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Vision of an Effective Educator

My vision of an effective educator incorporates the domains endorsed by TEA and

aligned with recent research on practice.
My vision begins with presenting professionalism. I dress and groom appropriately to
present my persona as a professional would. Said professionalism drives me to respond
to students with respectful and ethical behavior always. It is most important to me that
my classroom reflects a safe and positive learning environment. I always address
students by name. I am known for my ability to maintain a positive outlook in difficult
Next, my instructional and classroom management style reflects expertise in the
practice of education as an organized system for students development. I believe that all
students can learn and achieve at defined levels of success. I can promote student
success and learning as I design and implement high order thinking in the daily
My general daily instruction is implemented in a manner that keeps students interested
and engaged in learning. My teaching strategies are intentionally designed to appeal to
both: the diverse learning modalities (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) that students
instinctively bring to the classroom; and to incorporate high order thinking via
questions and activities. The active use of technology applications in the classroom
further facilitates both student engagement and student learning. I continually build my
students cognitive and psycho-social self-esteem by means of affirmative feedback for
both acceptable and inappropriate classroom and learning behaviors .
In addition to higher order stimulating and challenging instructional strategies, my
classroom management and organization is characterized by two important elements:
1.) organized daily and weekly routines and procedures; and 2.) firm, clearly-defined
behavioral expectations. I post and address weekly and daily learning objectives, and
teach with instructional activities ranging bell-to-bell. For cognitive reinforcement, I
routinely acknowledge, display, and celebrate student work. For our own comfort and
safety, I insist that the students and I work together to keep a clean and organized
Finally, an effective educator must monitor students progress and learning potential for
two different aspects: for student mastery and learning measurement reporting, and as
an evaluation of an individuals specific teaching craft. I consistently employ
assessments of student comprehension and application, and review/analyze the data
for: re-teach cues looking to solidify learning, indications to advance with teaching
goals, and to inform future curricula planning.