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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction

Teacher: Ana VanLonkhuyzen

Date: October 28

Subject/ Topic/ Theme: Bible Unit Grade: 1st

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
God always keeps His promises. We are following the CSI curriculum for Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau.
Learners will be able to:
R U Ap An E C* development


R, C
R, U
U, AP, An

Create a picture of Jacobs ladder and angels with Gods promises

Answer questions about the story and what it means
Connect this story to the theme of Gods promises.

(Note: Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular learners
write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

Identify prerequisite
knowledge and skills.

Students need to remember who Jacob and Esau were and the story how Jacob took Esaus birthright.
Pre-assessment (for learning):

First I will see how much the students remember from yesterdays lesson about the Jacob and Esau.
Formative (for learning):

Outline assessment
(applicable to this lesson)

Students will create the ladder that Jacob saw in Heaven.

Formative (as learning):

Students will answer questions throughout the lesson showing their comprehension.
Summative (of learning):
Students will write the promises that God made to Jacob on the angels going with our theme that God
keeps His promises.
Provide Multiple Means of
Provide options for perceptionmaking information perceptible

Provide Multiple Means of Action

and Expression
Provide options for physical actionincrease options for interaction

Students will make the hands-on

craft and write down Gods

What barriers might this

lesson present?
What will it take
emotionally, etc., for your
students to do this lesson?

Provide options for language,

mathematical expressions, and
symbols- clarify & connect

Students write and say Gods

promises and how they connect
to Gods past promises.
Provide options for comprehensionactivate, apply & highlight

Students will answer questions

and create the ladder from the
story with Gods promises.

Provide Multiple Means of

Provide options for recruiting
interest- choice, relevance, value,
authenticity, minimize threats
We talk about how Gods promises
are still true and God is trustworthy.

Provide options for expression and

communication- increase medium
of expression

Creating the ladders involves a

level of artistic expression even
though they are all made the

Provide options for sustaining effort

and persistence- optimize
challenge, collaboration, masteryoriented feedback

Students must pay attention to

the story and sustain effort even
when not actively engaging.

Provide options for executive

functions- coordinate short & long
term goals, monitor progress, and
modify strategies

Provide options for self-regulationexpectations, personal skills and

strategies, self-assessment &

Students will connect this story

with the promises in the past

What do we remember from the

past? What have we learned?
Students will assess what they
have learned together and

Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and are they ready to

How will your classroom

be set up for this lesson?

White paper
Paper with angels
Brown paper for ladder
Glue stick
Students will sit at their seats while they listen and work.

III. The Plan






(the largest
component or
main body of
the lesson)

Describe teacher activities

student activities
for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or

Who remembers yesterdays story about

Jacob made stew. Esau was hungry from

Jacob and Esau?
hunting all day. Jacob gave Esau stew in
exchange for his first-born birthright.
Who was Isaac and his wife?
Isaac was the dad of Jacob and Esau and
What were Gods promises to Abraham?
his wife was Rebekah.
Does God keep His promises?
God promised Abraham as many
descendants as the stars in the sky, all the
land he could see around him, and that He
is with Abraham always. God always
keeps his promises.
I will tell the story about Jacob leaving
Students will sit and listen and answer
home and dreaming about the ladder going
questions as we go along.
to heaven and finally marrying Rachel and
Paper passers will pass out the papers, the
pieces of brown paper, and the angels.

We are going to make Jacobs ladder.

Students say the promises that they
Take out a pencil and scissors and glue
remember and I will write them on the
board. Students write the promises on the
I will show the students my sample. First
angels and then cut out the angels.
we will write down Gods promises to
Students will be called up by rows to turn
Jacob on the angels.
in their papers.
I will show them how to glue the brown
pieces to the paper and them cut out and
glue the angels to the ladder.


What have we learned through this story?

How does this story connect to the past

Together we will review. God always

keeps His promises to His people through
all generations. Even now!