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# Last update: 30 July 2000
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Title: WebCalendar
Month: Month
Week: Week
Error: Error
Sun: Sun
Mon: Mon
Tue: Tue
Wed: Wed
Thu: Thu
Fri: Fri
Sat: Sat
Sunday: Sunday
Monday: Monday
Tuesday: Tuesday
Wednesday: Wednesday
Thursday: Thursday
Friday: Friday
Saturday: Saturday
January: January
February: February
March: March
April: April
May: May
June: June
July: July
August: August
September: September
October: October
November: November
December: December
Jan: Jan
Feb: Feb
Mar: Mar
Apr: Apr
May: May
Jun: Jun
Jul: Jul
Aug: Aug
Sep: Sep
Oct: Oct
Nov: Nov
Dec: Dec
Generate printer-friendly version: Generate printer-friendly version
Printer Friendly: Printer Friendly
Go: Go
Back to My Calendar: Back to My Calendar
Another User's Calendar: Another User's Calendar
Search: Search
Add New Entry: Add New Entry
New Entry: New Entry
Admin: Admin
Preferences: Preferences
Users: Users
Account: Account
Current User: Current User
View this entry: View this entry
Private: Private
This event is confidential: This event is confidential
You have: You have
unapproved: unapproved
event: event
events: events
Go to: Go to
Help Index: Help Index
Error approving event: Error approving event
This user has: This user has
calendar entries: calendar entries
They must all be deleted (or this user removed as a participant) before this use
r can be deleted:They must all be deleted (or this user removed as a participant
) before this user can be deleted
The passwords were not identical: The passwords were not identical
You have not entered a password: You have not entered a password
You have not entered a Brief Description: You have not entered a Brief Descripti
You have not entered a valid time of day: You have not entered a valid time of d
Brief Description: Brief Description
Full Description: Full Description
Description: Description
Date: Date
Time: Time
am: am
pm: pm
Duration: Duration
minutes: minutes
Priority: Priority
Low: Low
Medium: Medium
High: High
Access: Access
Public: Public
Confidential: Confidential
Participants: Participants
Created by: Created by
Updated: Updated
Daily: Daily
for weekly: for weekly
by date: by date
by day: by day
Monthly: Monthly
None: None
Repeat Day: Repeat Day
Repeat End Date: Repeat End Date
Repeat Type: Repeat Type
Use end date: Use end date
Weekly: Weekly
Yearly: Yearly
Frequency: Frequency
Save: Save
Help: Help
Approve this entry?: Approve this entry?
Approve/Confirm: Approve/Confirm
Approve/Confirm entry: Approve/Confirm entry
Reject: Reject
Reject entry: Reject entry
Reject this entry?: Reject this entry?
Rejected: Rejected
Edit entry: Edit entry
Edit Entry: Edit Entry
Add Entry: Add Entry
Are you sure you want to delete this entry?: Are you sure you want to delete thi
s entry?
This will delete this entry for all users.:This will delete this entry for all u
Delete: Delete
Delete entry: Delete entry
You are not authorized to edit this entry: You are not authorized to edit this e
Scheduling Conflict: Scheduling Conflict
The following conflicts with the suggested time: The following conflicts with th
e suggested time
Unnamed Event: Unnamed Event
Hello: Hello
A new appointment has been made for you by: A new appointment has been made for
you by
The subject is: The subject is
Please look on: Please look on
to accept or reject this appointment: to accept or reject this appointment
to view this appointment: to view this appointment
Notification: Notification
Your suggested time of: Your suggested time of
conflicts with the following existing calendar entries: conflicts with the follo
wing existing calendar entries
Edit User: Edit User
Add User: Add User
Username: Username
Login: Login
Logout: Logout
First Name: First Name
Last Name: Last Name
E-mail address: E-mail address
Password: Password
again: again
Yes: Yes
No: No
Change Password: Change Password
New Password: New Password
Set Password: Set Password
Adding/Editing Calendar Entries: Adding/Editing Calendar Entries
Unapproved Events: Unapproved Events
No unapproved events: No unapproved events
You must enter a login and password: You must enter a login and password
Save login via cookies so I don't have to login next time: Save login via cookie
s so I don't have to login next time
cookies-note: <B>Note:</B> This application requires cookies to be enabled.
