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Wolford, Judi

RE: Gatekeeping of Clinton-related articles on Wikipedia
7 novembre 2016 10:39
Progress Queens

Please remove me from this list. Youve been reported to House security.

From: Progress Queens [] On Behalf Of Progress
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2016 10:29 AM
To: Wolford, Judi
Subject: Gatekeeping of Clinton-related articles on Wikipedia

Wikipedia articles about the Clintons are being gate-kept.

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If the Clintons have obsessed to control the

media, controlling Wikipedia articles should
be a given.

be a given.
From time to time, I make edits to some Wikipedia articles. In the last few days,
I have some some edits to Clinton-related Wikipedia articles to include reliablycited facts about controversies over the acceptance by the Clinton Foundation
of money from the government of Qatar, which has, in the past, also supported
Hamas. My Qatar-related edits survived the edits of other Wikipedia editors,
but I paid the price for other edits I have made to Clinton-related articles on
Wikipedia. One particularly pro-Clinton Wikipedia editor has posted warnings
on my talk page, trying to intimidate me from making edits that probably are too
critical of the Clintons. In response, I have had to raise an issue with
Wikipedia's administrators about this intimidation. I have no idea how
Wikipedia is going to reconcile the edit-warring in which pro-Clinton shills are
engaged against good-faith edits made by other contributors to Wikipedia.
I will be glad when the election is over tomorrow, but I do not look forward to
four years of this kind of pattern of hostility and intimidation of anybody, who is
a critic of the Clintons. Good luck to us all.
Louis Flores
Progress Queens

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