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In Hinduism, Bhuvanewari (Sanskrit: ) is the

fourth of the ten Dasa Mahavidya goddesses and an aspect of Devi or Durga as elements of the physical cosmos,
in giving shape to the creation of the World. The
word Bhuvanewari is a compound of the words Bhuvana Iwari, meaning Goddess of the worlds where
the worlds are the tri-bhuvana or three regions of bh
(earth), bhuva (atmosphere) and sva (heavens). Her
consort is Shiva.
Bhuvaneshwari is known as the sovereign Queen of the
Universe. Bhuvaneshwari means the Queen or ruler of
the Universe. She is the Divine Mother as the Queen
of all the worlds. The entire Universe is her body and
all beings are ornaments on her innite being. She carries all the worlds as a owering of her own Self-nature.
She is thus related to Sundari and to Rajarajeshwari, the
supreme Lady of the Universe. She is also known as Adi
Shakti or Durga i.e. one of the earliest forms of shakti.
She is capable of turning situations according to her wish.
It is considered that even the navagrahas and Trimurti
cannot stop her from doing anything.


There are several temples dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari

across India. In South India most of the Srividhya tradition upasaka worship her. In Kerala she is also popular
among Shaktas.
Bhuvaneshvari. Consort - Shiva
The most important (Shakti Peetha) is located in
The Kamakhya Temple two houses Bhuvaneshwari
Nainativu (Manipallavam) o the shore of the
Jana Peninsula in Northern Sri Lanka. Her consort is Lord Lingaraj, an incarnation of Shiva. She A powerful temple of Bhuvaneshwari Amma is situated
is worshipped as the patron goddess of Bhubaneswar in choorakkodu, Adoor near Vellakulangara.
and by Utkala Brahmins of Orissa.
In Northern India, Mathura the city of Krishna also has
Another temple dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari is lo- a centuries-old Bhuvneshwari MahaVidhya temple just
cated in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. A small shrine is opposite to Krishna Janmbhoomi.
also dedicated to her inside Jagannath Temple, Puri One more devi Temple in Maharashtra, Shri shetra
and Devi Subhadra is worshipped as Bhuvanesh- Audumber, sangli district.
In North America, Devi Bhuvaneshwari is worshipped at
Parashakthi Temple in Pontiac, Michigan.[2]
The Samaleswari shrine and Cuttack Chandi Temple in Odisha two are dedicated to her.

2 See also

A dedicated temple of Bhuvaneshwari Devi is located at Gondal in Gujarat which was established in
1946. [1]


Hindu Goddesses: Vision of the Divine Feminine in
the Hindu Religious Traditions (ISBN 81-208-03795) by David Kinsley

Bhuvaneshvari worshipped with other Mahavidyas in a Kali Puja

pandal in Kolkata.

Lingaraj Temple
Bhuvaneshwari Temple Siddapur, Uttarakannada


[1] Images of Bhuvaneshwari temple of Gondal

[2] Welcome to Parashakthi (Eternal Mother) Amman Temple, Pontiac, Michigan, USA.
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