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ELISA is walking down the street, under the street lamps. She
approaches her driveway and checks if any of the rooms are
lit. She walks into the driveway, there is no car. She then
opens the front door and goes inside.
ELISA walks into her room, earbuds still in, looking down at
her phone (Texting MILA), she looks up and does a double take.
Her room is trashed. She takes out her earbuds, music switches
to diegetic sound, and she places her phone on a table. ELISA
sorts through her trashed room, opening credits are on some of
the items. She packs some of her things into a bag, when her
phone starts ringing. She looks from across the room and walks
over. She stares at the phone for a few seconds (Its MILA)
and picks it up.
Are you okay? Are your parents home? Did you get back saELISA
I-Im fine. Im packing my stuff. Ill leave in a sec.

ELISA glances at her room

Are you okay though?
No no no yeah Im fine. Ill see you there.
(voice cracks)
ELISA hangs up immediately. A car can be heard in the
driveway. She picks up her bag and glances out the window. Two
women get out of the car. She waits until the women have
approached the door before opening her window. The front door
can be hear opening and closing. ELISA throws her bag out of
the window and climbs over, holding onto the window ledge. She
takes one last look at her room before dropping.
Title sequence commences