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Financial Letter Sample and Instructions

For international applicants wanting to be considered for available department/industry/government funding

you may qualify for please provide a short letter using the format provided belowno other information or
documents are required. Any bank, investment statements or other financial documents sent will not be kept
on file and will be discarded.
The short letter must be submitted as a document within the application submission before the deadline,
February 1no exceptions. Applicants providing the letter after they are admitted will not be considered for
funding even if you have asked to be considered in the section of the application requesting that information.
--Letter format
Name: First/Last (as it appears on your on-line application)
Starting Term:
Im an applicant to the xx program and request consideration for funding if admitted to the Information
Networking Institute (INI). I have indicated in my application that I wish to be considered for department
1. Name of Sponsor (family member, self, government or other sponsoring person or organization)
2. Amount of funding provided (U.S. dollars)
3. Period of sponsorship (1st and/or 2nd academic year, i.e. partial or full attendance)
I understand that I must indicate in my application in the Supplemental Information section under Financial
Support that I wish to be considered for support from Carnegie Mellon in order to be considered for funding
through the Information Networking Institute (INI) department.
--End Letter-You must include all three items in the letter format above. If you state that you do not wish to be considered
for funding in the application form, you will not be considered even if a letter is submitted.
Note: Submission of this letter is not part of the I-20 certificate process it is for internal INI use only. If admitted
you will receive a link to the official form for requesting the I-20 or DS2019.
Note: Submission of this information will not affect your eligibility to be considered for funding through the INI.
There is no separate application for funding consideration required. Funding decisions are incorporated into
the review/admission process. If admitted and providing youve submitted the required letter as part of your
application, you will be considered for funding based on merit and needs of the program.
Funding decisions are generally posted following notification of admission.
If you have any questions or concerns about the funding letter contents or submission please contact INI
admissions before the application deadline, February 1.