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This project showcases a Customized air hockey robot controlled by a Arduino mega an open

source platform. The goal of this project is to prove out the real time properties of the image
processing and Core OS. We chose the air hockey table due to the requirements involved in
tracking a moving object across a plane and responding appropriately. The robot uses a color
blob tracking camera to detect the location of the puck on a table surface, and uses stepper
motors to move a striker mallet to intercept the puck. Additional sensors help detect goals and
the XY mallet position. All of these devices hook into a Arduino Board, which is responsible for
taking in puck position data and calculating motor movements in response.
Its a great and fun project to teach science, especially for children:

Concepts of Physics: Friction, continuous and uniform motion, rebounds, concepts of

position, speed and acceleration
Mathematical Concepts: Equation of the line through two points, prediction, XY
Cartesian System
Robotics: Motors, Machine Vision, Control, Arduino
DIY Philosophy: Build your own Air Hockey table
Hacking: Using 3D printer parts to build something completely different.