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Engineering Mechanics

Resolving Forces, Equilibrium, Equilibrium And Truss

Strength of Materials
Principe stress and strain
BMD and SFD , Macaulays theorem (slope & deflection), Thin Pressure Vessels,
Problems On Various Theories Of Failure , Torques, And Bending Moment
Design of Machine Elements
Design For Static And Dynamic Loading; Failure Theories; Fatigue Strength
And The S-N Diagram; Principles Of The Design Of Machine Elements Such
As Bolted, Riveted And Welded Joints, Shafts, Spur Gears, Rolling And Sliding
Contact Bearings, Brakes And Clutches.
Theory of Machines
Mechanism, Gear train, Flywheel, Linear Vibration Analysis of Mechanical
systems (Goodman or Soderberg or Gerber Criteria), , torsion, strain energy, S-N
curve, Degrees Of Freedom, Instantaneous Centre Method, Clutch Power, Brake
Power, Belt Drive, D.O.F. Of Mechanisms, Simple Gearing Ratio Spur Gears, Type
Of Mechanism Simple Spur Gear Main, Quick Return Mechanism, Mobility
Fluid Mechanics
Simple & Differential Piezometer, Pressure Column Height Calculation, Reynolds
No. Calculation, Hydraulic Power, Nozzle Velocity Etc. Of Turbines, Bernoullis Law
(Simple Problems), Tapered Sections, Pump Parameters (Speed, Power,
Discharge), Force Calculation,
Thermal Science
Rankine Cycle, Brayton Cycle, Regeneration in steam cycles, and other cycles, TS diagrams, P-V diagrams, enthalpy calculations, C.O.P. parameters of I.C.
Engine, DBT, WBT, Relations (Otto ,Diesel Cycles), Exit Temperature In Various
Stages Of Cycles , Pressure Of Nozzle, Compressor Work Calculations, Work

Heat Transfer
Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Efficiency Calculation, Heat Exchanger
(Parallel & Counter Flow) Outlet Temp. Calculation, Biot Number, Prandtl Number,
LMTD, Heat Transfer Through Slabs, Shells, Cylinders, Condenser,
Manufacturing Engineering

Machining (Milling, Drilling, EDM, ECM) Tool Geometry, Punching, Blanking, Force;
Conceptual & Theoretical Questions; Orthogonal Machining , Heat & Power
Required In Welding, Transformations (Rotations, Scaling Etc.), Solidification
Time, CNC Machine G Codes And M Codes , Sheet Metal, Various Types Of Fits,
Industrial Engineering
Forecasting Model, CPM, PERT, Work Study And Measurement, Scheduling And
Johnson's Rule Time Study, EOQ, Standard Time, Demand, Poissons Arrivals &
Departures , LPP Problems (Graphical Queueing Model, Break Even Analysis
Single D.O.F , Finding Natural Frequencies (Underdamped, Critically Damped,
Strength of Materials
Concepts, Generally Theories Of Failure, Mohr's Circle
Thermo Dynamics
Cycles, Turbines, Refrigeration, Work & Heat
First Law Of Thermodynamics,
Second Law Of Thermodynamics,
Entropy, Properties Of Pure Substances