait-time
between phased because the
transitions were either not
planned or not explained. You
clearly need to plan for
transitions between phases and
keep control of the class.
6. Use your voice as a tool. Change
your expression and include your
facial expressions and gestures.
Your voice should show
enthusiasm and be expressive.
This will all help to make you a better
and more effective teacher. Use these
ideas in all your lessons and practice.