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Construction Supervisor Job Profile and Description

The construction supervisor is a professional who supervises and offer direction to people working in a
construction site. His main responsibility is ensuring that the construction work is completed safely and in
good time. He is also responsible for ensuring that the work is completed within a set budget. They are
usually involved in the construction work from the very start when the site is prepared in readiness for the
commencement of the construction work. They communicate with a lot of people involved in the
construction process. Such include the professionals such as surveyors, architects, estimators and
engineers. They also speak to the public in order to gain the good will required during the construction.
Duties and Responsibilities

Being on the construction site constantly in order to ensure that set standards are adhered to
Training the construction personnel and verifying their qualifications before hiring them
Providing direction to all contractors
Planning coordinating, recommending and implementing the construction designs
Formulating the construction plan
Formulating a maintenance plan
Working with other supervisors in the construction site in order to determine the working priorities
Negotiating with contracting companies in order to get sufficient equipment and personnel
necessary to complete the construction work in good time
Preparing schedules and assigning work to construction personnel
Ensuring that the construction work is completed in good time and that the set budget is adhered
Focusing on safety and ensuring that all workers adhere to set safety standards
Determining work methods that result to improved efficiency and productivity in the work place
Supervising the economical completion of the project
Ensuring that the reports, records, timesheets, and invoices are approved by the construction

Skills and Specifications

A supervisor must have a level of expertise in the construction industry

Must be able to issue clear directions to construction workers
Must have good communication skills

Education and Qualifications

High School Diploma
An Associate degree or a bachelors degree in Construction Management

Construction Superintendent Job Profile and Description

A construction superintendent is a person who plans and ensures the coordination of construction jobs.
He has the responsibility of supervising the construction project. He ensures that the quality of work and
materials is upheld and that the budget is followed as planned. He is entitled with the total supervision of
all the operations on the site. He ensures that the workers are implementing what is on the design plan.
He monitors the workers and the progress of the project and reports to his employers as well as to the
general public. He is held liable of any happenings at the construction site and sees to it that the project is
completed in time and that the laid down standards are met. His work will either be on commercial or
residential projects.
Duties and Responsibilities

Ensuring that both the health and safety project plans are implemented
Being on site to oversee all the construction process
Ensuring that the budget is followed in terms of purchases and wages
Organizing the workers and ensuring that they are performing as required
Recording the total costs for materials bought and payments for work done
General inspection of the workers and their performance and safety
Ensuring that the stipulated safety rules and regulations are met

Liaises with government inspectors on the standard requirements of the site in terms of licenses
and safety
Follows the project construction process to ensure that it is completed in time
Supervises the subcontractors and ensures that they are punctual and that they deliver
Ensure that quality is preserved in the construction process and that the budget is maintained
Writing project progress records in liaison with the foreman

Skills and Specifications

Ability to supervise
Ability to schedule and multitask
Knowledgeable in building and construction
Be a good problem solver
Be computer literate

Education and Qualifications

High School Diploma
A basic degree in Construction Management
Construction Foreman Job Profile and Description
A construction foreman is the person who at any one time ensures that the crew at a construction site is
carrying out their tasks well and everything is going according to plan. This job has been the reserve of
the most senior male worker at the site but modernity is seeing women take the same role. He/she is the
person who has the most experience when it comes to doing similar projects and due to this the foreman
easily gains the respect of his colleagues at the site.
Duties and Responsibilities

Checking with the supervisor for morning schedule.

Assessing job priorities and assigning employees to appropriate job sites.
Making sure employees have tools and equipment needed for job in order to ensure a good
Overseeing the work and making sure it runs smoothly and as per the plan
Making sure safety precautions are followed including updating safety kits in case of any
emergencies during the work.
Communicating with the supervisor regarding the crew both positive and negative.
Helping in training new employees and helping them as they learn new tasks.
Giving clear directions to workers as to what needs to be done to avoid repetitive mistakes by the
Making sure company rules are followed by crew.
She/he should make sure jobs are completed on time.
The foreman should ensure tools like sprayers, ladders, and traps are brought back from job
Evaluate quickest and easiest way to a job without sacrificing quality of the work being done
If possible collect final payment as of contract
Hold the weekly job site safety meeting and record a record of it in the log for future references.

Skills and Specifications

A good engineer can not carry out a project successfully if the projects foreman performance is lackluster.
Thus the experience of a foreman is crucial in their ability to execute a project. Apart from many years
experience a foreman should also have;
A good level of tertiary education; a minimum of a degree in construction management or project
Good people skills
Good time management skills
Education and QualificationsHigh School Diploma