Invalid color for document background: Invalid color for document background
Invalid color for document title: Invalid color for document title
Invalid color for table cell background: Invalid color for table cell background
Invalid color for table cell background for today: Invalid color for table cell
background for today
Color format should be '#RRGGBB': Color format should be '#RRGGBB'
12 hour: 12 hour
24 hour: 24 hour
From: From
to: to
Select: Select
Preferred view: Preferred view
Week starts on: Week starts on
Day: Day
Year: Year
Document background: Document background
Document title: Document title
Table cell background: Table cell background
Table cell background for current day: Table cell background for current day
Save Preferences: Save Preferences
The following error occurred: The following error occurred
Search: Search
Keywords: Keywords
You must enter one or more search keywords: You must enter one or more search ke
Search Results: Search Results
Export: Export
Export format: Export format
Modified since: Modified since
Start date: Start date
End date: End date
Palm Pilot: Palm Pilot
match found: match found
matches found: matches found
No matches found: No matches found
View Another User's Calendar: View Another User's Calendar
You are not authorized: You are not authorized
Add New User: Add New User
denotes administrative user: denotes administrative user
Invalid entry id: Invalid entry id
My Calendar: My Calendar
# Help text. The left side is typically abbreviates since this can be long
brief-description-help: This should provide a short description (about 20 charac
ters) of the event. This will represent the event when viewing the calendar.
full-description-help: This should complete details of the event. This informat
ion can be seen when a user views the event.
date-help: Specifies the date of the event.
time-help: Specifies the time of the event.<BR><I>This field can be left blank.<
duration-help: Specifies the duration (in minutes) of the event. <BR><I>This fi
eld can be left blank.</I>
priority-help: Specifies the priority of the event. High priority events will b
e displayed in bold.
access-help: Specifies the access level of the event.<BR> <I>Public</I>: Everyon
e can see the full details of the event. <BR><I>Confidential</I>: Others can se
e that you have an entry for that date and time, but not the details of what it
participants-help: Lists the participants of this entry.
repeat-type-help: Select how often the event should repeat.<I>Monthly (by day)</
I> allows an event to repeat on the 1st Monday of the month, 3rd Thursday of the
month, etc. <I>Monthly (by date)</I> allows an event to repeat on the same day
of the month.
repeat-end-date-help: Specifies the date the event should repeat until.
repeat-day-help: Specifies which days of the week the event should repeat on. T
his is for use only when <I>Repeat Type</I> is set to <I>Weekly</I>.
repeat-frequency-help: Specifies how often the event should repeat. The default
1 indicates it should occur every time. Specifying 2 will make the event occur
every other week (if <I>Repeat Type</I> is set to <I>Weekly</I>), every other m
onth (if <I>Repeat Type</I> is set to <I>Monthly</I>), etc.
Preferences: Preferences
Settings: Settings
Language: Language
language-help: Specifies which language to use.
Preferred view: Preferred view
preferred-view-help: Specifies the default view (Day, Week, Month, or Year).
Time format: Time format
time-format-help: Specifies which time format to use: <BR><I>12 hour:</I> Displa
y times as 3am, 8:30pm, etc. <BR><I>24 hour:</I> Display times as 300, 2030, et
Display unapproved: Display unapproved
display-unapproved-help: Specifies whether unapproved events are displayed in yo
ur calendar.<BR> If set to "Yes", then unapproved events will be displayed in yo
ur calendar (in a different text color).<BR> If set to "No", then unapproved eve
nts must be approved before they are displayed in your calendar.
Display icons: Display icons
display-icons-help: Display icons next to each event for view, edit and delete.
If set to No, then you must click on the event to get to the view page where yo
u can access these functions.
Display week number: Display week number
display-week-number-help: Specifies whether the week number (1-52) should be dis
played in the month view and the week view.
display-week-starts-on: Specifies whether the week starts on Sunday or Monday.
If Monday is specified, then week numbers will be ISO week numbers.
Work hours: Work hours
work-hours-help: Specifies the time range to display for the day view.
Colors: Colors
colors-help: All colors should be specified in "#RRGGBB" hexadecimal format wher
e "RR" is the hex value for red, "GG" is the hex value for green, and "BB" is th
e hex value for blue.