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One Stop Centre For Separation

Innovative Solution for Enhanced Production
IWS offer a complete line of filtration and separation equipment in providing
optimal solution for your needs.
Our promise is to provide:
Innovative Product & Approach
Superior Performance Technology-based Products
Responsive Customer Service
Attention to individual Needs and Details
Process and system interface
Value-Focused Solution

Our Commitment to you!

IWS is committed in providing fast Return of Investment to our customer by
increasing productivity and reducing operational cost. IWS is the solution to your
sand production and accumulation problem.
We offer a complete solution of solid and liquid separation for the Oil and Gas
process systems, right from wellhead and downhole to refining and distribution.
A Malaysia based company, IWS supply range of separation and filtration
equipment that are vital to the oil and gas business. We are able to perform
complete EPCC right from the design of the separation system to installation and
With extensive of experience in solid separation services, IWS provides the best
solution to meet your individual project requirements. Our experience couple
with our flexibility as a System Integrator has provided us with the capability to
offer the most effective solutions for liquid and gas desanding, produced water
and wastewater applications.

What makes us Different!

Our strategy is to provide our customers with the simplest desanding solution to
realise well potential at optimum recovery.
Here are some of our added advantages

Lower capital and

maintenance cost

No or minimum maintenance

Robust product

Company with proven track


Predictable flow rates &

minimum pressure loss

Solid transfer and handling

Installation and small


Proven technology and


Responsive on-going support

Continuous operation

We customize your project needs to meet your end-to-end requirement. By
combining sound engineering theory and real life experience in handling projects
we are able to create a systematic approach and method. The result is a smooth
process and a quality system that meets functionality, timing and budgetary
Sales & Customer Service
An IWS knowledgeable marketing personnel goes beyond the typical sales role.
With extensive field experience, they are able to propose quality solution with
added value. Always professional and friendly, they are available to assist you
every step of the way.

Our Solution
IWS provides and offer solution to multitude of application in Oil and Gas. Here
are a few of our common application :-


Brine/ Seawater

Product/ Benefit & Solutions

ESI Desander, ESS Self Cleaning Screen Filter, ESF

Self Cleaning Fine Filter
System Designed to remove sand and silt as well as
organics and other floatable debris. Design available
150-1,000,000 bbld down to 1 micron.

FWKO/ production

ESI Desander
Remove unwanted solids/increase production without
causing emulsions, decrese maintenance by an average
of 400%. Minimal to zero liquid loss-no backwashing
and provides predictable flow rates operating system.

Pipeline Flushing &


ESI Desander, ESS Self-cleaning Screen

Filtration of source water, such as seawater, used for
pipeline flushing. System remove sand and silt as well
as floatable and organic particles. Skid systems up to
450,000 bbld.

Produced Water

ESI Desander, EDH Deoiling Hydrocyclone

Designed to remove sand, silt, organics, and other
floatable debris. Uninterrupted water supply cleans in
seconds without interrupting downstream.


ESI Desander, ESS Self Cleaning Screen Filter, ESF

Self Cleaning Fine Filter, EDH Deoiling
Auto filtration systems with greater efficiency, lower
pressure loss and maintenance, protects oil/ water
hydrocyclone by removing abrasive sand from produced
water. Installed upstream or on the discharge of
injection pumps


ESI Desander for liquid desanding & DIL

Desander for Gas Desanding
Highly effective filtration at the wellhead designed for
low pressure drop wthout erosion. Systems available for
a fraction of the cost of traditional wellhead desanders
to protect downstream equipment.

Leading the way:

Our approach
We are actively adapting new technology into our solid separation system in
giving the best solution to our customers. By doing so, we are able to provide our
customer with proven technology product and services thus enhancing our
customer productivity and profit.
Among others, our main goals are keeping the fluid & gas streams clean from the
wellhead and downhole to refining and distribution.
We also help our customer in optimizing their process efficiency in meeting
industries requirements. This will also help in increasing productivity via
developing complete solution for the customer.
We aim in becoming the regional player and most importantly, in exceeding our
customers expectation.

Integrated Well Services presents a comprehensive line of separation system
and services to help in solving even the toughest filtration issues faced today.
Our technical expertise, product offering, problem-solving approach and global
reach are our strength that we shared with our customer in providing a tailored
solution that meets the production compliance.

In mixing technologies and experience, we are confidence in providing the best
solution to our customer every needs.
IWS continually strives in developing and offering the widest range of solution
tailored specifically to our individual situation.