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Waterhammer & Surge Analysis Software

AFT Impulse 6
Design and Operate Your System with Greater Safety and Reliability
AFT Impulse is a powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool used to calculate pressure transients in piping
systems caused by waterhammer. Designed for use in liquid systems containing water, petroleum and
refined products, chemical products, cryogens, refrigerants, and more, AFT Impulse is an essential
tool with the ability to tackle your most demanding systems.
Model a wide range of system components
and surge supressing devices for both design
and operational cases
Initiate transients based on time or events
in the system
Reduce surge magnitudes by slowing
system component changes such as valve
closures or pump speed
Calculate transient unbalanced forces and
define forces sets as location pairs or single
Specify alerts that automatically highlight
output values that are out of range for flow,
pressure or velocity
Compile libraries of your frequently used
piping components and quickly select them
from a drop down list
Experiment with operating conditions and
Quickly and easily change system input
data, including valve positions, pump
operation, control set points, pressures,
temperatures and more
Analyze waterhammer effects on systems
containing non-Newtonian fluids with either
settling or non-settling slurries
Avoid potentially catastrophic effects of
waterhammer and other undesirable system
Alleviate possible financial and
environmental issues associated with
inadequate system designs or operational
Avoid lost revenue resulting from incidents
that cause down time
Validate the design of safety features
Understand the transient response of your

Know the dynamic interaction of valves,

pumps and other components
Typical Applications
Ensuring that pressure extremes are within
design allowables
Sizing and locating surge suppression
Determining imbalanced pipe forces for
sizing structural supports
Troubleshooting existing systems to
determine the cause of operational problems
Evaluating the effect of pressure surges due
to vapor cavity collapse
Advanced transient solver based on Method
of Characteristics
Built-in steady-state solver to automatically
initialize waterhammer transient
Detailed pump inertial modeling for trips
and startups using one quadrant or four
quadrant methods
Models liquid column separation caused by
transient cavitation
Extensive cavitation modeling
Built-in library of fluids and fittings
Scenario Manager to track all design
variants and operational possibilities in a single
model file with data linkage
Comprehensive relief valve modeling
Integrated graphing and reporting
Animation features to dynamically graph
Create video files from animations to share
your results
Generates force imbalance files that can be
automatically read into CAESAR II and
TRIFLEX pipe stress dynamic models
Built-in intelligence to guide you in building
better models

How does it work?

New in AFT Impulse 6!

AFT Impulse incorporates a steady-state

solver providing seamless transfer of initial
conditions to the transient analysis. Steadystate solutions are determined using NewtonRaphson matrix iteration. The traditional
Method of Characteristics is used to solve the
transient mass and momentum equations of
pipe flow.

Significant enhancements to the graphic

capability including multiple graphs on the
same tab, stacked graphs, dual-Y axis, and
synchronized animation
Force summary in the output gives clear
overview of all forces
Design alerts are specified and named
globally and applied to pipes, junctions,
pumps, valves and reservoirs
Improved language support, now including
German and Chinese for the output and

Posibiliti de analiz
Modeleaz o gam larg de componente ale
dispozitivelor de atenuare a ocurilor pentru
cazurile de proiectare i de operare
Iniiaz variaii ale parametrilor n timp sau
datorate modificrilor din sistem
Reduce amploarea variaiilor prin ncetinirea
schimbrilor din componentele sistemului, cum
sunt viteza de nchidere a ventilelor sau a
Calculeaz forele tranzitorii ne-echilibrate i
definete seturile de fore ca perechi sau fore
individuale aplicate ntr-o anumit locaile
Specific valori limit ce evideniaz
automat rezultatele ce se afl n afara
domeniului admis pentru debit, presiune sau
Compileaz colecii de componente folosite
frecvent i le selecteaz rapid dintr-o list
Verific diferite condiii i scenarii de
Modific uor i rapid datele de intrare ale
sistemului, inclusiv poziiile ventilelor, condiiile
de operare a pompelor, setarea punctelor de
reglare, presiunile, temperaturile precum i ali
Analizeaz efectele loviturii de berbec
pentru sisteme ce conin fluide nonnewtoniene cu suspensii ce se sedimenteaz
sau nu.
Evit efectele potenial catastrofale ale
loviturii de berbec i ale altor fenomene
tranzitorii nedorite
Atenueaz posibile probleme financiare i de
mediu asociate cu soluii de proiectare sau
procedure de operare nepotrivite
Evit pierderile ce rezult din incidente ce
determin oprirea produciei
Valideaz sigurana soluiilor de proiectare
Clarific modul de rspuns al sistemului n
regim tranzitoriu
Determin interaciunea dinamic a
ventilelor, pompelor i a celorlalte componente
Aplicaii tipice
Asigurarea c valorile extreme ale presiunii
sunt n limitele de proiectare
Dimensionarea i amplasarea
echipamentelor de atenuare a ocurilor

Determinarea forelor n dezechilibru pentru

a dimensiona suporii conductelor
Identificarea problemelor sistemelor
existente pentru a determina cauzele
problemelor de operare
Evaluarea efectului variaiilor rapide de
presiune datorate cavitaiei
Modul de calcul avansat pentru fenomene
tranzitorii bazat pe metoda caracteristicilor
Modul de calcul incorporat pentru a iniializa
automat lovitura de berbec
Modelare inerial detaliat pentru opriri i
porniri folosind informaiile din unul sau patru
cadrane ale diagramei de funcionare
Modeleaz separarea coloanei de lichid
provocat de cavitaia tranzitorie
Bibiliotec ncorporat de fluide i fitinguri
Scenario Manager pentru a urmri toate
variantele de proiectare i posibilitile de
operare ntr-un singur model cu date
Grafic i rapoarte integrate
Posibiliti de animaie a graficelor
Genereaz fiiere de fore n dezechilibru
care pot fi folosite n modelele dinamice
CAESAR II i TRIFLEX de analiz a
tensiunilor n conducte
Inteligen ncorporat pentru ghidarea n
realizarea de modele mai bune
Cum funcioneaz?
AFT Impulse include un modul de calcul
pentru regim staionar ce permite transferul
perfect al condiiilor iniiale ctre analiza
tranzitorie. Soluiile n regim staionar sunt
obinute folosind metoda iterativ NewtonRaphson. Metoda clasic a caracteristicilor este
folosit pentru rezolvarea ecuaiilor tranzitorii
de mas i vitez ale curgerii prin conducte.
Nou n AFT Impulse 6!
nbuntiri importante ale posibilitilor
grafice ce includ diagrame simultane,
diagrame suprapuse, axe Y diferite i animaii
Tabele cu toate forele calculate
Alerte cu denumiri globale pentru conducte,
ramificaii, pompe, armturi i rezervoare
Suport pentru limbile german i chinez n
rapoarte i meniuri

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