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UPDA Questionnaires

1. Temperature (Allowable) of Asphalt during lining.

135 degree centigrade to 163 degrees maximum
2. Plasticity index of soil (PI)
=L.L (liquid limit) - P.L (Plastic limit)
3. Time cost curve is representing the relation between..?
Earned cost and planning cost (time and cost)
4. The direct cost includes the following:
Labors and staff cost, Project materials (supplies), plants, transportations (travel) and
consultant services
5. Indirect cost and expense during:
The project overhead profit and administrative equipment rental audit and legal
6. Elevation of leveling device is 106:23 what is grand level if reading of the stand is
6:52? 99.71
7. If T-Shaped beam is passing through many supports, the section above the
support should be designed as?
Rectangle section
8. Interdisciplinary nature of Engineering project is defined:
the integrates between different disciplines within the project like civil, mechanical.
Architect, electrical department in information, data, techniques, tools, concept, etc to
solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline. Also,
we can call the Interdisciplinary engineer as coordinator engineer. The course of
interdisciplinary encourages you to combine (integrate) your knowledge and experience with
that of others. Also, it is the interconnections among different departments within the project
organization, work with others from different backgrounds and sections to pose and evaluate
resolutions to complex problems. It is how to work within a team. The collaboration
between all departments within the construction of the project
9. The nearest 100 feet is 4400 FT
10.PERT is:
Program evaluation review technical
11.If the load magnitude on a traditional R.C column increases continuously, the
allowable moment in one plane is constant.
12.If design speed of road is 60 mile (60*1.6=96km/hr) and r=8%, t=1, then the
minimum radius is equals to?
R_min (FT)= V2 (MILE) / 15(0.01e_max + f_max) = (67.77m)
13.Slump test of concrete is used for:
14.To extract good samples of rock we are
(Single tube barrel double tube - barrel Shelby tube traditional split spoon)

Rock, mineral, or fossil specimens, and sub-samples thereof (e.g. thin sections, mineral


Cores (rock, sediment, ice) and related core sections, section halves, and samples from

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Fluid samples (seawater, river or lake water, hydrothermal fluids, porewater)

Drill holes and wells

Soil pedons and samples thereof

Macro- and micro-biology samples

15.From type of sedimentary rocks is

1- Breccia

2- Limestone

3- Chert

4- Oil Shale
5- Coal
6- Rock Salt
7- Conglomerate
8- Sandstone & SILT STONE
9- Dolomite

10- Shale
11- Flint
12- SALT
14- AMBER.

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