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Margit Frenk

Margit Frenk Freund (in full, Margarita Ana Mara

Frenk y Freund), sometimes known by her married
name, Margit Frenk Alatorre (b. Hamburg, 21 August 1925) is a German-Mexican philologist, folklorist
and translator. She has been an Academic Numerary
of the Mexican Language Academy since 1993.[1] She is
also a Doctor Honoris Causa at the National Autonomous
University of Mexico (UNAM).

(1984) ISBN 968-12-0258-9

Cancionero de Romances Viejos, Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico (1984) ISBN 968-837217-X
Charla de Pjaros o Las Aves en la Poesa Folklrica
Mexicana, UNAM (1994) ISBN 968-36-3939-9
Lrica Espaola de Tipo Popular, Ctedra (2001)
ISBN 84-376-0096-0

Frenks parents moved the family to Mexico in 1930. In

1946, she spent some time at Bryn Mawr College on
a scholarship, studying English Literature and Spanish
Theater of the 16th Century. This was followed by a few
years at Berkeley, where she taught Spanish, learned Italian and studied Spanish Literature.[1]

Poesa Popular Hispnica : 44 estudios, Fondo de

Cultural Econmico (2006) ISBN 968-16-7368-9
Estudios de Lingstica, El Colegio de Mxico
(2007) ISBN 968-12-1308-4.

After obtaining her MA, she returned home to study at

the College of Mexico, where she was a professor and
researcher from 1950 to 1980, except for a brief stay in
Paris to attend classes by Marcel Bataillon. She was a
collaborator on the Nueva Revista de Filologa Hispnica
(NRFH), which was managed by Raimundo Lida and,
later, by Antonio Alatorre, whom she married. Beginning in 1958, she was the coordinator for a group of researchers who, between 1975 and 1985, produced the ve
volume Mexican Folk Songbook.

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She has been a professor at UNAM since 1966 where, in

2000, she founded the Revista de Literaturas Populares,
which she still edits, and She is a member of the scientic committee on the Spanish magazine Paremia.[2]
From 1986-1996, she was coordinator of the Center for
Literary Studies at the Institute for Philological Research
at UNAM, where she founded the magazine Literatura
Mexicana. She is also an honorary President of the International Association of Hispanistas.

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Dialnet: Complete list of works by Frenk

In 2000, she won the Mexican National Prize for Arts and
Sciences (Language and Literature). In 2006, she won
the Alfonso Reyes International Prize[3] and, in 2009, the
23rd Menndez Pelayo International Prize.

Selected works
Lrica Hispnica de Tipo Popular: Edad Media y
Renacimiento, Universidad Nacional Autnoma de
Mxico (1966)
Estudios Sobre Lrica Antigua. Castalia (1978) ISBN
Entre Folklore y Literatura, El Colegio de Mxico


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